Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Best Of Dragon Con 2016, Part 2

(Did you miss Part 1? Go see!)

Continuing this year's Labyrinth theme, I was lucky enough to see this enormous Blue Worm puppet in action:


His eyes and mouth move, and he was operated/held up by long metal rods:
(This one is BEFORE his morning cup of tea. :D)

I got to chat with that fellow holding up the front - who is one of the puppet's creators -  and he told me they had Karen Prell operating the Worm at one point. SO FUN.

Once again Dragon Con's low lighting meant cosplayers get some spectacular effects with LEDs:

 Another stellar MALEficent, and check out the lighting on that fawn's antlers and neck. I've never seen an effect like that before - really diggin' it.

Also crushing on these vikings from How To Train Your Dragon:

Ruffnut and Tuffnut are especially fab. Check out that hair!

 Ziggs from League of Legends:

 I used to joke that if I didn't recognize a character/costume, it was probably anime. Now I'm having to amend that to "either anime or League of Legends." Because there are so many LoL costumes. Most of which make me want to play. :)

 Hawkman and Hawkgirl:

Yay wings!

Remember how I said Dragon Con puts the "play" in cosplay? Well, here's another crazy interactive costume: the Soylent Green vending machine lady.

She was half-embedded in a full size vending machine (Look how her leg transitions from metal to cloth!) built onto a Hover Board, so she could zip through the crowd handing out samples.

I had a heckuva time getting pics since she was a constantly moving target. I think the samples were those old-fashioned chalky candy disks - like Smarties? - but I didn't take the chance. ;)

Here's the front of the vending machine:
I can't find any specific movie or game references for this, so I *think* it's an original costume design. You guys let me know if I'm wrong, though.

This next one I know is original, though, because it's by the always-jaw-dropping Paige Gardner:

If cosplay is art (and it totally is), then Paige is its Picasso. She creates the most intricate, wholly original steampunk designs - the kind you want to sit and stare at for way longer than is socially acceptable.

I've featured Paige before, though I didn't know it was her at the time. She always covers her face, so I feel some kinship there (mask-lovers unite!), plus we have a few mutual friends, so this time I finally introduced myself. She told me this latest creation may never come out again, it's just so darn heavy. With those stained glass epaulet towers, I can believe it!

Which reminds me: if you found the tiny new Costume Exhibit at Dragon Con, you saw another of Paige's costumes:

Creepy, yes, but dang she does amazing work.

Speaking of creepy, does one of these Death Eaters seem a little... off... to you?

Dude, Kylo really HAS gone Dark Side. (Look at his wand! Bahaha!!)

Now a sweet Moogle:

And a purrfect Lion-headed Luna:
(Do lions purr? Does that pun work?)

John loves Fallout, and in the games he collects all KINDS of armor suits... but this one's his favorite:

Yes, my hubby prefers pink armor. WHAT.

Here's something freaky cool: you can actually see this Big Sister's face through her helmet!

Plus she has the ribboned cage on her back for the Little Sisters. YES.

And now... Teletubby Avengers:

Because Dragon Con!

After lunch in the food court one day John told me I *HAD* to go get this little girl's picture:

She's the priest from Princess Bride. And yes, she gave us a little of the "MAWWAIGE" speech.  Ha!

This werewolf was one of the many cosplayers who broke character when she saw our Agnes. Ever see a werewolf clap her hands with glee? 'Cuz I have. And it is AWESOME.

It's also hard to be scared of a monster who wants her picture with you. So next time you're creeped out by a costume, guys, just remember: monsters are fangirls/fanboys, too.

Egads, I need to wrap this installment up - so let's end with one last Made-Jen-Screech-Inchoherently-With-Glee number:

The robot Maria from Metropolis


Metropolis is one of the very first sci-fi movies ever made, and its style is so iconic that even if you've never seen it, you probably know this robot - if only because she went on to inspire C-3PO.

 Here's a movie reference next to my own photo. Look closely:

It's so perfect I can't even, you guys. And please note that none of that is skin. The cosplayer is completely encased in molded plastic, with very few points of articulation, only the tiniest hairline slit for air, and even smaller pinholes in the eyes to see through:

Also note how tiny! Short as she is, she's actually walking on raised platforms:

Which, like the rest of her, is completely screen accurate.

 I'm astounded she could move at all, much less walk. Her hands are solid cast mittens, so she'd be unable to grab anything if she tripped, or to catch herself if she fell. I've seen a lot of restrictive costumes in my time, guys, but this definitely takes the cake. RESPECT.

Plus so pretty.

Aaand I'll end there for now. Hope you guys enjoyed! Stay tuned for more!


  1. Thanks for these! I'm always amazed that I can spend four days there and still miss so many incredible costumes.

  2. D'aww, that little Princess Bride Impressive Clergy(wo)man is adorable! And can I just say how much I love the fact that Tuffnut is holding Chicken? That seriously makes that whole group for me. :) Majorly digging those Hawk wings, too. Wow, I want wings like that!

    "Because, Dragon Con" is now my favorite reasoning explanation ever.

  3. I think Paige might actually be from the Warhammer 40k world- she looks very similar to a lot of the Sisters of Battle miniatures that I've seen (and/or been suckered into painting for people)

    1. Agreed. I play Sisters of Battle and she's wearing the Inquisition insignia, the fluer de lis and the typical armor. She even has incense at her belt. I love the habit-esk cloak which is well suited for a member of the army affectionately known as "nuns with guns".

    2. Yeah, definitely a Sister of Battle, especially with the inquisition I in the middle of her forehead. I really like how she went all Dune spice user with the glowing blue eyes.

      Here's a wiki article on Sisters of Battle.
      Pictures at the bottom.

    3. definitely from the warhammer 40k world, Inquisition insignia is a lovely giveaway, and she looks glorious

  4. "Metropolis" cosplay!! Oh, that makes me so happy. And thank you, as always, for your photos. I'm not sure I can handle attending a con, but your pics make up for it!

  5. Yay, the Soylent Green lady is an old family friend! She's worked with my mom for almost 30 years! She's been going to Dragon Con for as long as there's been a DragonCon. She's got amazing stories.

    1. Also to add, it is an original costume. She was describing the idea to me when we had dinner last spring (2015). At the time she wasn't sure how to do it. She retired not long ago, so I guess she had time to figure it out :)

    2. Also to add, it is an original costume. She was describing the idea to me when we had dinner last spring (2015). At the time she wasn't sure how to do it. She retired not long ago, so I guess she had time to figure it out :)

    3. She's handing out Satellite wafers. They're old timey and weird, and highly addictive. It's little candy beads encased in wafers, like those thin layered vanilla wafers that grandmothers always seem to have. They look like Styrofoam, then you pop it in your mouth and it dissolves around the candy, and you think it's weird... then eat about 20 more.

  6. Maria is amazing!!! I'd be dying!

  7. Yay, the Soylent Green lady is an old family friend! She's worked with my mom for almost 30 years! She's been going to Dragon Con for as long as there's been a DragonCon. She's got amazing stories.

  8. Am I the only one that read, "Egads, I need to wrap this installment up" and thought, "No you don't!!!"?

  9. Thank you for such great pics. I must go to DC 2017!

  10. I admit to having a moment of "OMG Metropolis!!" on seeing that last cosplayer. That's the coolest thing I've seen all week. Such a strange and awesome movie.

  11. YES OMG Metropolis! GAH!--
    Also-- Hawkgirl's BOOTS! MUST FIND!-
    Keep doing the magic you do.

  12. Ok, I totally legitimately laughed out loud at the Darth Eater. :D
    As always, thank you for sharing!

  13. Ahhh...that robot cosplay made me a little scared for her. How can she do anything? I hope she had a handler there to help out, because I'm thirsty AND have to pee just looking at her :) Of course, now I think I need to see that movie.

  14. I'm a verrry happy west coast gal, but once a year you make me,wish I lived on your side of the continent. Thanks for sharing the pix & stories

  15. Bwahaha, I can't stop laughing at the Teletubby Avengers. Or Kylo Ren as a Death Eater. I could only dream of having the brilliance of some of the cosplayers who come up with these mashups.

  16. So apparently lions probably don't purr, but nobody's really quite sure. Here is a YouTube video with explanations and lots of cute big cats.


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