Tuesday, December 6, 2022

I Went As The Grinch To A "Dress As Your Favorite Christmas Movie" Party

Hallooo, early December survivors! Have you watched your favorite Christmas movie yet this year?

Many of you know my somewhat-controversial favorite...


... so when our friend (and FoE) Arielle invited us to a "Dress As Your Favorite Christmas Movie" party...

... there was only one clear choice.

This look is so hot this season.

Which is why I can't wear fur in this 85 degree heat, and decided on more of a Grinchy cos-bound.

This took more work than I expected, so I'll link you everything I used at the end of the post. Also keep scrolling, because I have LOTS more party costumes coming up!

Here's a better reference for the embroidery I tried to match:

Aaaaand here's my finished look!

The "extra large" heart is a purse I clipped to my belt, and it's so chinchilla-soft I couldn't stop petting it. Ahhhh.

I'm also wearing paper earrings made on our Cricut:

They're joyful AND triumphant. (bah dum tssss)

(I've been wearing bat-wing & lower wing eyeliner for my hooded eyes, btw, and I lurrrve it. Takes a lot of practice, but worth the effort if you love dramatic wings.)

Now let's move on to John, my partner in crime:


His horn is foam clay over a wire frame, stitched to the hat along with some felt ears. He also made the shirt! I came up with the pun, then he designed and made it with our Cricut.

(Speaking of puns, I'll spare you all the PG-13 jokes that giant horn occasioned. Jokes made entirely by me.)

K, enough of our fabulousness, lemme show you the other costumes at this party. When the guests are theme park designers and other professional creatives, you know it's gonna be gooood.

First, our incredible party hosts, Arielle and James:

(@Rasldazl & @JamesCLindsey)

Name that Christmas movie!
Then see if you know James' character, because he picked the most obscure one, ha.

(A: A Christmas Story, and James is the mascot for the BB gun Ralphie wants. Complete with a black eye, for "You'll shoot yer eye out!")

I have so many favorites, but here are two of the best:

(@LittleMrmd & @MatTheWckent)

She bounced through the door blowing bubbles and singing, while he loudly proclaimed, "THE B***  HIT ME WITH A TOASTER."

They acted out a little more in character and had us rolling, omigosh, so funny.

For those who haven't guessed the movie yet:

It's Scrooged!

Now see if you recognize this dynamic duo:


Please note the crowbar, snowglobe, & feathers in the knit cap.


THE WET BANDITS! From Home Alone! Ahhhh love it so much.

Sweet family costume:

The sugar plum fairy, Clara, & Uncle Drosselmeyer from The Nutcracker.

 I literally went up to these next two and said, "Hi, I love you, can I take your picture??" Which, for the record, is a pretty solid ice-breaker.

(@ShelbyNea & @Ashlahr6)

And y'all recognize them, right? Talk about a Christmas classic!

Their makeup was incredible, and Heat Miser has the sparkliest gold tights:

Our friend Shay repping a newer movie, see if you can guess:

Here's a hint: he gave everyone hand-carved wooden toys:

Did you guess Klaus yet? More importantly, have you seen Klaus? It's amazing, find it on Netflix.

 I think this is Jesper the postman, also from Klaus:

 I staked out this photo area a lot, so here come a bunch more:


Barrel from Nightmare Before Christmas - love the lollipop.

Another FoE friend, Traci, repping THE Christmas classic:


Judy from White Christmas.

The prize for "most obscure/creative" goes to Karen:


She's Grover from A Muppet Family Christmas, during the part of the poem where "not a mouse was stirring":

 My friends are amazing, y'all.

Here's Sally with the most adorable "Sandy Claws"

Sandy Claw's real name is Callum, btw (love), named after The Dragon Prince!

And finally, a "Charcuti-Tree," because I will always shout-out good food puns here:

I hope you enjoyed your virtual party visit with me! 

And in case you'd like your own Grinch 'bound, here comes a quick link list for most of my outfit pieces:

- Brown corduroy jumper dress, exactly like this one on Amazon.

You'll have to cut & piece the vines to get this design, then hand-stitch everything. (The iron-ons don't stick, trust me.)

- Green fur fabric square (Did you know green fur is impossible to find in real stores? BAH.)

- Fluffy Heart Purse
(Worth the $10 for the petting potential alone.)

I hope this gave you some ideas for your own outfits and parties! And because this is fun and I want to know: what would YOU wear to a "Dress As Your Favorite Christmas Movie" party?

Speaking of holiday parties, John and I *are* planning our own, but it's going to be late this year. In fact the theme is "A Hobbit Holiday: Second Christmas," because the month is too packed to host one before New Year's! So stay tuned for Hobbit-y builds and games alongside all the Christmas content, hopefully as early as this Friday. It's gonna be fun.


  1. I love the heart purse. I think I have found the Christmas gift from me to me.

  2. The first costume that popped into my head for a "Favorite Christmas Movie" party was an aluminum tree from Charlie Brown Christmas. I have no idea how to make that a costume though. Which is fine since I'm not going to a party.

  3. I love John's shirt! Any possibility you'll add it to your Threadless shop pretty please?!

  4. I’d dress in green camo and carry a piece of wrapping paper and 3. Pieces. Of. Tape. (Elf assistant to Arthur Christmas)

  5. I have always wanted to cosplay their whoobilation outfits with the eggnog hats but I can't figure out how you'd even DO it.

  6. Brilliant. And honestly I’ve been quoting Carol Kane in Scrooged since I was a wee one. My parents really should’ve monitored my tv watching more closely. Lol

  7. Hmmm I think my “dressing as an elf” days may be over, but I love Prep and Landing so Magee would be fun.

  8. All fantastic costumes and I was excited that I guessed Grover as the mouse in the Night Before Christmas play, clearly not stirring! Muppet Family Christmas is one of my faves. My husband and I dressed as Catherine and Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation for a Christmas card I'm sending out this year. Does that count? 😊

  9. The babies were so cute!! And I would have tried to dress as "The rest of the Leg Lamp." Jen, your outfit was awesome, of course. ;) John was a very good Max.

  10. Next year, you should totally decorate a treasure hunt theme tree in the spirit of the favorite things tree, and fill it with references from “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”!

  11. Love all the costumes, and I may need to replicate John's shirt. In order not to replicate any of the movies already covered, I'd have to say I'd go as the Abominable Snowmonster of the North from Rudolph, but I'd be on a Hippity-Hop. 'Cuz Bumbles bounce!

  12. AHHHHH loving the final outfits! And am super stoked for your Hobbit party pics, it’s my husband’s favorite movie (and one of mine too). If I was going to pick any movie, including those already done, I’d want to do Judy and Phil’s Best Things Happen While We’re Dancing costumes from White Christmas- I’ve loved the number especially since I was a little girl and since we met dancing, it’s sort of perfect. If i was gonna pick a movie not already done at the party, for the fun of the costume I’d probably go with Jovie from Elf, or Cousin Eddy from Christmas Vacation.

  13. Muppet Christmas Carol- the little bunny that sings to Scrooge at the office. Scrooge shuts him up pretty quickly and the little guy just looks so sad and cute...

  14. Absolutely Violet Bick from "It's A Wonderful Life", with the wee furry hat; any excuse to dress 40's, darling! And I love Violet; whenever someone compliments me on how I'm dressed, I always quote her "What, *this* old thing? Why, I only wear it when I don't care HOW I look!"

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  15. Brilliant! If I could put together any costume at all, I'd do one of the gorgeous red dresses from the end of White Christmas. But more realistically with my skillset, I'd do a dressing gown, slippers, and cap to be Scrooge in Muppet Christmas Carol.

  16. Hee! I recognized Grover Not Stirring immediately! The absolute best Christmas movie :)

  17. For an occasion like this, I would totally dress like the little girl playing the sheep in Danger in the Manger. And if you haven't seen David Tennant in Danger in the Manger, it was on Netflix at one point and we loved it so much we bought it on iTunes and watch it every year, so it's a solid investment.
    My second favourite is Daddy's Home 2, but I'm not sure if plaid and ugly sweaters would be a very recognizable costume. :P

  18. I had NO idea about the orange and blue ladies. Even after I googled it I have no idea. Must be a local thing?

    1. They are Heat Miser and Snow Miser! From a stop motion Christmas movie that I can never remember the name of.... (from the 80s I want to say?) I always associate it with the Rudolph movie from that era, but it's from a different movie.

    2. It was bothering me, so I looked it up. The Year Without Santa Claus from 1974

    3. Thank you! I had no idea either.

  19. The charcuti-tree - is that a styrofoam base? If so, was it covered in foil or something? Such a good idea!

  20. I would totally go with White Christmas, but in Danny Kaye's outfit for "Sisters." Since I'm female, this might count as drag of drag.

  21. I'd want to dress as Susan from Hogfather

  22. I would have to be Hermie the Elf from Rudolph. My hair exactly matches his if I let my bangs grow too long. Awesome costumes all around!

  23. In 2020 you said you'd post a daily link to the discord. :( I left the discord but I can't find it now. Please help.

  24. Belle from 'A Muppet Christmas Carol'


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