Friday, January 13, 2023

WDW's Dapper Day 2022: Fun With Kevin At Animal Kingdom!

I still have more Hobbit party coverage for you, but for now let's take a little break and time travel back A WHOLE YEAR to WDW's Dapper Days last month. ;)  John and I spent our Saturday at Hollywood Studios filming all the dappers, so if you missed that post and video, definitely go see. SO FUN.

Sunday at Animal Kingdom was our bonus day, and thanks to some amazing friends we were able to surprise my parents by bringing them along, too. Considering we only gave them about 15 hours notice, they pulled off "safari dapper" quite spiffingly:

You can see my Dad spared no expense.

Yep, Dad's wearing a completely unintentional John Hammond 'bound, something I didn't realize 'til the Jurassic Park references started flooding my inbox. Y'ALL ARE MY PEOPLE.  

John and I threw together last-minute intentional 'bounds to make the day more colorful:

Kevin & Russel from Up!

We got to see Kevin herself three times that day, and each time received a hilarious or adorable response. HIGHLY recommend bounding as Kevin to meet Kevin, I think I made some core memories.

Here's one of my favorites:

Kevin strode over, spun around, and kind of shimmied into place beside me in the crowd. I was laughing my fool head off, but still managed a selfie:

... with her butt. :D

Later we got a proper portrait:

Even though we weren't there to film, you know I still had to chase my favorite dappers for photos!

The world needs more orange suits with popped collars in it, y'all. And teal ties, and matching orange shoes!

(These two were so sweet they actually approached US to say they liked our outfits. Happy sob.)

And some of these dappers DID require video:

Francis the Ladybug says "I'm a dude" at the end, to which I responded, "Kevin's a girl." And we gave each other knowing nods and it was glorious.

Also I am in LOVE with Heimlich's lederhosen and candy corn beer stein. Heimlich the caterpillar/butterfly is German - or at least has a German accent - so using a German clothing style is friggin' genius. LOVE.

Hei Hei, Zazu, and a fellow Kevin.

(@dialpo & @magicparatus)

These two had sparkly fringe all the way to their knees:

I think I know the 'bound on the right - do you?
So that's Jane from Tarzan in yellow, and - CORRECTION - Turk from Tarzan holding a Mrs.Potts teapot, as a reference to this scene:

I love it when Disneybounders go for deep-cut references, bahaha. Thx to Merida Ann in the comments for pointing this out!

Our friends Arielle & James repping with Christmas plaids:


That's actually James' family tartan, it just happens to be Christmassy.

Gaston & Belle!

Check out this incredible headpiece:

Also love that fur boa trim.

The D3 Darlin's meetup was in the empty lot at Dinoland where it was VERY warm, but it's always a blast to see the group all together.

Birds of a feather...

(Just realized I should have had my Dad pose next to one of the dinosaurs back here. ....Poo.)

Two of my favorites:

Did you guess?

That's Scar and Zazu from Lion King, 1980s style. EEEEEE. And Zazu is holding a Puma bag! Their makeup, jewelry, and accessories are all spot-on; Zazu's pin reads "The Morning Report."

There were less Christmas looks this day - probably because of the heat - but I did find some!

And I was delighted to find Hanukkah represented:

Her skirt panels form a Star of David!

Wrangling all the gents for the video walk-through. I love John in there cheesin'. :D

More birds, this time blue & gold macaws:

They have feathers on their hats and are dressed as an airline pilot & flight attendant - and their umbrella says "Fly the Feathery Skies." So clever!
Other than the meetup we spent the day meandering with my folks, which was lovely. Check out our view at lunch time:

Not too shabby.
I'm so used to rushing around while at the parks this was a literal breath of fresh air. Ahhh.

The DAK holiday decor deserves more hype; this whole entry area is beautiful!

And I saved the Merry Menagerie for last, because these adorable puppets make EVERYONE smile:

The menagerie performers are phenomenal, and even got my Dad to pet the baby polar bear:

My heart.

And these Dappers had Merry Menagerie bounds!


I'll leave you with my cutest photo of the day: this little one hugging a baby penguin:

If you'd like more Menagerie smiles I posted a 5-minute video to our YouTube in 2019, which still makes me unreasonably joyful. Check it out!

 And one final shot from Pandora, just 'cuz I think it's pretty:

I hope this virtual visit to Dapper Day made you smile! Click here if you missed our Saturday pics and video from Hollywood Studios; it's some of John's best editing yet, and I just love it.

Stay tuned for the last of my Hobbit party coverage, including a video walk-through and all of our Hobbit-themed GAMES, which were such a hoot.

'Til then!


P.S. The crossbody bag I'm wearing with my Kevin bound is one of my all-time favorite purses, and comes in 36 different colors, so it's fantastic for Disneybounding:

It's surprisingly lightweight while feeling high-end, with a butter smooth zipper and beautiful crisp stitching. Most "medium" purses are too small for me, but this one is super roomy for all my gear, and has a handy front zip pocket I use for my phone. (Which fits even in my giant phone cases!)

The style works for dressing up or everyday, and I looove all the color options. I have the orange, which is currently sold out, but the kelly green and lemon yellow are next on my wish list. They also have hot pink, denim blue, red, and of course more neutral options. For less than $18, it's hard not to buy a bunch!


  1. Always lovely to see your parents on the blog!! ~SM3

  2. The one with Jane is Terk, Tarzan's cousin/best friend! Mrs. Potts has a cameo as the Porters' teapot in their camp during the Trashin' the Camp song - definitely an obscure reference there, but very clever!

    1. Brilliant! And here I thought she was the new Wednesday.

    2. Ahhh that makes much more sense! I'd forgotten about Ms. Potts being in Tarzan, love the obscure reference.

  3. Can you add this cross-body bag to your Amazon page so I can get you a commission?? :D

    1. Sure thing! Although any Amazon link here on Epbot counts toward my commission, no need to go to my Amazon page first. Thanks for looking out, though, that's really kind of you! <3

    2. Oh, and I've put it in my "Clothing & Accessories" list, if you go hunting for it.

    3. Yay! Black-and-red bag coming my way. :) :)

  4. Leah in WilliamsburgJanuary 13, 2023 at 11:14 PM

    I recognize James's tartan--that is my family too!

  5. I saw the Kevin video on Instagram when you posted it to stories. It was SO CUTE!

  6. The video of Kevin spotting you is so funny and endearing.

  7. Meeting a character whiled bounding as them is always a special level of joy. I've had some amazing interactions with Goofy in a variety of Goofy bounds. (And one extremely special meeting with the Evil Queen at Disneyland while bounding as Snow White!)


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