Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hairy Tonks And The Orange And Teal Bowtie

I talk about Tonks so little here that most people are surprised to learn we even have two cats - but in my defense, Lily is vastly superior, and Tonks is John's cat.  :D

That said, I just got Tonks a new collar that I think merits a photo or two:


(It's from Purrfect Collars on Etsy, and the bow is the smaller size available.)

Tonks is a very cat-like cat; she's driven by catty instincts, like forever trying to cover up her food bowl or stick her nose right inside your mouth for a good sniff - which can make yawning with your eyes closed an alarming experience.

Tonks is also addicted to hair products, and will treat newly shampooed or gelled hair like her own personal catnip garden - albeit one that's attached to the tops of those pesky humans. When I do my back stretches on the floor, she'll actually roll in my long hair, before attempting to eat it. 

But if my hair is catnip, John's hair is Mega Kitty Crack. Tonks can't get enough of it, and will jump to the back of the couch, plant her paws on his shoulders, and dig right in.

Here's John proffering his newly washed-and-gelled locks:

"What heaven is this??"

And one second later:

She'd crawl right up there if he gave her half the chance. Ha!

But hey, enough about Tonks. 

Let's get back to talking about Lily.  :D


Actually, it's time to announce this month's Art winners!

So, the winner of the Batman & Batgirl set is Chiana   
The winner of Link & Wonder Woman set is Erin Schleif
And my wild-card winner, who gets to choose from anything off the Give-Away Board, is Raum

Congrats, winners, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses!

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  1. Sooo...Tonks twice in two days. She must have been a good kitty.

  2. Oh my goodness, I really didn't expect that! What a bright spot in a pretty dim week! :D I shall email you now, Jen!

  3. I LOVE the white toes on Tonks' front paws ... SO cute. I too used to have one of the "dreaded" grooming cats...Punkin used to only groom my hair when it was freshly clean (I absolutely had to make sure the nail trims were up-to-date...LOL).

  4. Yeah -- Tonks pictures!!! What a beautiful cat! Love that collar, too.
    So funny how cats are -- what could possibly be attractive about newly washed hair? But that is just one part of the wonderfulness of cats and why we love them. Thanks for sharing those pics.
    Maureen S

  5. Haha! I'm much more of a dog person, but I do have a soft spot for quirky cats....Back in high school, I volunteered at a local vet clinic, and the "clinic kitty"--a stray that had been dropped off and "adopted" by the staff, and lived at the clinic--was a six-toed cat named "Psycho" who LOVED hair....which I found out while filing records on the bottom shelf that first week, when she climbed onto my back and began chewing my ponytail.... :-P She was a real odd-ball, but can-I-reach-that-thing-down-there-before-Psycho-catches-me became a pretty amusing game! :-)

  6. Thanks for the Tonks Fashion Show. Not as amusing as Lily's Onesies, but nice.
    My male Maine Coon has a thing for my cat sitter's hair. If she sits on the couch, he gets behind her and tangles himself in her hair. Purring a drooling the entire time. Good thing she also has a Maine Coon...

  7. Hah. One of our cats does that too. He is a huge cat, and can bowl me over to get his hair fix post shower. Both our older cats can open doors, so he will hear me taking a shower, open the bathroom door , and sit on the sink waiting to grab hold of my head. Cats are weird.

  8. Yay for Tonks. Must go make bow tie collars for our cats tonight!

  9. There was a kitty at the shelter I used to volunteer at.. he would wrap his arms around your neck and groom your hair. It was adorable and a little icky at the same time. Both of your kitties are adorbs.

  10. My kitty Buddah also has a thing for my hair. She sleeps on my pillow at night and will pull small stands up to her face to sniff on. My goofy girl. <3

  11. Tonks sounds like my Peanut :) He loooves to rub his head all over my hair after a shower, especially when I use his favorite conditioner with peppermint in it! (He's also been known to steal peppermint gum and hair ties out of my purse if I forget to close it!)

  12. I HAVE NEVER WANTED A CAT WITH A BOW TIE MORE. (Sorry for the shouty capitals, but my emotions feel shouty. WAAAAANT.)

  13. I don't know what is is, but my cat loves my mom's hair more than anything else. Every time she comes to visit, he plants himself on the back of the couch above her head and just nuzzles it all night.

  14. Oh my word... I am laughing so hard at your description of Tonks right now! :D

  15. I have a tabby that loves to eat hair too! And here I thought she was the only one. That bow tie is fantastic.

  16. "which can make yawning with your eyes closed an alarming experience"

    I feel compelled to share a story. When I was younger, we had a Maine Coon - VERY fluffy tails. She liked to climb up on my parents' bookcase headboard. Usually the top, but sometimes lower and closer to the people below.

    My dad found out that it is VERY startling, when sleeping on your back, to inhale through your open (snoring) mouth, an enormous, fluffy tail. I don't think the cat appreciated it either, because that never happened again. From an uninvolved person's perspective, however, it was hilarious.

    1. Try a Maine Coon paw in the mouth when you are sleeping....

  17. My kitten zelda is part Maine coon - she's a very cat-like cat too, although sometimes I think she thinks she's a puppy with the way she follows me around, and mooches shawarma like a lil champ.

    Tonks is an adorable cat - I love calicos of all types :)

  18. Ooh, our cat's collars (with bow ties) are from the same etsy shop! (In a blue with anchors for Balon and green with polka dots for Dante) I love them! and I ordered the name tags are from this (https://www.etsy.com/shop/LilyReed?section_id=7173035&ref=shopsection_leftnav_4) etsy shop!

  19. I was paying attention and I knew about Tonks! She is adorable and I can see why you couldn't resist her new collar. :-)

  20. Aww, so cute! Though I now have dogs (fiancée is allergic to cats). I did have quite a few furry purries growing up, and Sam- my Maine coon Merlin used to curl up and drool and knead my hair on my pillow too! I wonder if it's a Maine coon thing, lol!

  21. My black lab has a weirdo hair fetish...either he noses or rubs his head in it (or in my balding father's case, licks what hair he has). Never realized other animals did that too (never had cats either).

  22. I get so excited for kitty posts because, c'mon...kitties! And then I scroll down and see I'm a winner! \o/ Thanks, Jen! And that is a downright dashing bow tie for Tonks. :D

  23. Tonks is so pretty, too! I love Lily's eyes, but Tonks has that "I am cat, I can not be tamed" look.

    We had a cat with a thing for hair, too! Sweet Rosalind would go crazy over my hair, especially right after I washed it. I think one (or possibly both) of our new kittens might also have a hair fetish. One of them (or both?) goes nuts on my hair spread out on the pillow almost every night. Scared the bejeebers out of me the first few nights! Now I reach up, grab the kitten out of my hair, and drop her on my hubby, who is more than happy to steal some kitty snuggles, and go back to sleep. usually. Last night whoever was in my hair was unusually persistent. I haven't woken up enough to really figure out which one is jumping on my head, but I really hope this doesn't last because it's like having a newborn and I miss my sleep!

  24. I don't have a cat, yet, but I think a bowtie collar is in order. The cat can follow..., right? It's not weird to just have a bunch of bowtie cat collars laying around. Right? RIGHT? Right.

    Tonks looks very sophisticated in his new accessory. :)

    --Piper P from Washington State

  25. Awww, Tonks is so cute! Be thankful that she only goes for hair. I had a cat that used to get her jollies from men's armpits (even clean ones). Made for some interesting dates...


  26. My Duncan Idaho is always trying to eat my hair. I've taken to wearing hats, small towels, or the too small cast off tee shirts of my son.

  27. Did you see this story? It made me think of you:
    Make sure you read the comments, too--there's a hilarious story someone sent in about her cat who had a particular antipathy to the song "New York, New York."
    I just love cats! Both Tonks & Lily are gorgeous. (But not quite as cute as our Esmerelda and Lilliput!)

  28. I used to have a cat who was obsessed with ears. She'd be sitting on my lap purring and perfectly content, and then she'd suddenly just...stick her face into my ear and start trying to chew on it. She also had a bit of a yogurt problem. No one in my house could eat yogurt without keeping a careful watch on the container, or she'd eat it!

  29. Both your kitties are so cute!!! I once had a horse who would follow me around and sniff at my hair and that was always a little weird. Big horse snuffles in my ear.


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