Friday, March 11, 2016

Dragon Con 2015, The Best Cosplay Pt 5

Here we go, last batch!

Picking up where we left off, this steampunk Ariel has the biggest dinglehopper I've ever seen:

And I just realized how dirty "dinglehopper" can sound.

More steampunk Disney goodness:

Awesome wings, Tink! (The holographic film caught the light on one side, which is why only one side seems see-through.)

This Hawk Girl had to stay near the walls with her impressive wingspan:

Here's another shot of the oh-so-intimidating Sauron:
I think I mentioned before that taking low shots like this can be dangerous at DCon, since the crowd can shift in a moment and risk trampling you. Still, cool angle, right?

 For everyone who's made this joke (including me!), here she is:

Kim Cardassian.

I've seen this couple at the last few DCons, and they always have incredible matching armor:
I don't recognize the characters, though. Anyone know? 

Here's the big Borderlands meet we went to:

That's John (as Tiny "Tony") on the lower left with our Claptrap. I loooove the brighter yellow of the center Claptrap, though - Clappy envy! -  and the girl who made it knew us from Epbot! Plus, would you believe hers is made of foam?! Even up close, I'd never have guessed.

Too many awesome costumes to count:
I will point out that gender-swapped Moxxie on the right, though, because A++, sir.

And here are all the gender-swapped characters together - with John ignoring the camera to throw me a kissy face:

Oh, and that Psycho up front? With the body paint? LOOOOVE.

Here's another shot of my friends Christie and Robyn as Jack & Mordecai:

And a reference for both characters:

Now moving on from Borderlands to...  a full body wrap-around dragon!

Such a cool build!

With all the Frozen cosplay around I was deeeLIGHTED to see this original take on it:

Anna and Kristoff as superheroes! (Even Olaf gets a mask!) Ha!

Princess Dalek:

I'm suddenly imagining "Part Of Your World" sung by a Dalek, and I cannot. Stop. Snort-giggling.

I manage to amuse myself pretty well, you guys.

 Here's the infamous John Strangeway - as Immortan Joe - lurking in the darkest recesses of the Marriott ground floor:

And here he is demanding a hug:
 ... which was... unpleasant.  o.0
(Love ya, John.)

He was quick with the edible chrome spray for anyone brave enough to ask:

 Let's just say I witnessed a LOT of people that weekend.

I've featured one before, but here's another incredible gender-swap of Immortan Joe:
Those eyes!

 This little girl brought on ALL the nostalgia for me - let's see how many of you recognize her:

For realsies. Doesn't she look EXACTLY like the Childlike Empress?!

 (If you're lost, she's from The Neverending Story, which you should go watch right now.)

Prettiness I don't recognize:
[Aha, looks like she's Dawn from various comic titles. Thanks, commenters!]

 I think these guys are from the game series Fallout, which John is currently addicted to:

Pokemon Warriors:

One night this guy got up on the bar balcony that overlooks most of the crowd, and stood quite dramatically in a convenient spotlight:

After some creative Googling, I discovered he's Ming the Merciless, from Flash Gordon:

Here's one of the Egyptian cats from Katy Perry's Dark Horse video:

I love that someone made this.

And now I want to watch the video again. It's like candy-coated insanity, with a catchy beat.

And finally, ladies and gentleman...  Dolly Deathstar: 


Yep, that's Dragon Con.

Hope you guys enjoyed the madness! 

P.S. Yes, John and I *will* be at Dragon Con again this year, and I plan to schedule an Epbot meetup again on Thursday night. That's not 'til September, though, so more details when the time comes!


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  1. My gosh, she looks exactly like the Empress! I recognized her right away. I must have watched that movie every day for a year when I was a kid. Awesome pics as usual! I love the princess Dalek, so clever.

  2. "Prettiness I don't recognize" is Dawn from comics ( Though I don't recognize the blue and white costume, the eye makeup and rose are a dead giveaway.

  3. SO MUCH AWESOME! These posts are always so inspiring. I hope to go to a con and cosplay someday. Thanks for all the pics and reporting, Jen! Much appreciated!!


  4. Ahhh yiss!!! Cropping the smooching pic of John. It's totally the contact photo in my phone for him now. ( it was figment, but c'mon.. Can you blame me?!?)

  5. Does the fact that in the Katy Perry video she is singing about Aphrodite while dressed as an Egyptian bother anyone else? Just me?

    1. Not just you. That was my immediate thought as well.

    2. Not just you. That was my immediate thought as well.

  6. Jen have you never seen Flash Gordon?? You must!! It's one of those so-bad-it's-good type movies and I think you and John will get a kick out of it!

    1. I was thinking the same thing!! Campy movie with some seriously gorgeous costuming and bonus...TOPOL!! Double bonus...Max Von Sydow is in this movie AND in the new Star Wars movie!!

    2. That was my first thought - you've not seen Flash?! My parents took me to the pictures for the first time to see it - I was 5. There was no hope for me, really. *g*

    3. Definitely a cheesy must see! Brian Blessed is the highlight for me! 😁

  7. Okay,seriously wishing I could go to any con now! How realistic is it for those who use wheelchairs for longer distances?

    1. Most cons are extremely accessible, but I will say DCon is not one of them - if only because of the crushing crowds. It can be done, of course, and IS done - but I wouldn't recommend it. That's the exception, though; again, every other con I see tons of chairs & scooters getting along fine.

  8. That Empress! Gorgeous girl. Love all the fantastic cosplays you find!

  9. Ok, your friends Christie and Robyn are WAAAY cool. The "animation" effect on those outfits are AH.MAZE.ING.

    As always, thanks for sharing! I appreciate your taking risks of being trampled in order to have pics, which you then share with us. :)

  10. I third the insisting you go watch Flash Gordon right away! It's hysterically bad. ��

  11. The Childlike Empress made me do a little squeak out loud - she was my very first crush when I was 5 years old. You don't often see references, so that was awesome!

  12. It makes me sad that you didn't recognize Ming the Merciless! You need to go watch it *Right. Now*! OH! The bad lines, and campy effects! It is pure awesome!

    1. And Queen! The entire soundtrack done by Queen! Man I love that film SO. MUCH.

  13. I Fourth, Fifth, (whatever number we are on) that you MUST see Flash Gordon!!! (I thought it was already required viewing for 80s geeks.) Everything mentioned above plus a young Timothy Dalton,Brian Blessed as the leader of the Hawkmen and a soundtrack by QUEEN!!!

  14. Love all the photos! I would be in overload trying to see everything at once. The details and little inside jokes are amazing. But I have to ask - why does Ariel (first photo) have holes in her fishnet stockings right at the knees? Hmmm, kinda makes you wonder what she has been doing.......

  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves the Dark Horse video. Also totally wanted to dress up as one of the cats but I can't do such big head things.

  16. Another "you must" for Flash Gordon!

  17. Another "you must" for Flash Gordon!

  18. Oh Jen, you really must go watch Flash Gordon! Ahhhh, the memories!! LOL!! And wow, was that Childlike Empress spot on! Thanks for taking all these pictures and sharing them with us! I had PLANNED on going to ComicCon in Madison in April....David Tennant, Matt Smith, AND Alex Kingston are ALL going to be there!!!! *sob* AND I'M GOING TO MISS IT!!!!!!! I wish I didn't have another commitment!!

  19. OMG, another vote for you and john to watch Flash Gordon!!! Incredible "cheese" with awesome music.... BTW from a fellow Borderlands fan your Claptrap looks the best in my opinion... to me it looks like someone photoshopped one in from a gameshot.


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