Friday, March 18, 2016

This Self-Appointed "Queen Of Sh*tty Robots" Is My New Hero

You may have seen some of Simone Giertz's creations already, or at least this gif of how she touches up her lipstick:

(Love that final flourish at the end. It's like, "oops, missed a spot... GOT IT.")

I'm late to the party, since Simone's channel has been blowing up on Youtube for months now, but this is a genius that must be shared.

Not only is Simone absolutely hilarious (you're missing out if you're not watching her build vlogs), she's also an unapologetic tinkerer who makes robot-building seem both doable and ridiculously fun.

Plus she reminds me of Willow from Buffy mixed with Hannah from My Drunk Kitchen. BONUS.

Now, who wants to go build stuff??

Just, uh, not this:


 Go check out Simone's Youtube channel for lots more hilarity (again, watch the build vlogs!), and then follow her on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with her latest projects.


  1. Thanks for introducing us to Simone, Jen! My wonderful hubby and I laughed so hard together as we watched several of the videos at your recommendation! So much fun!

  2. Hubby and I also got a good laugh -- until the joys of houseboat living video. Poor Simone!

  3. The lipstick machine vid is my FAVORITE.

  4. Simone is fantastic. I found her chopping machine videos a few months ago; I thought it was through you actually, but it must not have been. Weird. Well, anyway, I'm really glad you posted this now because there were several of her newer videos I hadn't seen yet, and I needed some laughs. She's hilarious! Thanks for always introducing us to, or reminding us of, all the coolest stuff!


  5. I can't tell you how much I needed this tonight. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Jen, you and your followers are going to kill every spare minute I have. First it was #Ham4Ham and now Simone! Lin-Manuel is a genius and Simone is hilarious, so their videos are a (very enjoyable) time-sucking black hole for me. I may never sleep again.

  7. I'm crying from laughing so much. She is so awesome.

  8. I'm behind as well as I've never heard of her before. I *think* there's a .gif of the alarm clock but that's it.

    Super hilarious and totally subscribed.

  9. Willow meets Hannah! Yes! Spot on.


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