Friday, July 8, 2011

Star Wars Wedding Boutonnieres

Instructables user krystylynn84 made these amazing wedding boutonnieres using plastic rings from a cake shop. (You know, the ones you always find on cupcakes?)


And here's the whole set:

Kristy mentions that the fathers were supposed to wear Darth and the rest of the groomsmen (including the groom) were to get Storm Troopers, but due to a mix-up the groom ended up with Darth. Either way, I think it's friggin' fantastic. I just love inexpensive personal touches like this!

Check out her tutorial for full instructions, and a big thanks to @ArkhamAsylumDoc (who you should follow on Twitter if you're a Star Wars fan) for finding it!


  1. Oh! That reminded me of a book I saw in our local paper's craft column -- "Steampunk Softies: Scientifically-Minded Dolls from a Past That Never Was". They even have cool names.

    The woman who writes the craft column also has a blog called CraftSanity.

  2. Super cool!

    Similarly, we used Leia, Han, and R2 (for our daughter) action figures I found on ebay for our cake topper.

  3. Oh how I wish I'd seen these before my wedding! Our processional was The Emperor's Theme, which got a nice little chuckle from our guests. :)

  4. These make me want to get married again...

  5. i love it! wish i would have found that in time for my wedding last year! also, if you can't get boutinere pins, get a couple good sized icing tips, stop up the hole at the bottom, and hot glue a pin back onto it. that's what i did and it worked just fine :D

  6. That is brilliant! Why can't I think of stuff like that?!
    (My wv is "amess". I feel like it knows who I am!)

  7. Dude. That is AWESOME! Hmmm...may have to bookmark that page for future BF is a HUGE Star Wars geek!

  8. Did you see this?


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