Saturday, August 25, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI: Thursday Favs

Thursday was a great, leisurely day to stroll through the enormous vendor room at SWC and check out the art and exhibits that are sure to be crowded later. Not too many costumes around, but here are my favorites of the ones we did see:


Two Chewies:

I like that she gives you reference for just how tall he is.

There were several sexy Ewoks running around, too, although this girl's version was my favorite:

Isn't she adorable? And I'm not just saying that because of the orange. :D Check out the baby Ewok backpack!

Now prepare to squee over some epic baby Leia cuteness:


This guy's standard pose is to thrust his pelvis at you repeatedly while squeaking a hamburger squeak toy. It's...disturbing. And hilarious. But mostly disturbing.

Which reminds me: I need to make a list of all the different Storm Trooper mash-ups I've seen. So far this weekend we've seen this guy, several Muppet troopers, an Elvis one, Jack Sparrow (yes, really), and Minnie Mouse. I have no doubt I'll be seeing tons more tomorrow, too.

These guys were super fun and original:

They're police troopers! And they brought magnetic hand-cuffs for photos - talk about a brilliant photo prop. These kids were hilarious; here's the shot when their parents told them to "look scared."

There's a charity auction at the con (benefiting Make-A-Wish) consisting of all modified Clone Trooper or Fett Helmets. The participating artists either painted or remade each helmet entirely, and there are too many jaw-droppingly amazing ones to list. I'll have more photos in my Flickr account, but here's a small sampling:

Like I said: AMAZING. 

If I had to sum up SWC with one photo, this would be a strong contender:

Yeah. It's about like that. Ha!

Awesome Leia:

Awesome Droid:
Every time I see the droids I have to photograph this purple one. Because I love it.

Awesome kid's costume:

There are tons of beautiful backdrops and staging areas for photos scattered around the vendor floor, but this is probably the most impressive:
It's a life-size Rancor! I saw several people picking up the bones and chains scattered around to use as props, like they were fighting him off - or you can just stand inside his hand and look terrified. Really, really cool.

Don't they look great? I wish I could have found these ladies today to get my picture taken with them. (Although happily I did find a few more steampunk characters. My next goal is to find Steampunk Boba on Sunday & get a photo with him. [Hear that, John? I'm lookin' for you!])

Ok, now prepare to be thoroughly creeped out:


That's not a costume, by the way - or if it is no one was wearing it at the time. It's on display at Rancho Obiwan's exhibit, which has tons of amazing things to gawk at, like R2D2 in an afro and a velvet painting of Admiral Ackbar. :D (You can see those in my Flickr account.)

Speaking of things to gawk at, here's one of the lobbies outside the main exhibit hall:

The other side has a giant inflatable Death Star hanging from the ceiling.

Some fabulous armor here:

This little padawan has the most infectious grin:
Plus she had a bedazzled light saber. C'mon. That is AWESOME. 
(And today she asked for *my* photo. Too fun!)

And finally, these kids had the most adorable homemade costumes:

This is kind of epic, you guys. Seriously.

Oh, and I cannot believe how many of you readers have found us so far for pins. We've already run out! I have to get up early tomorrow to make more! Last Celebration I think we had maybe half a dozen fans find us, so color me gobsmacked. I guess you guys just needed a Vader-riding-a-My-Little-Pony as incentive? Ha! Anyway, all that to say; it is SO much fun meeting you guys, so please, if you haven't yet, track us down to say hi!

And stay tuned for photos of Lady Vadore on the con floor, and so much more! But no more rhyming. I mean it.

(In the meantime, you can see the rest of my photos over on Flickr.)


  1. Lovely pictures, as always! I can't wait to see some Lady Vadore!
    One small thing: "Chewie & a sexy Ewok?" I think that's a Wookie.

  2. Whoops! You're right, Katelyn; I blame my post-con fatigue. ;) I just fixed it now.

  3. My friend was walking around in a hand made E3PO silver suit. I hope you got to see him, he's amazingly talented!

  4. Anyone want a peanut?

    I am so jelous, we have nothing like that over here :(

  5. My husband found you yesterday and got pins for me. I told him to be on the lookout for your Vadore costume, so I'm so excited he found you!! And I'm excited for the pins, too.

  6. Any chance you're taking Lady Vadore to Dragon*Con in Atlanta next week?

  7. If you can't find John (Steampunk Boba Fett) this weekend, I'm sure he'll be at Dragon*Con next weekend. He lives in the Atlanta area. He'll probably be at Penny Dreadful Productions/Boiler Room table geared up at some point. I've met him several times. He's very nice.

  8. @ Emmerbeth - Yep, she'll be there! Look for me at the Time Traveler's Ball; that's the only place I know I'll be in costume for sure.

    @ Diana - True; D*C is my backup plan. It's much easier to find people at SWC, though, and the lighting is better for pics. (We've met John a few times, too; that guy is like the patron saint of Steampunk, isn't he? :D And yes, he's super nice.)

  9. You should also look for Admiral Ackbar Ghostbuster.

  10. Love the photos! Do you use a wide-angle lens? We're taking our daughter to MegaCon next March for her 14th birthday and I'm already planning which lens to bring!

  11. Thank for making the fact that I'm not at Celebration (again) much easier to deal with. Now I'm off to live vicariously through your Flicker stream. :)

  12. [Referring to Jen's final line]

    Anybody want a peanut?


  13. A friend of mine also went SWC and was posting as she went. Looks like a fabulous time!

    (On a side note, I can't help wishing that we could all dress in the steampunk outfit on the right. For everyday clothes. That could be a thing, right?)

  14. Yes I have to do the "Anybody want a peanut?" quote myself as well. :)

    I think my favorite are all the different helmets, those look pretty rad! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  15. So sad, I've tried finding you at the con three days in a row now and have been completely unsuccessful. :( Don't suppose you'll be there before 11:30 tomorrow? Also, loving the pics, especially since you got a few I didn't see.

  16. @ Jess - Awww, I'm so sorry; I didn't think anyone was still looking for me today! We will be there tomorrow, but not 'til after 1 or 2 - and I'll be in costume again. I'm sorry! If you e-mail me your address, I'll mail you a pin, though. Sound good?

  17. I always love seeing these cons through your photos and commentary. I almost went to this one (had a line on a free ticket) but just missed out.

    On totally unrelated news, an interesting article about that Psy video you posted:

  18. Are you gonna maybe have the pins available after for those of us who didn't go for us to send an envelope to get one? Maybe? Please???

  19. So does anyone else agree that the bottom right Boba Fett helmet has a dalek coming out of it? Because that's what it looks like to me...

  20. My daughter, the pink bedazzled Jedi, was thrilled to see her picture on your site. We didn't realize you had buttons - but DID love your costume!

  21. My sweet cousin happens to be the cute padawan with the amazing smile!

  22. I actually was able to get a picture of the police troopers after they gave a Rebel Cheerleader a ticket.

  23. Omg, I'm actually on there. I'm the pink Jedi!!!!


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