Monday, July 18, 2011

Photo Dump

I don't have a (working) camera phone, but John does. So, anytime we're out and I see something photo-worthy, I have to borrow his phone. Then I forget and never see the pictures again until he's cleaning out his memory and demands to know why there's a picture of a pineapple owl on his phone:

Or maybe it's a bat.

(A bowl? Ha!)

So anyway, here are a few of the things I deemed photo-worthy over the past six months:

Modern Bridal Shop, meet Elite Fighting Academy.

[insert punchline (zing!) here]

According to the box, this is "a most acceptable gift for any occasion":

So many jokes, so little time.

And these are two "skull heads":

As opposed to the skulls that are *not* heads? Or heads that don't have skulls?

(Yes, I always over-think these things. I am a lot of fun to be around. Honest.)

Hobby Lobby, I love you - but a cross made of
chili peppers?


If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen this next one. John was sick with food poisoning on the couch all day, and our cat Lily was showing her support by sleeping on his butt:

I, of course, showed my support by taking a picture of Lily on his butt and sharing it with the entire Internet. 'Cuz that's what awesome, supportive wives DO.

Next are the things I wanted to buy, but not so much that I was willing to spend the money required to do so:

Spotted at an art festival. Those are vintage metal tape measures, all cut to different lengths and nailed down individually:

Quite a neat look, huh? Great DIY/craft inspiration.

(Update: thanks to Number 1 for identifying the artist! It's by Tim Yankosky.)

From Downtown Disney:

Video game Mickey! (If only Disney shirts didn't cost $30 and up. Urg.)

This clock is from Kirklands:

It was even on sale, but we're rapidly running out of wall space; no room for awesome over-sized steampunk clocks!

More art I love:

How can you not grin like a fool while looking at this?

And finally, John and I collected a little yard inspiration from the Winnie the Pooh ride in Fantasyland, of all places:

We're planning to build a little arbor on the front of the house a lot like this. Isn't it pretty? I love the lanterns!

Stay tuned for my next photo dump in, oh, another six months or so. ;)


  1. I really enjoy your blog--it makes me smile, which is also enjoyable. The fruit bat/owl is a perfect tag for this weekend's Potter end!

  2. Hey, did you guys ever sell your other house? Just wonderin'.

    Hobby Lobby just kills me.

  3. Umm, I'm pretty sure that cross is made of CHILI PEPPERS and not jalepeno peppers. As if that makes any more sense for a cross.

  4. That bridal shop photo reminds me of a place in New Port Richey. Hope this link works:

    It's an odd mix, to be sure.

  5. Oh my goodness...if that little purple dragon is Spyro, then my day has been entirely made, and I did indeed grin like a fool after I figured it out. It's still one of my favorite video game series, if a bit old.

  6. It's still kind of is weird to me, when I can look at photos and go "I know that place". Cause you're like, an internet celebrity and all and I live where you do. :D

  7. I love taking random photos because they make me smile and then forgetting them and then remembering them and they make you smile all over again!

  8. the skulls head made me think of this frozen yogurt shop i went into last week in nyc where the sign said "unlimited toppings*

    *toppings limited to six"

  9. That Bridal shop/fighting academy on Colonial has made me laugh ever since I moved here. I have intended to take a picture and blog about it for two years!

  10. Love the photos (especially the owl bat), but mostly I'm distracted by my envy that you have Hobby Lobby in Florida. Think you can convince them to put some in in Seattle? ;)

  11. I would demand to know why someone wouldn't want a picture of a pineapple owl/bat/bowl on their phone! It's pure awesome. As is the tape measure art, very nice.

    Those salt and pepper shakers, on the other hand, are just, so wrong.

  12. This is in Clearwater, FL - I thought it belonged here, somehow.

    (I stole that from someone's flickr, but it does exist, right down the street. Ha)

  13. Just FYI the video game Mickey shirt was at Character Premiere the last time i was there, don't remember how much it was but it was much less than the usual makes you want to stab your eye out prices.

  14. I fully expected someone else to have already said the bridal shop/fighting academy looks like training ground for Bridezillas. But since no one has, I have taken the liberty to point it out. Especially since it seems like this year's all seem to be from Florida. Coincidence? Hmmmmm.....

  15. I have passed that Bridal Shop/Fighting Academy sign SO many times driving around Orlando. Kills me every time.

  16. That pineapple owl looks kind of like a flying gremlin....just sayin!

  17. I love that tape measure art. Even if I'd have absolutely no home for it. So, I'll just admire it from here then, yes? I could maybe find a spot for a pineapple owl though. Or maybe a pineapple donkey kong. Got any pictures of that for me to ponder?

  18. Julie G. from IowaJuly 18, 2011 at 5:59 PM

    I like how today's post is entitled "Photo DUMP" and your Cake Wreck's post is "Aw, POO".
    Do we have a theme going on here today I wasn't aware of?
    Maybe it's just me and my sick sense of humor? :D

  19. OHHHHHH I LOVE YOU! So in case you don't recognize the user id (not sure which one this will post under) but I am the girl who has e-mailed you about doing the Alice in Wonderland Steam Punk Bedroom. My hubby and I were just enjoying this entry together and (while we loved it all) saw the steam punk clock and I turned to him and said "Hey we need to make our own steam punk clock for our Alice room" to which he replied, "oh I have made a clock before we can totally do that, BUT it HAS to run backward."

    I am so in love with the idea of doing that. I also have my blog nearly setup so you can watch the transformation in progress.

    Thanks for always sharing such cool stuff your inspiration know no bounds.

  20. How can we make a cross more excruciating...? Hmmm... being crucified is already pretty awful. I know! Let's make it out of chili peppers, so it really stings!

    Or, it an attempt to decorate a religious symbol in a tasteful way, so it doesn't clash with the couch? Either way, a FAIL, IMO.

    Love the Fighting Brides signs, and the animated butt-warmer aka kitty.

  21. I work at hobby lobby *cringe* and have had thatvery same thought.
    However, we sell a BOATLOAD of those ugly things!

  22. FIIIIGGGGMMMMMEEEENNNNTTTTTT! I have loved that little purple dragon since hubby and I went to Epcot for our honeymoon umpteen years ago. I'm so glad he's back!!

  23. Is the purple dragon Figment from the Kodak Pavilion?

    I want a clock that runs backwards so it's NEVER time to get up & go to work. :D

    -Barbara Anne

  24. I love reading EPBOT and being privy to parts of your life and thoughts. lol between this and cakewrecks you ( and john) really brighten not just my day but my mood as well. So thank you.
    As a side note,I am subscribed to DisneyEveryDay and today I received an email talking about ComicCon and while all I know about it or them are what you share. So idk if it is something you are interested in knowing about or what.I would fwd it to you but not sure where to send it.

  25. I thought the same thing as Julie from Iowa--that your post here was going to be of a similar theme to today's CW. (Maybe you need to come up with a new, less-scatological term for all these photo treasures. ; )

    And I ran over to the Kirkland's website as fast as my little mouse could carry me, but no such clock still in stock. BUT I just want to let you know, something about the clock connected in my brain with a home-improvement project we have coming up--and I had to run and holler excitedly at my husband "STEAMPUNK BUNK BEDS!!!!" Brass pipe safety rails. Dark glossy wood. My brain is going a mile a minute now. If we do it, and get it right, we will send you pics!

    Oh, my goodness, this

  26. I love the modern bridal/ elite fighting academy!!!! I drive ny it every day and it always makes me smile. I knew brides were competetive, but sheesh!

  27. I LOVE that purple little dragon, I grin like crazy everytime I look at it! Do you know where I can find that painting? Any help would be much appreciated! :)

  28. Does anyone else think that those S&P shakers look like that magic trick where a person has an egg in their mouth and the start to "spit" it out, someone "takes" the egg, and once they move their hand away another egg starts to show up?

    Like this: Airplane egg scene - starts at 00:48 seconds.

    Anyone? {crickets chirping}


  29. Oh, and thanks for the Figment poster...I still have my Figment stuffed toy from when I went to Disneyworld when I was about 8! I love that little guy!

  30. More pictures of Lily please!!!!

  31. FIIIGGGMEEE---Oh, wait, n/m: What @Fitforlife said. ;D

  32. FIGMENT! Oh how I miss Figment. I still have little figures of him on my shelf. That was an adorable picture, glad he hasn't completely faded into obscurity.

  33. Pineapple flying Furby perhaps?

  34. Figment! In a Santa Hat!

    And an owl ... definitely an owl. Simply awesome.

    The bridal fight shop makes me think of the scrums they have when wedding dresses go on major sales. And oddly enough it reminds me of a place in Arlington VA called "Indian Spices and Appliances." Yes, I'd like a washing machine ... um, and a side of garam masala, please.

    -jklGoDuke, aka anonymous since OpenID is weird.

  35. Someone asked where they could get the Figment picture, it's one of the art pieces that Disney creates and then sells in prints, glicees etc. There is a whole line of the Figment pictures. As a huge Figement fan, I have many of the prints. I got my copy of this print at the Art of Disney store at Epcot a couple of years ago (Jan 2010, I believe). I don't think they still have them, but I am sure you could find them on the interwebs.

  36. Seeing you update reminds me...I was browsing the cheezburger sites and saw an advert that instantly reminded me of you two:
    Steampunk emorium

    Browse only if your wallet/purse is far from you!

  37. Where did you find those skulls? They are so cool. I WANT them! I think they would make neat book ends.

  38. I totally love that metal ruler piece. Since you mention lanterns, I'll just pimp my brother's lanterns. He could even do some disney or steampunky custom designs for you. (

  39. The Imagination ride and interactive area was my favorite part of Epcot as a kid. Seeing that picture of Figment brought back some very happy memories.

    I see there are several other readers from the area. FYI, my bridesmaids got their dresses from Modern Bridal, and my sister used them for her recent wedding because we liked them so much.

  40. I know I'm not the only one that started hearing the song...


    Quickly followed by a little EO. HOOTER, PUSH THE BUTTON!

  41. The brides learn to become elite fighters so they can triumph when going after their dream wedding dress, I guess.

    I have seen lots of gorgeous stuff in Hobby Lobby (not that I have room for it) and some that just makes me shake my head and wonder who buys it. However, I can go into HL and spend hours wandering the aisles...which is why my husband never wants to accompany me there.

  42. I bought my wedding dress from that shop! Nice people, good price, had to wait outside for a few minutes to stop laughing after seeing that combo sign, though.

  43. @Jen But the pineapple owl is adorable!

    @Danielle "...a world that sparks!" Yep!

    Oh the gignatic nail art tables and the funny photo faces and making music by jumping on colored hexagons and circles of light...

    And chasing the jumping fountains and purposely standing in the the way to get soaked...

    Woah, I guess I do miss the 1980s.

  44. Hi Jen!

    The outdoor structure is called a "pergola"...I love them and really want to put one on the back of my house with lattice on top to help shield the sun.

    Love your blog!


  45. I too have a ridiculous love affair with anything made from vintage rulers. And Disneyland/World.


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