Friday, December 16, 2022

Let's Visit WDW's Dapper Day, Fall 2022

Happy Friday, my friend! You made it through another week, and get bonus points because it's a week in December. Those go twice as fast but take twice the effort, so, YAY YOU.

No stress here; today we're gonna travel back to last weekend, virtually don our FINEST frock coats (note to self: google "frock coats"), and take a leisurely promenade down main street gawking at all the dapper lovelies.

Shall we start with a little video?

I think we shall.


I hope you can see (and hear!) what a fun day this was, despite the heat. You know two of my great loves are cosplay and Christmas, so throw Disney in the mix and I'm just about in heaven.

 Of course people will be quick to point out Dapper Day is about fashion, not costumes, but the vintage styles, Christmas theme, and Disney Bounds are more than enough for me.


Plus the Dapper crowd is so friendly they'll spoil other Disney trips for you; you can't go more than 50 feet without someone smiling at you, complimenting your outfit, and/or wishing you a happy Dapper Day. It's wonderful.
And then there are all the bounds! That's a Christmas twist on Mary Poppins & Bert, aren't they practically perfect?

Check out this 40s style Sorcerer Mickey on the right:


Her headpieces was full of silver stars, so pretty. Also loving the peppermint Christmas goodness beside her!

A few Dappers do frown on Disneybounding because it's "costume-y," but I say FOOEY to them. 'Bounds are like visual riddles you get to find and solve, they add so much fun to the weekend.

The two on the right are bounding as Grinch & Martha May! Aaaa! Made me regret not wearing my own Grinchy lederhosen.

When I told Jessica her Dapper "Darlin" pin matched John's outfit, she immediately plucked it off and put it on his lapel:


The pin is from the D3 Darlins, a Facebook group that hosts themed dapper outings around Orlando and the theme parks.  It's also the group with the largest meetups on Dapper Day, since the event itself is too big to have an official meet. Several of our friends are Darlins, and probably most of the people in our video/pics are members. So if you're a local who likes dressing up and meeting cool people, check them out.

Hollywood Studios is the my favorite for Dapper Day; so many kitschy-cute displays and retro backdrops.

I had lucky timing on this shot:

She was flipping her jacket tails and standing on her toes, very Michael Jackson, very cool.

John called these next two "one of the most elegant couples I've ever seen."

The best part of our job is getting to fangirl over people, and we get some of the best reactions at Disney. These two were all cool and stately one second, then blushing smiles and laughter the next. Love that.

I've been covering Dapper Day since 2014(!), and I am thrilled how many more men participate now.

Look at Dapper Dreamfinder!

And I bet you recognize these two:

Edna Mode & Elastigirl. Incredible.
(See what I did there?)

The Darlins took over the entire square by Muppets 3D for their meetup, and formed that brilliant race-track arrangement you saw in our video. As an honorary Darlin John managed to charm his way up on a balcony for the end crowd shot, which was amazing. (And funny. One minute I lose John in the crowd, the next he's 15 feet up filming us!)


The Ghost of Christmas Present - and she turned her purse into a cornucopia!

A 60s mod Herbie:

A Monsters University trio:


That's Benny and Renee on the left, both total sweethearts and always a blast to find and photograph.

This castle dress opens up to reveal stained glass panels inside:

We all crowded around for the "reveal" every time she opened the skirt.

More great timing: we happened upon this Dapper twinning with Gertie the dino:

With a hand painted parasol!

Nighttime at DHS is extra gorgeous at Christmas, so once it was too dark for filming John & I stashed our gear in the car and came back to stroll the park and enjoy the evening.

 Originally we planned to go straight home to start editing, but I'm glad John insisted we take a little time. We haven't had Disney passes in years, so it was only thanks to our sweet friend and FoE Matt that we got to attend this weekend. (Thank you again, Matt, love you!)

Of course I took lots more photos than this, so head over to my Dapper Flickr album if you'd like to see the rest. Feel free to download and repost my photos of you, Dappers, no need to ask.

I also have photos and stories to share from our second Dapper Day on Sunday at Animal Kingdom, but I'm beat, so I'll save those for next time. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with good rest and shared laughter, my friend. See ya back here on Tuesday.


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  1. Gah, I was hoping you’d have found The Dapper Danielle (ghost of Christmas Present)! Love watching her TokToks!

  2. The Dapper Danielle! We love her! "Dream of churros tonight!"

  3. Amazing photos and videos! I just grinned my entire way through. Thank you for sharing for those of us too far away to enjoy in person!

    The Christmas Mary Poppins is

  4. What an amazing post!! It delights me so much to live in a world where this kind of amazing thing happens regularly. Thank you so much for sharing it with those of us in the more frigid regions!
    I cannot express how happy it made me to see your mention that you put your things away and enjoyed the park after your day. Good on John for insisting!
    Seeing all the folks my age and older out enjoying the fun of dressing up and parading is giving me serious #eldergoals!!

  5. We were sad that we didnt run into you but the, we stayed in Batu all day being Dapper Droids. I'm so glad you both took some slowdown time to enjoy the ambiance. Thank you as always for a fun and lovely post.

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that Ghost of Christmas Present! <3


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