Thursday, July 14, 2011

Geek Chic Jewelry

Not only are Boardaments necklaces and key chains made with circuit boards...

...they also light up when you plug them into a USB port!!

Ok, so I don't know why you'd plug your necklace into a USB port, other than to see it light pestering me with logic, you! It's COOL. (And only $9.99!)

This one is actually jewelry for your dog, since it's an ID tag, but it's hand stamped and awesome and I kind of want one for me:

$26.50 from Make Your Dog Smile

Hey, have you noticed I haven't raved about Portal in a while?


$20 for both at Lickety Cut

These Portal necklaces are being billed as friendship necklaces, but I'd totally wear both.

And maybe cry a single, lonely tear over the state of my friendlessness.

But then I'd see my awesome necklace and feel better.

Jen B. sent me a link to the adorable Chandler the Robot necklace:

Chandler is apparently famous now because a contestant on the Voice wore him on the show, so he's currently sold out. However, I'd guess his maker will have more available eventually, and there are a few other 'bot styles at the Chandler the Robot shop.

Plus, he'd go great with this copper binary cuff:

If that's not geek chic, I don't know what is.

Here's another adorable 'bot:

Sleepy Robot 13 also sells tons of these cute little 'bot figurines, dressed as everything from ninjas to nerds. And at around $12 each, I'm pretty sure you'll find one or twelve you can't live without. (The necklace is $9.50.)

Khara Ledonne hand paints tiny pictures inside vintage ball lockets, with the most delightful results:

She paints everything from rocket ships to little birds, and there's even a cute seahorse! Each locket costs between $36 and $38, and I honestly can't seem to pick a favorite; I think I want them all!

Marcy K. found this cutie:

"Orbit Girl" from marmar, $28.00

Oh, and several of you have been telling me about all the robot necklaces at Forever 21, so I went to see for myself last week. There are at least four or five cute styles, starting at $2.99 (WOW), so definitely go check 'em out if you have a F21 nearby!

And finally, this working miniature Rubik's Cube necklace brings a whole new level to playing with your jewelry:

$10 at Naked Tile

So fun! And with only four tiles per side, maybe I'd actually have a shot at solving it.

Seen any good geeky jewelry lately? Share your links in the comments!


  1. Ok, this has nothing to do with your post but I thought you'd enjoy this:

    Perhaps you've already seen it.

  2. I LOVE that copper binary cuff! Fantastic. More more more binary jewelry!!

  3. *EEEEEEEE!* Love Chandler, but Orbit Girl is adorable!!! I actually JUST made myself a bit of geek chic jewelry in the form a pretty, sparkly snitch necklace. :)

  4. You've seen these fantasic rubiks pepper mills, right?

    They're robust and lovely.

  5. Oh my that binary cuff. wowza.

    and those adorable lockets?! I'm so going to be broke again soon.

  6. *Hyperventilates over the hot air balloon necklace*

    Omg do want.

  7. I found these a few weeks back-
    -Steampunky, with meaningful Literature quotes and a chance to add some Custom beading work!

  8. I'll be stalking this thread, I want a new keychain. I've found a few contendors on Etsy, but nothing so far has jumped out at me.

  9. My sister bought those portal necklaces for her and her boyfriend so they would always have a way to be together. It was adorable!

  10. Fairly certain that my dog needs one of those tags. Super awesome. Thanks!

  11. I actually think that "Chandler the Robot" looks a lot like the Machinarium robot! No?

  12. I receive one of the lockets for my birthday this year, sadly I broke the chain already and haven't fixed it yet.

  13. One place that steampunkish - victorian jewelry has been popping up is Claire's. I always thought they were the Girly-girl jewelry headquarters but I found an amazing necklace with gears on a little locket.

  14. Most of those lovely pieces just convinced me of how badly I need Katamari jewelry. I mean, how cute would a charm bracelet of the cousins and katamari balls be? Or maybe just some cousin pendants even.


  15. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the little robots! I went to her site and found wedding cake toppers too!!!!!!!

    She has sooo many cute little bots on there, and more! I suggest checking it out! :)

  16. I love posts like these! This past week I just got an amazing necklace in the mail. I honestly don't remember if I originally got the link from one of your posts or from those ads along the side of Facebook, so if you've already posted about this... sorry! But I love it!!

    It's a heart necklace made from LEGO pieces.. and the clasp is actually the LEGO pieces! I got it from here:

    It's apparently out of stock now, so I might have gotten the last one, but I'm sure I'll be in stock again soon... But the website has a whole "geek chic" section that I love..

  17. Surlyramics has some really cool geek jewelry - designs include a Tardis or Talk Nerdy to Me necklace or a robot bracelet.


    not jewelry but just stumbled on to this site while looking for fun elephant stuff for my 6 year old son, who is in love with elephants right now. Thought it was neat.

  19. Just bought a whole bunch of goodies from WTF charms on Etsy-LOVE MY Mario stars, and firepower flower, including a cute barrette

    Lets see if I can't do these links again.
    Almost Full Health Bar Hair Clip

    Yellow mario star

    Just bought em all in time for PAX Prime :)

  20. For the gamer girl:

  21. @currer bell: if you like Terry Pratchett's Discworld they have a lovely Ankh-Morpork Post Office key chain at the Discworld Emporium

    [I have to post (the earlier Deadly Pretty Designs post too)anonymously because Blogger doesn't allow my Google account to be used anymore. Sigh.]

  22. It's blogs like these that make me wish I could wear metal. Alas, it makes my skin burn. It's like I'm a werewolf or something.

  23. I wear ties to my work and sometimes have trouble with the two ends not staying lined up. (Ties have little loops to hold them together, but the stitching is never strong enough to last.) I don't want to pierce my ties, but a tie bar would be an ideal solution. And if it looked like this:

    I'm trying to contact the designer since she said she has one that uses "a black background and a vintage black glass stone." I think that would go with more of my ties than the blue circuit board and red anodized aluminum. Then again, maybe I'll buy both. You know, just to be prepared.

  24. Wondering if you saw this Stay Puft ring on Etsy:

    I'm having one made into a charm so I can wear him around my neck! :-)

  25. Want! (All of it, but since I just bought the steampunk astrolabe necklace you featured earlier, I need to be good. BTW, the picture doesn't do it justice. It's gorgeous!)

    In honor of all things geeky, here's a link to an article my hubby sent me:

    The 25 Most Quotable Geek Films Ever

    I think they missed a few ("I do not think it means what you think it means") but it brought back a lot of fun memories.

  26. I so just bought one of the ship lockets - goes well with my puzzle pirating :)

  27. That last robot necklace reminded me of some bot figurines I'd seen on Etsy... Being such a Harry Potter fan, I thought you'd appreciate this one!

  28. just ordered the Khara "send me a permanent love note" locket" !
    thanks for the tip :)

  29. just ordered the 'send me a permanent love letter' Khara locket - thanks SO much for the link, doll!
    happy Sunday :)

  30. Awesome Flying Key Pins:

  31. I ordered the "Fly Me To The Moon" Khara Locket. I'm glad that she ships to New Zealand! Thanks for the tip. :)

  32. I had Khara make me a custom locket a few weeks back. It was superb! LOVE her stuff!


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