Monday, October 3, 2016

My Friends' Amazing Labyrinth Cosplay: Jareth & Ballroom Sarah

I'm about to shamelessly fangirl all over my friends Alexie and Dana, you guys, because LOOKIE:


What whuuuuuuuut!

These two each made their own costume from the ground up, from Alexie's hand-stitched beading to Dana's hand-sculpted "bone" cape:

They're incredibly talented cosplayers on their own (you can follow them on FB at Elliott's Cosplay and Alexie Starr Cosplay), plus they sometimes collaborate, like this. You might remember them as the Sith master and apprentice in my last Dragon Con post, or when I photographed them as the Malfoys last year:

Now, the key to getting me to take LOTS of pictures of your cosplay is A) to know me, B) to dress as some of my favorite characters ever, and C) to be willing to pose for, like, HUNDREDS of photos while I endlessly fawn over you.

Luckily Dana and Alexie did all these things, so we had several shoots over the weekend where I took an embarrassing amount of photos in some of the worst lighting conditions ever. Bleh. I salvaged what I could, though, so here are the rest of my favorites:

 Dana hand-rooted much of his wig, which explains why it's some of the best Jareth hair I've seen.

Of course we had to get a group shot with Agnes:
Then we were stuck for a while, since our trio drew a bit of crowd. 

I had it easy, of course; I just lounged in the junk pile trying to make Alexie laugh ("Oh no, I blinked!") - while she and Dana had to hold those perfect poses. Ahh, I do love being hidden in my cosplays.

John took these shots, then we swapped out so he could take Agnes on to the costume contest.
(He didn't win anything. S'ok.)

Taken approximately half a second before Dana's "crazy eyes" made Alexie crack up:

... aaaand the second she DID crack up:

 Bwahaha! I love this one.

 In addition to her dress, Alexie made all the jewelry (except the ring) and her hair piece. Girl's got talent.

John decided to get in on the photo-editing action, and Photoshopped some of my pics into actual movie stills:


This is the scene where Jareth actually wears this outfit, btw.


Would you believe Dragon Con had a replica of Jareth's throne out this year?

We, uh, decided to have some fun with it.

First some kingly brooding:

Then it was Sarah's turn:

All hail the Goblin Queen!


At least, until...

"You're in my spot."

But what if these two actually got along?

Pretty sure there's some fan fiction like this out there.
(I mean the PG-rated stuff. WHAT.)

But let's wrap up with my favorite:
I love how menacing Jareth's face is in the shadows, and how regal Sarah looks on the throne. 
SO, SO GOOD. Dana and Alexie nailed it. I do wish I'd had better light to work with, but I'll take it.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Be sure to check out both Alexie's and Dana's pages for process pics on their costumes, since there are more details than my pics managed to capture.

And if you're a big Labyrinth fan, stay tuned for my photo tour of the incredible new Labyrinth exhibit at Atlanta's Puppetry Museum. Screen-used prop heaven, I'm tellin' ya.


  1. I love that you had a photo shoot in the middle of Dragon Con. It's exactly what I would have done. Nothing else makes any kind of sense whatsoever.

    John is a genius! So awesome, with the screen shot edits.

    I like how in the last photo Jareth is trying to move Sarah *with his mind*, but Sarah is all, "That is soooo never going to happen".

    I have no breath even to squee...*faints dead away*

    -Just Andrea

  2. I saw them at DC this year, my picture came out poorly due to jostling in the crowds, but the memory lasts. They were gorgeous! I didn't even see the back of the cloak, that is awesome.


  4. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I just went to the Center for Puppetry Arts last week. THEY HAVE THE THRONE AND LET YOU SIT ON IT! It looks like they moved the whole display, wall and all.
    The Labyrinth exhibit was amazing. Too short (it could have a city block and it would have been too small), but it was amazing. I cried in both the Labyrinth exhibit and the Henson wing of the museum. I also squealed loudly when I rounded the corner and saw Big Bird, much to the delighted amusement of other attendees. I surely embarrassed my teenage niece and nephew and adult sister. I'm a 43 year old accomplished, professional woman who adores her Muppets. I'm not ashamed to admit it.
    The only thing that could make it better? Being able to hug a Muppet.

  6. Also, props to the gift shop lady who obviously enjoyed her work. She complimented me on my choice of items (button of Piggy on a motorcycle from the Great Muppet Caper) and Red Fraggle stuffed toy. Classic Muppet film scene with Piggy kicking butt (not to mention amazing feat of puppetry) and a kick butt girl Fraggle with red hair. She didn't have to do that.

  7. Oh my giddy aunt, they are fantastic!!

    And uh, in case you're wondering, there are fanfics out there about that exact scenario...not that I know anything about them...nope, not at all... ;)

  8. Wow, all the pics you share from the Con's just amaze me, but these are OFF THE HOOK fantabulous!! And the throne shots... I have no words. Just gonna hug my laptop screen again. :D

  9. Wow. Just. Wow.

    P.S. I love hearing about Agnes' quips -- I totally would have wanted to do the same thing!

  10. something you might enjoy is this webcomic, which operates on the premise that Sarah and Christine (from Phantom of the Opera) are roommates at college, living in a highly fandom orientated house. Not quite PG, but very well done!

    1. Ooooh, I love Girls Next Door, and it is the first thing I thought of too!

  11. How fun! Did Dana know how to sphereplay too? That would have been sooo cooool to watch!

  12. Fantabulous. Fantastic. Just plain amazing. There are no words to describe the utter perfectness of this....and a tip of my hat to all who share my obsessions and create the perfect homage to them. Warm hugs all around!

  13. Great photos and amazing cosplay! AWESOME! Makes me SO happy!


  14. Their costumes are freaking amazing -- and, come to think of it, Agnes is even more amazing! The detail! Thank you for posting all these. You just made my day.

  15. You're in my spot.

  16. such beautiful costumes, and seeing one of the messier/uglier characters next to the regal/elegantly beautiful ones and yet they all look complementary together, they all "go" together- awesome!

    Jen- did you see the white rabbit masks at Target in the halloween section? If your masks are your own invention- they've been copied... I don't know how to send pics online... but you HAVE to check them out... I'd either be flattered- or angry, not sure which.

  17. It's so amazing! I'm dreaming of making Sara's dress one day, I'm not sure I could live up to this standard!

  18. This is beautiful.
    I'm just catching up on all your posts, but this one made me stop and comment.
    Jaw-droppingly good. I love everyth8ing Labyrinth, so A+ Sarah and Jareth! :)

    --Piper P from Washington State


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