Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Steam 7/16/11

These handcrafted pens have real watch gears and pieces embedded in the finish:

Made by BG Artforms; prices vary


Not exclusively steampunk, but I love this copper pipe pot rack:

Found by Kristie via This Old House

Not to mention it would be a fab DIY project. The plumbing aisle should have everything you need!

In case you didn't get enough geeky bling the other day, feast your eyes on these:

Found by Des S.; "Epic Keys" by DeviantArt user *Drayok

So gorgeous, it almost hurts.

Hit the link for lots more, or visit the artist's Etsy store, Keyper's Cove.

Since I get e-mailed his amazing Steampunk laptop at least several times a week, I need to finally mention Datamancer and his spectacular steampunk keyboards and computers:

I've actually been a fan for years, and I've been just as excited to see his new line of Art Deco inspired creations:

For lots more, check out his site - just be sure to put a cloth over your keyboard first, to catch all the drool. :)

Oh, and fun fact: if you're a fan of Warehouse 13, you've already seen Richard's (aka Datamancer's) handiwork; he built Artie's keyboard:

image via NotCot

Warehouse 13 has such a fun steampunk vibe. If you've never seen it, check it out!

Here's an art print that caught my eye:
Found by Megan W.; "Clockwork Wings" by Amy Houser

Must... resist...unladen swallow... joke.

And finally, a gorgeous music video:

"The Islander" by Nightwish, submitted by Mechel

Isn't it pretty? I love the Celtic flair - I may have to buy this one!

Seen anything deliciously steamy this week? Share your links in the comments!


  1. Did you get my reply to your email? I'm asking here because gmail has been funny about sending them lately.

  2. Yep, got it! I just always have a backlog of things to post. :)

  3. The Islander is probably my favoritest Nightwish song. I've never seen the video. Love that it was steampunk.

  4. Oh those keys.....and that keyboard. *dies*

    I've had that laptop in my saved links for a good long time, I love it and want to build one.

    Fantastic stuff ^_^

  5. Thanks for another viewing suggestion! Maybe you could compile a list of all the cool shows we should be watching?

  6. Excellent, I just wanted to check. I was going to email you to ask, but that seemed a bit pointless really :)

  7. I don't know if you've seen this but it's freaking amazing.

  8. I found this Steampunk Angel shirt from Think Geek at a local thrift store today... I didn't get it. (Not my size... it was a medium, I think.) But I'm trying to talk myself into getting one from ThinkGeek... (Would rather pay the $3 at the thrift store though...)

  9. Amaya (Yes, my name IS terrible)July 16, 2011 at 3:07 PM

    I LOVE Warehouse 13! Fun fact: The first six episodes were all among the top 10 highest rated series episodes on Syfy. Episode 6, "Burnout", drew 4.4 million viewers, setting the record for Syfy's highest rated show. Oh, and Jen, I love Epbot! (Even more than Cake Wrecks- except for the Sunday Sweets. You should see the pictures I've saved on this computer!)Keep being bloggy!

  10. I've absolutely drooled over Datamancer's steampunk laptops for over a year now. And that music video. Wow. A post apocalyptic music video with celtic influence. Loved. It.

  11. Love Nightwish! Great music - and great video! :)

  12. Jen, I must confess I have a total girl-crush on you. I hope John won't mind.

    Those key necklaces are stunning and I just spent probably an unhealthy amount of time drooling through the Etsy shop. At least I know where my next jewelry shopping binge will be.

    I am a WH13 fanatic and have always ogled Artie's keyboard. So cool to see where it came from! And where I can ogle more.

    "The Islander" is a great song. I enjoy most of that entire album actually. I had never seen the video though so thanks for sharing.

    I'm sure you hear it constantly but I'm going to add my voice to the crowd. You rock, Jen.

  13. I can no longer deny my love of everything Steampunk! How do I find clubs/groups that love it, too? After seeing all the WONDERFUL clothes the Steampunkers wore at Disneyland last May, I need some of my own! Anybody got any suggestions? You can contact me through my blog. THANKS!

  14. Do you watch Warehouse 13? There are a lot of things that are reminiscent of steampunk on that show.

  15. I actually own a key necklace from Drayok :) I've had it for almost two years now... you can order the key custom with whatever accoutrements you want!

    Only $40 for the necklace I got! Totally reasonable :)

  16. "Since I get e-mailed his amazing Steampunk laptop at least several times a week, I need to finally mention Datamancer and his spectacular steampunk keyboards and computers:"

    How AWFUL your life must be that people BOTHER to email you links to things they think YOU might enjoy!

  17. OMG, I am totally lusting over his steampunk laptop...but I love the desktop almost as much.

  18. john (the hubby of Jen)July 16, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    Anon @ 7:29,

    Really? You got that Jen was somehow resentful from that line?

    Huh. Weird.


  19. you should check out and their awesome Industrial Heart collection.

  20. My friend, Carmel, just did some steampunk henna for me based on the piece of visual art that you have up here - take a look at the result -

    It's pretty darn cool!

  21. I always come here for all the best things steampunk! So thank you for another wonderful post!!! A while back I stumbled upon this amazing steampunk, pulp fiction series that is free online at
    They post a chapter every Monday. It takes a minute to find the beginning but I love it. You must know other blogs that are doing steampunk fiction so PLEASE share so I have more things to read while I procrastinate!!!!
    You are AWESOME!!!!


    My sister in law sent me this link on Facebook and I have been in love with the gorgeous cinematics and steampunkiness woven through the entire music video. I think you'll enjoy this too!

  23. There's going to be a convention in Chicago at the end of July called Cyphan...last year they had some awesome steampunk stuff and it sounds like this year there's going to be even more. So yeah, if you happen to find yourself in should be great fun. I'll have to take some pics.

  24. Gorgeous video.
    Here's some prints you might like on Etsy. A friend bought me one for my birthday and I've picked up a companion for him and am thinking of a couple of others.

  25. Felicia Day just shared this steampunk office space on G+ and it seems right up your ally.

    Steampunk Office

  26. I'm sure 5.3 million people have already sent you this, but just in case they haven't:

  27. This = is AMAZING.

  28. Love the key jewelry! Wow!

    Off subject: Threadless has a new Muppets T-shirt!

  29. I love Nightwish, but you might want to listen to a bit more of their stuff before you pick it up. It tends to be more heavy metal and less celtic, at least in my mind. Nemo is probably my favorite song by them.

  30. Hi! I was blog hopping and I saw a steampunked corset. And I thought of you. It's cool looking. Check it out.

    PS those keys are awesome.

  31. I WANT, no, I NEED that keyboard.

  32. I love all of your steamy goodness! Have to share the coolest steamy art : Chet Phillips' amazing steamy heroes, monkeys, and literary animals. The card packs are great!

  33. Those keys are GORGEOUS. Must. Have. *drool* This blog is a wonderful source for steampunk eye-candy. Thanks for sharing as always.

    (long-time lurker. rare poster)

  34. I'm now currently obsessed with The Islander, by Nightwish. I can't stop listening to it! Thanks for posting that video : )

  35. Oh, I love the bridal shop/fighting academy. I know right where that is. My husband and I crack jokes about it every time we pass. There's a companion pairing in Tampa - a meat market and a "gentlemen's club" sharing the same building...


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