Friday, July 1, 2011

Geek Glee: Blasts from the Past

Dedicated geekery-finder Libbie A. recently shared these gems on the Epbot FB page:

Check out Dan's glasses! Clearly, he was hipster BEFORE there were hipsters.

And here's a goodie from the Atlantic's photo collection on the history of the space shuttle:

Wait. Scotty had a beard?

(Hit that link for tons of fabulous shuttle photos, too.)

And while we're sharing, here are a few more I've had kickin' around my hard drive:

Apparently there were some practical jokers on the set of Wrath of Khan.

This one interested me for obvious reasons:

CAKE! Originally it was so washed out you couldn't see much, so I tweaked the photo and zoomed as much as I could to read it. I believe it says,

To Lenny with love from "the gang of five."

(Lenny would be Leonard Nimoy, of course.)

There's also a cartoony looking guy riding one of the nacelles, with a speech bubble that reads
"Ho, Enterprise!" (John thinks "Go" would make more sense, but that doesn't look like a "G" to me.)

Anyway, anyone else find it interesting that Shatner wasn't one of the "gang of five?" I've read enough biographies to not find it too surprising, but this still seems an embarrassingly obvious exclusion.

And finally, one of my favorite photos OF ALL TIME:

So. Much. Win.

Happy Friday, everyone!

(And Happy Canada Day, Canada!)

All photos found via a rabbit trail of sourceless Tumblr links and/or disreputable content farms, so if anyone has original source credits, please let me know!


  1. Cats and dogs, living together! Mass hysteria!

  2. Love, love, love these photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That second picture there is FABULOUS! It totally made my day! (Also, time-travel fanfiction, anyone? XD)

  4. I have always had a soft spot for Egon, that photo just made me MELT!!! heeheeheheehehehehehehe

  5. So there I was (stop me if I've posted this on other GB posts), in labor, 6 cm, and my Dad is telling people how odd the animals have been acting (in response to my labor)-that our elder tabby jumped right up in his lap (contraction starting) next to his Dachsund (intensity building) and didn't even care he was there. W/out missing a beat my husband exclaims (can you guess?), "CATS and Dogs, LIVING together, MASS HYSTERIA!!" I laughed so hard I didn't feel the rest of the contraction. And we have it on video.

  6. Scrolling along, very nice picspam, OH MY GOD WALTER KOENIG YOUR SMILE <333

    Seriously. I just sat there for like half a minute and basked in his cute. Then finished the picspam.

    Then scrolled back up to stare some more. Eee, so adorable~

  7. Excellent way to start my weekend. Thanks!

  8. HAPPY DAN AYKROYD'S BIRTHDAY! And since he is Canadian, eh, hence Happy Canada Day!

    No, really, it is! 7/1/1952! My friend Jill (a superb candymaker from New Orleans ) is friends with him. And he is another friend's daughter's godfather. Imagine Darth Sarah's surprise at that birthday party when she turned around & saw him..."ELWOOD!" She yelled & gave him a hug... then she (very seriously) asked him if he had gone & visited Jake's grave yet (since he is buried here)

    We have our proton packs & coveralls out, have been wearing Raybans and black hats, and we've been sprinkling ur conversations with "eh" all day!

    (and a side note, I have met both Bill Murray & Harold Ramis as well. They live on my island too, and are fabulous awesome folks. Sometimes its worth it, living on a celebrity-infested island in New England...)

    *you don't usually see that kind of behavior from a kitchen appliance...*

    Wv: undelo - the Canadian version of the Spanish "andele" which means "hurry up", only "undelo" is somewhat slower and not quite as hurried.
    "undelo, eh, we don't want to miss the bus!"

  9. What I can't believe is that Nimoy and Shatner (especially) just turned 80 and still look pretty good. Wow.

  10. Dan looks like he's wearing some nice white brothel creepers there too.

    My moment of Aykroyd glory: I was an extra in the Blues Brothers movie concert scene filled at the Hollywood Palladium in 1979. Seeing Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi AND Cab Calloway (among a zillion other cool people) in person is and will remain a highlight of my life.

  11. I loved this post so damn much, had seen a few but some I had never. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Aww... Just in case you didn't know, The practical joke is probably one about Montalban's tv series at the time called Fantasy Island where a little man called Tattoo was his friend / helper.

    I love the pictures!

  13. You will appreciate this, I think:
    My friend and I were watching last week's White Collar and when Ernie Hudson came on screen, I said "Hey, it's Winston Zeddmore!" And my friend looked at me as if I were insane.

  14. These pics are awesome! Thanks for posting them, totally made my Monday! (I'm a little behind with the post reading...*awkward cough*)

    AND I totally thought of you today (being the awesome huge Ghostbusters Fan that you are) before I even read this post because one of my favorite bands posted a video of them covering "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis, since it's Huey's birthday today, AND they snuck in a sampling of the GhostBusters Theme Song in the middle of it, seriously.

    AND (because there's not enough AND's in here already) that last picture is super yummy.

  15. Those pics are awesome ^_^

    We got to see Ghostbusters downtown at a local movie in the park. So much fun! There were a handful of people dressed up in gear.


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