Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Best Of Dragon Con 2016, Part 3

(Did you miss Part 2?)

Kicking off Part 3 with the cutest - yet fiercest - little Kratos from God of War:

He was posing better than most of the adults! Respect.

Gadget from Rescue Rangers:

 I feel like I should know this next one, but... help?
Aha, this is Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemist (thanks, Kay!) rockin' some stellar foam armor. Check out the inner blue lighting!

A picture-perfect Old Man Luke:

Plus some weird science from The Brain That Wouldn't Die:

Apparently this is Jan in the Pan. Ha! Thanks,  commenters.
Her body was hidden inside a draped cart, and she had a mad scientist on hand to wheel her around.

Our own Knights Who Say Ni debuted Friday night, but since I couldn't lug my camera along, here's a shot from John's phone:

I know this will shock you, but wearing long robes, beards, fake fur, and thick foam helmets at Dragon Con is HOT. Even moreso than I expected. We only managed 2 or 3 hours out on the Marriott floor, and even then we had to take long breaks every 20 minutes to get some air/towel off! Big props to our friends Chris, Christie, Dan, Robyn, & Renee for sweltering along with us.

Here are a few test shots I took of John and Christie (who played the tall knight) in our backyard before the con:

After this we added big padded shoulders on Christie to hide her "tracts of land." :D 

On Saturday night I traded my shrubbery for a camera, but these 5 went out again:
Since I'd told everyone I'd be the one holding the shrubbery, my friend Chris there got called "Jen" a few times. Ha! Fortunately I was usually close by, so I *think* everyone looking for me found me.

One more with a Klingon, since I love John's sticking his head out from the back:

Later they joined forces with a huge group of fellow Holy Grail cosplayers. When I pointed and yelled, "It's a witch!!" this one turned me into a newt!

I... I got better.

OK, actually she threw a tiny plastic newt at me. Which was hilarious. I like cosplays that come with their own souvenirs!

This steampunk Ood thanked me in the most delightful British accent:

While this Jedi Doctor was most illogical:

  Check out his shoes! Bahaha!

(That's Ryan Consell, who did a fabulous gender-swapped Slave Leia a while back, btw. Give him a follow, he does great stuff.)

So very many Suicide Squad Harleys and Jokers this year, but these two stood out:

Really fantastic work.

I may have squealed a bit over this Force Awakens trio:
Han, Leia, and that's a human Maz Kanata in the middle!


And while we're talking Star Wars, check out this Rebel Scum:

Anyone remember this dancing Disco Bunny from last year?

He's upgraded a bit this year. Here's my video from last time:

Still one of my favorite Vines ever. Bunny's got moves, y'all.

An impressive Thor:

 And Klingon Elvis:
Complete with bedazzled Bat'leth guitar.
Because Dragon Con. :D

This Fifth Age Taric from League of Legends is another costume that took advantage of the low light:
She matches the purple tower behind her!

Ahh, but it gets better:
A video posted by Jen Yates (@epbot) on

Dancing rainbow lights!

Here are my friends Dana and Alexie as an original design Sith Lord and Sith Apprentice, respectively:

You'll see a lot more of these two later, since I went a little - no, make that a lot - crazy photographing their Labyrinth costumes they also debuted this year.  (Cannot WAIT to show you guys!)

And finally, let's wrap this installment up with another of my Top Ten finds this year:


I thought for sure this was on the show, but I can't find a reference photo anywhere - so maybe it's an original design? (Confession: I haven't watched much Family Guy.)

This is another one that demanded video, since you need to see (and hear!) him in action:

Sorry for the vertical video; the crowds were so tight it was the only way!

Anyway, check out his little moving hands, plus he had the voice down pat.

There's a little Lois strapped to the Speak n' Spell on the front, baby bottle "missiles," and every manner of children's toys making up the arms and legs. INCREDIBLE.

Hope you guys enjoyed! I'm about halfway through my Dragon Con pics now (EEK), so stay tuned for more!


  1. The armor you couldn't identify is Alphonse Elric, from Full Metal Alchemist.

  2. Absolutely enjoying it!! Please keep it up. There can never be too many pictures of the Cons.

  3. Jan in the pan!!'t_Die

  4. If there is anything I ever thought I would never see cosplayed, it is "the Brain that Wouldn't Die" (your weird science picture). That is pretty much a 100% accurate recreation.

  5. The creativity of people particiating at these events is amazing!

  6. Love!!! Can't wait to see more!

  7. These costumes are fabulous! I love the Stewie-bot; I can't imagine how heavy it must be with all those toys on it.


  8. The Knights look fantastic, as do all these other amazing costumes. Always so in awe of the creativity and the hours of work! Everyone is to be commended for their skill and imagination! Looking forward to more pics! Yes! Cosplay photos FOREVER! Squeeee!


  9. I see a Pinkie Pie bunny! Hee!

  10. Omg, MAZ!!!! 'human maz' is ADORABLE!!!

  11. Wonderful pics, and SUCH amazingly creative work. I don't play video games or otherwise get most of the character references, but LOVE to see this level of homemade theater. Klingon Elvis had me laughing out loud and chuckling for a long time.

  12. You guys looked amazing! Also, Disco Bunny!! I actually squeeled a little bit when i saw the new photo :D. I will never get tired of seeing that Vine looping.

  13. Jan in the Pan has made my life.

  14. I always love seeing the creativity at work in these Con pics!
    On a different note, have you ever watched the kids' show "Tumble Leaf"? It's aimed at the preschool set, but it's got a "steampunk lite meets woodland creatures" aesthetic that I think you might dig. It's free on Amazon Prime.

  15. I may be biased cause I named my dog Rebel. And when he's bad I call him Rebel Scum- but man, that cosplay was AWESOME!

  16. I am WAITING to see if you got any shots of the 'Matt attack'. One of my friend's husband was a Matt.


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