Monday, March 7, 2016

Dragon Con 2015, The Best Cosplay Pt 4

The next Dragon Con is less than 6 months away, you guys... which makes this the perfect time to finish up last year's cosplay pics, right? 

Heh, aheh, yeeeeeaaah.

But never mind that I've put this off forever; let's just get on to COSTUMES.
First, I went nuts for this post-apocalyptic Wizard of Oz group:

Tin Man is clad in an armor of old road signs! GENIUS.

The Wicked Witch was especially stunning:


I like how cheerful Dorothy is with her giant gun - which, look closely - is named Toto.

The "Cowardly" Lion isn't looking so cowardly, either. Love how her fur perfectly matches her hair!

Here's the most creative Baymax cosplay I've ever seen:

I like the nurse-hat headband, plus the smiley faces in her skirt were back-lit!

A hilarious Jurassic Park group:

The T-Rex bush prop is faaaabulous. Love their expressions.

Anyone remember last year's viral sensation, Kung Fury?


And here's the arcade flipping off a poodle, because that's just how insane this movie is:
 (You can watch the whole thing at the Youtube link up there, btw. It's only 30 minutes, but I'll be curious to see how far you get. :D)

A steampunk pirate who's mechanical parrot stole the show:

The bird moved and blinked! I posted video of it eons ago on Vine, I think.

Dragon Con always has some of the best visual gag costumes:
Get it? GET IT?? :D

A beautifully creepy Alice from the game Alice: The Madness Returns:

Speaking of creepy, here's someone you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley:

I took this in bright afternoon sunlight, and I still got chills.

[Note: That's a Wendigo from Hannibal. Thanks, commenters!]

This Sally's face paint was flawless:
Such a great illusion when she closes her eyes!
Plus I like their Victorian take on Jack & Sally.

My friends Christie, Dana, and Alexie made an excellent Sherlock trio:
... with a disturbing photobomb by Joker.

Now I'm going to brag on Christie for a sec, because LOOK how well she channeled Moriarty here:

She did his famous neck roll for me, and it. was. PERFECTION.

Gah, I love how talented my friends are.

The Scooby-Doo gang:

And an unfortunate encounter for some Red Shirts:

Part of the fun of DCon is stumbling across cosplayers goofing off like this. This is the one con where most people aren't in a hurry to get anywhere, so they just wander and talk and pose for pictures.

Another great example, which I love so much more now that I've seen the new Star Wars:

I am feeling feelz, you guys. FEELZ.

Then there were these guys, who clipped velvet ropes to their belt loops and formed a mobile private dance party:

There are a LOT of mobile dance parties at DCon.

An adorable gender-swapped Eggs from Box Trolls, and a less-adorable, more-assimilating Borg:

John brought the wide-angle lens on his own camera one day, and went around asking scary characters to "lean waaaaay in." Most of the time the results are just so-so, but sometimes:

... you get cool shots like this.

(I didn't Photoshop any of those prosthetics, btw; they just looked that good, that close up. RESPECT.)

Here he is with Harley later:

And a few more of my favorites from John's camera:

These are really fun to edit; I like to bump the fish eye effect even further.

Here's my friend Dana again, this time as Riddler:

 And while we're talking Batman villains, how about a rave-worthy Mr. Freeze and Bane?

My photo doesn't do them justice; love the use of lights.

Aaand I'm going to break there for now.

BUT! My final DCon post (no, really!) is coming up later this week - so stay tuned!


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  1. Freaking spectacular! The talent, the creativity, the imagination, the guts! I wanna be a cosplayer.

    Great photos, Jen and John! Awesome editing, Jen!

    LOVE me some con photos! Looking forward to the final installment...SQUEEEE!


  2. Love those pictures again. Thank you for sharing :)
    But that photobomb joker in the sherlock picture isnt that the creapy clown from american horror hotel - freak show?
    Cant wait for thenext report.

  3. KUNG FURY! Loved it. So ridiculous, but so funny. I always enjoy your photos from going to cons. One day I'll get to one, but until then, I live vicariously through your pictures :)

  4. That Waiting for Godot costume made me laugh out loud. Genius! Loved the Sherlock group as well.

  5. the black Deer person thing (image 1758) is the wendigo from the TV show of Hannibal

  6. my husband put Kung Fury on Netflix this weekend and I think I was done within a minute or was insane.

    1. I still can't believe I watched the whole thing. Ha!

    2. That explains the laser raptor.

  7. Sometimes it seems like the goal with some of these cosplay outfits is to be the most esoteric, so rarefied no one can guess who you're supposed to be.

    1. I think you're partly right, but more because so many cosplayers want to be unique or even one-of-a-kind - and that's increasingly hard to do. Ergo, we see more and more obscure characters and mash-ups. (I'm guilty of this myself; I don't want to repeat a costume I've seen before.)

      And FWIW, I only feature the more unique cosplays, so that's on me; if you were there in person you'd see hundreds of characters you know. I'm guilty of passing by dozens of Storm Troopers and Harleys and Deadpools and Doctors to get to something new, just because I've seen so many before!

  8. Wow! It's killing me that we are on con hold atm. I'm going to be building cosplay parts soon but all these fun pics and vids from cons are just making me wish my craft shed was already built! Love the fisheye lens effect. That last one, is just wowza.

  9. So thanks I think...never heard of Kung Fury. It is kind of everything about the 80s (or 80s cinema anyway) in a nutshell isn't it (although it parallels chrono trigger something fierce so maybe that was the idea).

  10. Love the tongue-in-cheek attitude so many of the players take. I don't have the imagination to come up with anything even remotely like these but I love to see the imagining of other people! Thanks for sharing.

  11. DragonCon has gotten so huge that I was there the whole time and saw none of these costumes. It's a little scary. (Though I did manage to see you and John twice!)

  12. I will never get tired of cosplay pictures.

  13. Why do all of your posts have to be so inspirational?! I'm at work! I can't craft right now.

    People just put so much effort in and have such brilliant ideas.

  14. I would politely argue that the dinosaur-in-a-bush is a velociraptor, not a T-rex. I can almost hear "Clever girl..." in a smooth Aussie accent. Please forgive the nit-picking. Thanks for the pics!

  15. No, it's supposed to be a raptor if they're being accurate to the Clever Girl scene, but it is for sure a t-rex head prop. I know because I have one on my wall. It's made of plaster, is pretty heavy, and available on Amazon if anyone needs one. Kudos to them for daring to carry it around all day.

  16. I did not notice the photobombing Joker in that Sherlock pic until I read the text and scrolled back up....and it still made me jump. And by then I knew it was there!

  17. I can't thank you enough for your kind words about our post-apocalyptic Wizard of Oz group. I was Dorothy in the group, and your photos continue to be among the best we have of our memories at the con that year. Keep up the fantastic work, and my respect and love to all of the fellow talented artists and cosplayers out there!


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