Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Supercon 2015: The Best Cosplay, Part 2

Time for my final batch of Florida Supercon cosplay!

Starting with a badass Mandalorian:

Lethal in pink.

[wistfull sigh] If only all cosplayers could pose in front of a white wall for me. Maybe I should ask John to cosplay as a photo backdrop one year, and then just stand behind everyone. (Eh??)

Lady Loki & Lady Thor:

 These two later won "Best Group" in the costume contest.

There's some beautiful detailing in Loki's collar:

You never know when cosplayers will break out a cool "action pose" for you - another reason to always ask for a photo, instead of trying to take one from across the room. Case in point:

Beetlejuice proposal!! 
(Complete with severed finger in the ring box. Ha!)

There's nothing like the thrill of spotting an amazing costume across the floor - the kind that makes you gasp and go running after it, leaving your poor husband behind. :D

At Supercon, this was that costume:

He's actually walking in these shots, since I couldn't run fast enough to get in front of him!

I highly recommend embiggening those pics; the detail is incredible, and he looked like a painting in motion. The character, btw, is Ao Kuang from the game SMITE:

He was actually most impressive from the side, since face-on doesn't show all those fabulous scales:

The points of articulation were really clever, too, with overlapping plates on the belly and arms.

Anyway, AH-MAZING. (The contest judges agreed with me: he went on to win Best In Show!)

From Attack on Titan, the female Titan:

And a reference, in case you don't know the show:

Anna with a perfectly placed Spider-Man photo-bomber:

This Link posed in front of a Supercon banner, which made for a fun shot:

I love all her accessories & props: the keys, mask, and my favorite: the heart health bar!

Ever tried making little origami flowers? If so, then imagine making about 9,000 of them, and turning them into... THIS:

Her entire dress is made of folded paper - mostly origami flowers. She later won "Best Original Character" in the costume contest.

Here's an extreme zoom, so you can see the flowers I'm talking about:

Amazing, right? You can even see some some newspaper comic strips used in her belt!

The Queen of Hearts from Alice: The Madness Returns:

Check out how she even matched the subtle stripes in the shiny red underskirt. So cool.

Of course we can't have the Queen without Alice:

Love that hobby horse. Love it.

Here comes another contest winner - can I pick 'em, or what?

She listed her character as Witch Doctor, but I can't say if that's an original character or from something. Anyone know?

Update: Aha, she's from Diablo 3! Knew I could count on you guys. Here's a game comparison:

 Thanks, commenters. :)

A beautiful gender-swapped Captain Hook:

And her baby Tick-Tock is pretty much the CUTEST THING EVER. Squee!

This is Foxy from the survival horror game Five Nights at Freddy's:

And thanks to this cosplay, I had to google that game and see lots of LOVELY scary stuff, like this:

EEK. Apparently animatronic animals try to kill you in the game. Which is kind of perfect for any theme park fan, if you think about it.

Quick, let's move on to something sweet:

Little Batgirl! Much better.

An impressive Tony Stark & father/daughter pirate pair:

San from Princess Mononoke:

Which I can't believe I *still* haven't seen. If only Netflix would get all the Studio Ghibli films...

Here's another San I spotted later in the day:

Speaking of Studio Ghibli, check this out: Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle!

Sophie is an 18-year-old who's been transformed into a 90-year-old by a witch - so you can imagine why you don't see her cosplayed very often. And that's Calcifer, a fire demon she befriends:

Gah, this makes me want to go read the book again. So good.

More bad assery:

Furiousa from Mad Max.

And look out:

Another steampunk Lady Vader! Diggin' what she did with the mask hose.

Of course, now we're required to either join forces, or have a Force-Choke-Off. SO SAY WE ALL.

(Kidding, kidding!)

(OR AM I?)

And finally, here's an adorable little Mega Man giving me his "big action pose:"

His dad had to help support the one arm.


Hope you guys enjoyed, since John tells me I've spent WAY too long on this post. I tried to explain that 10 hours is actually kind of a record for me, but then he just look scared and walked away muttering about how this is why we never get anything done. Huh.

ANYHOO, that does it for cosplay, but I do have one more panel review coming up from Supercon. Any Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans out there? If so, stay tuned!


  1. Love the pics! Those costumes are amazing. I believe that is the Witch Doctor from Diablo 3, btw. :)

  2. Seeing how creative people can get never gets old. Wonderful job with the pictures!

  3. My jaw hit the floor when I saw the folded paper dress. That is incredible creativity and skill! I love seeing the things people come up with, so thank you so much for these posts!

  4. Honestly....I think having someone walk around with you cosplaying as a photo back drop would be amazing!!!!

  5. Oooo, can't wait to see your AoS post!

  6. The flower dress is fantastic! I'm always amazed at what people come up with and how much time they put into cosplay! If only I were crafty and had that much free time...

  7. yay!! Agents of Shield fan ... can't wait!

  8. John as a photo background would be AMAZING! You could even just find a character with a white cape and put extension poles on the corners so that when he extends his arms, points the poles up, and turns around he turns into a perfect backdrop! If anyone could make a cool photo background cosplay it would be you!

  9. If you liked Howl's Moving Castle, you should try other books by Diana Wynne Jones! Her only "adult" book (though in this case the only adult bits are some mild swearing and alcohol) is called "Deep Secret" and one of the main locations in the book is a fantasy convention. Her two "teen" books are called "Hexwood" and "Fire and Hemlock" and they are both amazing as well (Hexwood is my personal favourite). All her young adult books are just as fun as "Howl's Moving Castle", too!

    Thanks, as always, for the blog! It's always interesting and I learn something from almost every post. ^^

    1. "Dark Lord of Derkholm" is one of my favorites, but one of the female characters gets attacked by a group of soldiers. It's pretty vague, but I've seen some people online offended, so a trigger warning might be in order. Both it, and the sequel, "Year of the Griffon", are in the teen section at my local library(and on my personal bookshelf).

      There are two other books where Howl and Sophie turn up. One is "Castle in the Air" (which is not as good as "Howl's Moving Castle", but is at least better written than, say, "Stick Dog"). The other is "The House of Many Ways," which I enjoyed.

      I love the idea of John as a photo wall. I'm just not sure he'll like it. :)

  10. Jen, I know how you strive for accuracy; the Princess Mononoke character is actually named San. There is no actual "Princess Mononoke"! ;)

    1. Really?? Oh, wow, learned something new! Thanks, Dani, off to fix. :)

  11. Jen, the Studio Ghibli films are all (I think all) available on the web site Dubbed Anime! Just FYI

    1. Also, they're usually available at your local library for checkout on DVD.

  12. *raises hand* Huge Agents of SHIELD fan here! Can't wait to read your panel review!
    Also, great costume pics, as always. :)

  13. There is so much awesome on this page, I don't even know where to start.
    It's definitely giving me ideas though...

    --Piper P from Washington State

  14. That dragon was spectacular. Makes my own generic dragon costume look most pathetic--not that I'll stop wearing it. Right now I'm looking for better wings.

    As far as John being your very own white photo wall, it was good enough for Shakespeare in A Midsummer's Night Dream (well, maybe the wall wasn't quite for photos, but it could have been) so take it and run with it. I think nJoy has the start of a good idea. Maybe make the front of the costume like a brick wall and the back the white cape idea. Or as an all white frost character front and back. (I'm not quite geeky enough to know any.)

  15. You can actually buy baby Tick Tock Croc at the Disney store-- he's from Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy. My kids have him and he is the CUTEST.

  16. By the way, I recognize the origami flower model used for that dress. Those flowers are modular - each petal is folded separately and then they're glued together. The only reason I haven't made any myself is that I don't like modular origami that requires glue. I prefer things that fit together perfectly like a really weird jigsaw puzzle.

  17. i literally gasped when that lady vader showed up in this post. she is stunning!

  18. also, that dragon is magnificent. what a work of art!

  19. I think this has been my favorite cosplay post! That luminescent dragon is just gorgeous! And I love the addition of all the Japanese-inspired cosplay to your most recent posts, like from anime and Studio Ghibli films.

  20. Oh, no white backdrops please! What I love about con cosplay photos is the random hotel halls and corridors and carpets - they kind of make the whole genre and put the characters into some kind of context: normal people with their self-made costumes, coming together to have fun.

  21. the Alice in Wonderland costume reminds me of the version made by Living Dead Dolls


  22. I am LOVING these con posts. Every time I look into going to them, I am reminded how dang expensive the tickets are. We all get to live it through you! I only ever went to Necro in Brandon anyways.Best visit was when I got to meet Peter Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn and have my picture taken with him. However, I wrote this reply because I wanted to say to you that your (not so) far fetched plan of having John dress up as a white backdrop is not totally a fantasy dream... there are these guys out there... We photographers have to be prepared for anything. AmIright? :) B&H Photo is probably going to be your best source for these types of things though.

  23. Maybe this is kinda weird....but you're welcome to come to my house and watch Princess Mononoke! Or any other Studio Ghibli film - I have most of them. I live in Gainesville, so it isn't too far of a trip!


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