Friday, July 3, 2015

Supercon 2015: The Best Cosplay, Part 1

I've made you guys wait long enough, so let's dive right in with some faaaabulous 5th Element cosplay:

Dare I say she looks even better than the one in the movie?
(This was a minor character, so here's a reference in case you don't remember:)

I just watched The 5th Element again the other week, and I gotta say: it gets better every time. So good.

Next up, from the Disney animated short Paperman:

Seemed appropriate to put this one in black and white. :)
 See the lipstick mark? 

A sweet Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph:

And speaking of sweets, check out this Harley's collection of ice cream bars puddin' pops!

Diggin' her 50s diner look, with that little apron.

I only photographed one cosplay on Thursday, but it was a doozie:

My Little Pony gala dresses! 

Get a load of those wings on Twilight; no wonder she wore this Thursday; any other day, and she wouldn't have made it through the aisles! Plus, did you notice? Her dress has lights in it!

 The group had a Spike with them, too - a guy in a snazzy green vest and wings - but sadly I didn't catch him. I wonder if they had a Rainbow Dash galloping around somewhere, too?

Retro Batgirl Batwoman, UP!

I thought her costume looked familiar, and sure enough, she's based on this DC Bombshells art by Ant Lucia:

She even struck the same pose!

Deadpool cosplayers are already known for being hilarious, but this guy cracked me up with his little maracas shimmy:
And I'm pretty sure he said, "Chimichangas!!" when I took the picture.

More stuff I can't explain: how many conventions can boast real live HORSES in their vendor hall?

Yep, I spotted these two miniature horses (...ponies? How do you tell the difference?) being led out of the center early on Friday. Not sure if they were asked to leave or what, since I didn't see them again the rest of the con. (Poo.) Gotta love those colorful manes, though.

Moving on, an excellent pair from Black Butler

I couldn't find a great shot of that outfit for Ciel, but here's the top, at least:

I watched the first 10 or so episodes of this anime a long while back, and liked it, but it got so, so dark. A bit too much for me. However, I like how the show puts this huge emphasis on beautiful desserts - which is what caught my eye with this cosplay:

 Pretty dessert tray! And look closely; you can just see that Sebastian's (the butler) eyes are red. (Because he's a demon butler. Of course.)

One of my favorites from the whole weekend:

This gender-swapped Kristoff from Frozen actually made that Sven herself, and he's a big furry backpack! AMAZING. And I love the bundle of carrots. :)

A lovely Korra:

And a Star Wars mother-daughter duo:

(My own mom dresses up every year for Dragon Con now, and I only wish we'd started the tradition sooner. :))

A gender-swapped Beetlejuice, with Lydia from the animated series:

Here's a reference for Lydia:

I spotted this sweet Faun girl outside in the ticket line:

Such a pretty headpiece!

And a beautiful Day of the Dead costume:

On Saturday we were there before the Hall doors even opened (a minor miracle for a night owl like me), since we only had a few hours and I wanted to get as many cosplay shots as possible.

I walked up and down the lines looking for costumes, and for once I actually like having a crowd in this shot:

It's extra dramatic with him being (almost) the only one looking at the camera.
He's covered in lights, too; there must be some serious wiring going on under that body suit.

Do you know how rare it is to see a guy cosplaying Castiel from Supernatural?


His wings folded down; super smart for the Saturday crowds.

I think this is Dry Bowser from Mario Kart:

These Power Puff "Girls" didn't have eye holes, which made taking their picture hilarious:

They positioned themselves blindly, and then were all, "Did you take it yet? ... How 'bout now?" Ha!

Correction: These are actually the bank robbers who impersonated the Girls from the show:

That DOES explain the money bag, huh? :D Thanks, Alicia!

Young Tank Girl:

Even up close, I thought this Tiger head was clever body painting combined with prosthetics:

It wrapped seamlessly around his whole head, and had a perfect, velvety smooth skin texture. Now that I can zoom in, though, I think it's a full-head mask - which would mean the neck's part of it, too! Seriously impressive; I've never seen anything like it at a con before.

A trio of beautiful baddies:

And now, your moment of Con Zen:



I'm about halfway through my Supercon pics, so expect the second batch in another few days.

In the meantime, I'll end with a cute story:

On Friday John stepped out as Dreamfinder again, and he'd barely gotten his beard in place before someone stopped him, saying, "Did you know the original guy who played you is here??" We did not, so the man gave us directions, and we headed over to Jeffrey Breslauer's table.

Now, the original original Dreamfinder is Ron Schneider, who you guys will remember we already met a year or two back. There are 2 or 3 more men who played Dreamfinder with/after Ron, though, and Jeff is one of them.

Jeff wasn't at his table when we got there, but his handler was so excited at the sight of John that he made us promise to come back in 10 minutes.

About 5 minutes later, Jeff found US out on the floor; once he heard about John, he couldn't wait for us to come back to his table! Ha!

And, you guys, look how sweet:

John's Figment is making eyes at Jeff's Figment. :D

Jeff was amazingly kind to us, and inundated John with compliments on his costume. "I'm looking at my history, looking at you," he said, and he looked so, so happy. Then he spent a good long while talking shop with us about the character, and how the Figment puppet worked, and I don't think John stopped grinning for a single second of it. 

(Btw, as a life-long Dizgeek, it felt incredibly wrong to be talking so openly about how the "magic" worked - I kept glancing around guiltily every time I asked another technical question, hoping no kids were in earshot. Ha!)

We bought a photo of Jeff as Dreamfinder, and he signed it, "John, you have made MY dream come true! You ARE a Dreamfinder!" Then John asked him to sign his jacket's *other* lapel (since Ron signed the first one), and Jeff happily obliged:

He wrote, "You are a dream come true!"

It was hard to tear ourselves away, Jeff was just so nice, but eventually we said our goodbyes and turned to leave. We hadn't taken five steps when we heard Jeff say, "Just for old time's sake..." and then Figment's unmistakable voice called out across the floor, "Hey, Dreamfinder!

And dangit, THAT made me a little teary.


  1. Your Frozen cosplay is a gender swapped Kristof, Han was the bad prince. 😄

    1. Dangit, every post. EVERY POST. (Er, I mean, thanks. Annnnd fixed. :))

    2. Similarly, Batgirl is actually Bat Woman. Love the pictures.

  2. Those powerpuff "girls" actually look to be the bank robbers who try to impersonate the girls in one of the early episodes. (Hence the money bag, and the weird mouth openings in the heads). For reference

    1. Aha, great catch! Thanks - off to add a reference pic.

    2. That is exactly what we aimed for. Thank you for noticing. Im Bubbles from the group.

  3. Fifth Element, my favorite! I would have been screaming if I saw that at a con (well, inside).

  4. The Powerpuff "Girls" are from episode 2 in Season 1 in the half called "Powerpuff Bluff". Three cons escape from jail and dress up as the Powerpuff Girls in order to easily steal stuff. The girls get blamed for it and put in jail, until they break out and save the day.

    1. Dang it, I started typing up this comment, then my mom came over and needed something, and then I was too late! :P

  5. Ugh, all of your Dreamfinder cosplay stories are SOOOOOOOO SWEEEEEEET. You're killing me, Smalls! ;)

  6. I adore the picture of Figment looking at the monsters. Too sweet. And dang it, who is chopping onions again while I was reading the story about John, Jeff and the Dreamfinder? Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'd bet the harley with the pops is somehow related to the tee design on teepublic or one of the other sites for harley's puddin pops. Or two very clever people had the same idea

    1. The artist name is Megan Lara. Here's her website.

    2. Yes! I have her ein and harley's puddin pops designs. All of her work is gorgeous though.

  8. The fact that the STAR WARS mom and daughter team are generation swapped just thrills me! :D

  9. Fifth Element is one of my all-time favorite movies :) Did you ever see Jupiter Ascending that came out earlier this year? The costumes and the crazy human/animal hybrid characters in that remind me of The Fifth Element. Jupiter Ascending is kind of like Cinderella, Fifth Element, Star Wars, and Wizard of Oz put in a blender...and I love it :D

    1. No, I haven't seen it yet, but it's on my list!

  10. Definitely BatWOMAN, not Batgirl. That retro baseball print is one of my faves, too; she signed it to her (lady) fiancée, Maggie, which is just 2 cute.

  11. The retro 'Batgirl' is actually Batwoman :)

  12. I love the cosplay pictures. Everyone is so talented and creative. And in my experience, super nice and enthusiastic in person. It seems like a great community.

    Is there a list of events in Florida? You guys are always going to fun stuff that I don't know about until it's too late. Where is a good place to find out about them ahead of time?

    1. I'm still working on that myself, since I've yet to find an all-inclusive list online. What works best for me, believe it or not, is to follow several local artists, since they announce which cons they're attending! I also googled "Florida conventions," which will show you most of the major ones. (Since you're here in FL; Tampa Comic Con is at the end of this month, and it's great: nice & big.)

  13. I was at a VERY small convention last week (250 participants, almost all teens ... it's more of a fandom themed four day long slumber party, with some adult supervision). The big cosplay event is pretty much just a middle school disco but with cosplays and fandom songs, and earlier years I haven't gotten many good pics of everyone's costumes, trying to snap them while people are dancing. This year though, I remembered some tips I read on your blog and made sure to ask people for photos, let them pose before I snapped a few pics until I knew I got a good one and then waved them off with a thumbs up. Didn't get ~*amazing*~ pics since I was only using my phone camera, but SO MUCH BETTER than any other cosplays photos I've ever taken. Who knew asking would work that well? Anyway, thanks for the tips! :D

  14. John and Jeff and the Dreamfinder encounter is just so joyful, touching, bittersweet, and lovely. Gah! the tears.

  15. Fantastic photos, as always! Thank you, Jen!

    And what luck to run into Jeffrey Breslauer there! I definitely got all teary-eyed reading that part. I'm so happy for you guys. I'm sure that was a very cool experience!

    I love it when John cosplays as Dreamfinder; I know he must bring joy to so many people.

    Can't wait for the rest of the photos!



  16. Oh, the Dreamfinder story!! I am all feelsy. John must really be smiling to see it behind that beard!*g* I love your photos, as always.

    P.S. On horses/ponies? I know this one!! Its all about size. A pony is an equine up to 14 hands 2 (about 4 foot 10) remembering hands are measured to the shoulder. A horse is anything above this height. A pony can be surprisingly tall!

    1. So the wee stripey tailed guys in the hall? Ponies. And I wouldn't even say a miniature breed - maybe Shetlands. They're super cute, though!

    2. Yep. I would add that ponies have slightly different proportions to horses (miniature horses are about the same size as small ponies, but have the same proportions as standard-sized horses). OK, I'm done.

    3. Can't tell you how stoked I am to see you guys talk about this - I work in live events and while I know "miniature horses" are included under the Americans with Disabilities Act (with special limitations and not as service animals, technically), I've never actually *seen* one and was wondering if these might be it. When I saw the post I actually squealed a bit. Embarrassing? Yes. Do I care? Not especially! :)

  17. Wonderful pics as usual! But that Dreamfinder story, that is just the best!

  18. The feels! The Fifth Element girl... awesome match...and the Dreamfinder story.... geez.

  19. Oh that looks like so much fun! and the dream finder story...ahh the dust!!! <3 and now that I know where a con is with relative closeness to me (just a town over) i can't wait to go! I can't go this year because my boss hates me...but that gives me a year to plan and decide if i am going to go plainclothes or not (first con) and i am actually thinking about taking my vacation around next years Gl!tchCon. It seems to be more of a Gamercon, but since I have recently started playing table tops with my brother (D&D and Deadlands) i think it could be fun.

  20. Yeah that story just made ME a little teary too. That's amazing!

  21. Always love the cosplay pictures! Those look like ponies to me, rather than miniature horses. Most of the time miniature horses are actually significantly smaller than those ponies. And oh so cute

  22. Awww what a great story! Love when actors are so awesome about their work and the fans. Love this batch of photos!

  23. What an amazing experience! I would give anything to hear Figment's "voice" again! You're so lucky! I really miss Dreamfinder. Thanks for bringing back a little piece of him!

  24. Those miniature horses ... so little they must be ponies!

    Dashing around with that rainbow tail, jacking apples from all the vendors

    I really can't help myself, I'm so sorry!

    But I love that they had ponies cosplaying My Little Pony

  25. Jen, that Harley Quinn is doing the artwork from Megan Lara. It's featured on TeeFury today - Harley's Puddin Pops!

    1. I'm the Harley in the pictures above and YES! You are sooo right! I'm glad someone knows where this is from! I actually sewed both of our costumes and we had a blast!

  26. The tiger is a full over-the-head silicone mask from CFX. Theyre hundreds of dollars which is why you dont see them at cons that often.

  27. The Tank girl kinda reminds me of Avril Lavinge in her Song Rock 'n Roll... :D


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