Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Hobbit Party Progress: Our DIY Doors Of Durin & Mount Doom Ring Toss

Hallo, friends! I've missed you! How'd the last week and a half go? Unfortunately I was on the couch with a sinus-y head-cold thing for most of it, including Christmas, so John and I had to spend the day alone.  That's ok, though, because in true Hobbit style we have SECOND Christmas to look forward to.

Yep, while everyone is posting recaps and resolutions, John and I are still merrily decorating, wrapping gifts, and working on our costumes.


He's been growing out his hair, and thrifted everything except the cloak, which is just some pinned green fabric.

While I was down John made all SORTS of Hobbit party things, which I'm about to show you. My only contribution today is the bathroom sign, but at least it's some of my finest work:


[Update: by popular request, here's my image file. Feel free to download & print your own!]

I also planned and wrapped a bunch of things for a "White Oliphaunt" dice game, since the Critical Role gang made it look so fun on 4-Sided Dive.

  Meanwhile, John's smallest project last week was an 8-foot tree of Gondor for the back yard:

It's plywood covered in glitter, and we have a bunch of lights around it, so it's all sparkly at night.

John's favorite build is completely over-the-top ridiculous, and all his idea, ha.

First he hand-painted a block wall onto pink foam:

... which looks like this:

(awesome shading, right?)

Next he sealed off half of the guest bath with it:

Then he added some magic, and with the flip of a switch...


The Doors of Durin!

We're hooking up a black light on a timer above the bathroom door, so it'll be a surprise reveal when folks go in.

Now help us out: what should John write in the archway on top?  The real one says "Speak, friend, and enter" but I'd like something cute or funny and bathroom-related. Hit me with your suggestions!

K, last thing I want to share is MY favorite build-in-progress, because John took my punny idea and turned it into pure gold:

Rings, that is.

So what do you do with over-sized One Rings at a Hobbit Party?

Give it a minute.

That's right, Gollum.

You throw them into Mount Doom.


  Complete with glowing lava and smoke!
(Still working on the lighting, so it'll film better.)
John made the mountain from stacked pink foam scraps:

Then carved in texture with an angle grinder:

And finished it off with plaster and paint:

 It has flame motion lights inside and piped-in "smoke" from our fog machine.

 By a happy accident, the clear hot-glue seams glow like channels of lava!

The mountain sits on a table for extra height, which we'll be camouflaging with stiff canvas painted to match.

That mountain backer board is getting raised up, too, to stop the rings from landing behind it.

And because John is having so much fun with black-light effects, of course Mount Doom and the rings will have some extra magical touches:


I hope you're getting as excited for Hobbit Holiday: Second Christmas as I am! And hey, if your holiday wasn't great, try having a round 2. It's kind of wonderful planning Christmas things in January; everyone's so much more relaxed. Plus in our case, the weather next week should be less hot and rainy, so we're hoping for some crisp smores-making weather, aw yeah. ::fingers crossed::


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  1. This is absolutely amazing!!

  2. Looks so fun! How about "Excrete, friend, and flush" for your door?

    1. Flush, friend, and wash. Or Flush, friend, and exit

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I love "excrete...", though I would probably wet myself laughing if I saw that in a bathroom 😂

  3. Flush, wash, and exit?

  4. I love everything about this party!! You both are so clever; thank you for sharing the joy of the build with us!!

    For the bathroom, an actual Gandalf quote: "Have patience. Go where you must go and hope."

    1. ooo! Such a good suggestion!

    2. omg I'm dieing! Now I'm wondering what other innocent phrases can be turned like that 🤣

    3. OMG, Julie, that just made me *cackle*.

  5. All so incredible! And John makes the BEST hobbit!

  6. I have not stopped grinning through this whole post! And John needs to audition when thru make another Hobbit film!

  7. Suggestion for the door: Squat, Friend, and Flush :-)

  8. Amazing as always - your creativity and talent knows no bounds!

  9. For the door "pee friends, but not on the floor!"

  10. How about, "Thou shalt pass, flush, & exit" or "Go, friend, & flush those cares away"?

  11. "Employees must wash hands before returning to work"
    I know it doesn't follow the original quote format, but I think it would be funny.

  12. THIS. Perfect comment is perfect!

  13. Flush you fools! :)

  14. John looks amazingly realistic as a hobbit. I'm starting to wonder if maybe you ARE hobbits. You love making a cozy home and having parties.


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