Monday, July 13, 2015

My "Best Of SDCC 2015" List - Even Though I Wasn't There. :D

Have you been obsessing over every social media outlet this past weekend, living vicariously through our fellow geeks out at San Diego Comic-Con?


And here are my favorite bits:

From Twitter:

Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion's Con Man trailer:

I thought this was going to be more of a fan-documentary like Trekkies, so color me super-DUPER excited now!

The hilarious Dubsmash battle between the casts of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter - culminating in THIS:
A video posted by Chloe Bennet (@chloebennet4) on
Clark Gregg as Peggy Carter FTW.

 via Alton Brown


Of course you KNOW I was on the lookout for the best cosplay, and I think photographer David Ngo shot every costume there! A few of my favorites from his site:

Pastel She-Wookiees? I think? Whatever - I LOVE THEM.

Margarita guy from Jurassic World!

An excellent Joker/Jack Skellington mashup:

And I love that DareDevil pair. So good.
Probably the most photographed cosplay from the whole con: Furi-Elsa!

In fact, one of the cosplayers I follow, Ryan Wells, got a great shot of her & Anna with him in his Immortan Joe costume:

Those goggles on Olaf - hee!

Ryan also brought his world-famous Skeksis from The Dark Crystal:

Fingers crossed he brings this guy to Dragon Con this year; I reeeally want to see it in person.

A few more of my cosplay favorites, this time from NerdBastards:

A Snow White Slave Leia - with what I THINK is a dwarf Jabba? And that's a Jasmine Leia with a Genie Jabba. Which I just discovered is really fun to say. Genie Jabba. Genie Jabba. Try it! See?

Steampunk Darth Maul

And a beautiful steampunk, gender-swapped Mr. Freeze:

See the rest of their photos here.

Of course, I'm sure there will be billions more cosplay photos coming out soon enough - and I look forward to clicking through ALL OF THEM. Muah-ha-haaa! (Usually Tested has the best ones, though, if you're keeping track.)

In non-cosplay news, there was, of course, that epic Star Wars panel:

With this perfection in the comments:


You can watch the full panel online now, too - I'll link it at the bottom of this post.

But we can all watch that Star Wars behind-the-scenes trailer again NOW, right? RIGHT.

True Story: John and I watched this on my phone while waiting for the new Minions movie to start. Afterward, we agreed these 4 minutes trumped everything we saw on the big screen by a mile.

There are TONS of new toys and collectibles debuted at SDCC every year, but I'm not much of a collector, so the only ones that caught my eye were these cute Mousers from TMNT:

And also via SuperPunch, this stunning Catwoman Maquette:

The pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store is already sold out - and it's easy to see why!

Ah, but my favorite toy debut? THIMBLESTUMP HOLLOW:

This ridiculously adorable toy series is just RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE, you guys:

 I must have them all, precious. MUSTS!

See more pics here - there are actually quite a few in the series, and it looks like they'll be $12 each, blind-boxed. For once I don't think I'll mind the blind-boxing, either; they're ALL that good.

Ok, so, this post from NerdBastards has assembled all of SDCC's official panel videos, so you can watch everything you missed! From the casts of Arrow, Game of Thrones, Supergirl, etc., to the famous Star Wars one and Bill Murray.

Plus, you can ALSO watch all the panels from Zach Levi's Nerd HQ here on their Youtube channel. These panels are fantastic; small gatherings of fans with big celebrity guests like Bryan Cranston, Stephen Amell, Nathan Fillion, and lots more. I can't wait to watch a bunch of these.

And finally, on an especially touching note: during the Supernatural panel on Sunday, thousands of fans surprised the cast by holding up lit candles in support of Jared's "Always Keep Fighting" campaign, which he started to help combat both his and others' depression. The cast was pretty confused until they were passed a note explaining the demonstration, which you can read more about here.

Once he understood the candles' significance Jared was incredibly moved, which he talks about more at that link.

I don't know how the fans were able to organize such a huge demonstration, and I am so, so impressed. Not only by their generosity to Jared and the cast, but also with how increasingly open and supportive our fan community has become in regards to mental health issues. It's touching and encouraging and I just wanna hug that entire room of 7,000 fans, dangit. Only, you know, virtually. :)

So tell me, guys, what'd I miss? What was YOUR favorite part of SDCC?


  1. Looks like Ms. Freeze used your ray gun tutorial to make her own.

  2. I think the pastel wookiees are "Chewie's Angels." Which, y'know… Is pretty great.

  3. One of my favorites was a guy dress as the owner of the brave little toaster! He had The whole clan with him! Pretty need and unexpected

  4. All I do during SDCC is follow people on social media who are there. I'm so grateful for fans who tweet and take pictures and give accounts of panels so I can feel like I was there even though I'm half a country away.

    The Supernatural fandom has its ups and downs, but since Jared launched AKF, I have been so impressed with us as a whole. I read Jared's "Thank you" and cried. I always hear stories about how shows save fans, and how the community comes together to support each other when it's important. But it's so nice to hear the other side is true as well. That the outpouring of love and support helps the actors too.
    It's fandom at its best and what I wish it always was, a family of strangers brought together by a common interest who genuinely care about each other and want to make the world a little brighter for their fellow fans. It can be a beautiful thing.

  5. Thank you, Jen, for posting these links! As a Firefly fiend, er..., fan, I was really excited to see the Con Man trailer. All the Firefly cast, plus Henry Rollins and other sci-fi stars? How awesome was that?!

  6. I'll second the "Chewie's Angels" - that's what the pic is captioned with on tumblr and Facebook (so, uh, with a grain of salt, I guess).

  7. The Thimblestump Hollow cuteness! I must pin these so I don't forget about them. I MUST own them!!

  8. There is nothing about this post that I do not like. The picture with Adam Savage, Nathan Fillion, and Alto Brown made my week. How did the room not explode from such awesomeness!?!

  9. Every year, my favorite part of SDCC (which I've never attended) is that it signals the final countdown to DragonCon, and the ensuing costume scramble! I'd type more, but I have to go finish my Galadriel crown. (But seriously, that Star Wars video gave me chills!)

  10. Awesome round up of neat things and omg those thimblestump cuties are just...I want them on my desk at work! Also, as an aside, the margarita guy in Jurassic park was played by none other than Jimmy Buffet of Margaritaville fame. ;) I laughed so hard when I found that out!

  11. It's been said, but yes, I can confirm Chewie's Angels :-D

  12. That Star Wars footage was amazing and I am so excited about seeing it when it comes out. I also enjoyed the Con-Man trailer especially because me and my Dad were both contributors to it :-)

  13. You may not know it yet, but you were at SDCC! ...well, sort of. My husband and I spent most of Friday in room 14A, which is where they had all the cosplay panels. There was a panel on Steampunk Star Wars cosplay, and at the start there was a cute powerpoint presentation, in the middle of one screen showing great costumes was Lady Vadore and Steampunk Boba Fett!

    1. I should mention that the picture was properly credited.

  14. Fun fact: the margarita guy in Jurrasic World was actually Jimmy Buffett. What a fun cameo to have in the movie!

  15. That picture of Alton Brown, Nathan Fillion, and Adam Savage is amazing. Three of my favorite "geek gods" right there...Alton Brown, the geek god of the kitchen (my family and I actually refer to him as "The Alton," as in, "The Alton says the proper way to cook eggs is to cover the pan and let it set without disturbing it!"), Nathan Fillion, the geek god of the sky (you can't take it away from him), and Adam Savage, the geek god of invention. They're basically the head triumvirate.
    And the BTS look at The Force Awakens...I'm so excited for that movie. And it made me realize part of where the prequels went wrong - they focused way too much on digital effects. It was all, "Oh, we have the technology, let's use it!" Well, yes...but it wasn't the right feel!
    And "Con Man" a fan of "Firefly" and a fan of cons...I simply can't wait.

  16. Jen, given your Disney love, I think you might enjoy the Best in Show winner of the SDCC Masquerade contest, "The Women of the Haunted Mansion."

    My group did a Newsies/Star Wars mashup ("King of the Force") and won Judges' Choice!

  17. Thanks for rounding up all this awesome geeky Ness! and I think nerd hq is definitely some of the best "panels" to watch so much more relaxed and usually humorous than the big panels!!!

  18. Thanks for all the goodies! I can't believe I had no idea about Con Man!!!

    I love love love Zach Levi and haven't had a chance to go back and watch the Nerd HQ panels, but I did see some of Joss Whedon's when it was live streaming. My little nerd-girl heart just about went into overdrive!

    BTW if you *are* looking for a fan documentary for Firefly I would suggest Done the Impossible. It's narrated/hosted by Adam Baldwin and follows the fan impact from cancellation to Serenity. Last I knew it was on Netflix, but if it's gone from there I know you can rent it on Amazon Instant Video (I think we originally rented it for like $2.99).

  19. Lookit, lookit!!

    A new Dubsmash War video with Chris Evans!! Chris. Evans.

  20. I was in the Supernatural panel, a little bit in front and to the side of the Q&A mike (overnight campouts woo!). How it happened was before the panel certain fans went around to the different sections of the Hall and passed out boxes of the candles. Not everyone got one, of course, but I managed to snag 3 for my party and the person passing out gave us a brief summary and the instruction to light them and hold them up at the beginning of the Q&A section.

    I felt a bit bad, because the first questioner was a young lady with a very well-thought-out question and she got overshadowed by the whole cast (except Jensen, who was answering the question like a magnificent professional) freaking out wondering about the lights in the audience.

    It was a beautiful show of support towards not only Jared and his struggles, but towards one another and anyone who has ever needed help. I have my candle as my new permanent nightlight, in between my Funko Pops of Castiel and Misha (French Mistake version "Fake Cas") on my nightstand.

    Also, I heard that some people in the way way crazy back edge of the Hall didn't get the candles/an explanation and thought it'd be a great idea to hold up their lighters and scare the bejeezus out of the usher volunteer types. Because of course we have lighters and salt in our bags. We're SPN fans.


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