Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Cartoon Shoes, Alien TP, & The Cutest Mini Moon Knight

Happy Tuesday, adventurers! I come bearing treasure from the distant wilds of the spidery inter-webs.

Also this photo of a yard here in Florida:

(pic by Sherry K, friend of a FoE.)

Just 'cuz.

Starting with the latest custom kicks by the queen of cell-shading herself, Ginoza Costuming:

These are themed to the new Borderlands video game Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, which I can't wait to play with John. 

Even if you're not a fan of the game, though, who wouldn't want cartoon shoes? Here are more Brittani's painted:

You can see more - including Brittani's internationally acclaimed cosplay - at the Ginoza Costuming Facebook page. (Srsly, prepare to have your jaw drop. This woman's got SKILLS.)


Because I'm a sucker for all things glowy and colorful, I bring you the creations of Fiore Di Luce, or Flowers of Light, in Milano, Italy:

My Google Translate isn't working, but I believe these are all handmade by a single couple, Elisabetta & Pier. From the process photos the lamps look like a form of paper fiber stretched over individual wire frames. Amazing.

Their lamps and pendant lights come in all sorts of fantastical floral designs, plus there are a few with butterfly wings:

Then there are whole tabletop trees covered in delicate, translucent leaves:

Eep, so pretty. Follow Fiore Di Luce on Instagram for more eye candy - they have less than 800 followers, HOW - and you can also browse their Etsy shop to see what's available. (Brace yourself; prices range from $250-$600.)


Speaking of magical glowy things, guess what happens when you combine a leather teacup holster - which is always badass - with a glowing uranium glass teacup set?


This UV light up holster is by the amazing Doc Stone Studios. Give the good Doc a follow for more incredible leather work and steampunk stylin'.


Michelle over in my Labyrinth Fan Club shared her new pin board, and I think y'all will approve and/or make grabby hands for it:

This is a custom design by Tower of Treasure shop on Etsy, which has mostly Disney style boards for sale, if you're in the market. The design and frame are made of plastic - I assume laser-cut -  for a super polished and durable look. Love it.


Cindy over on FoE introduced me to my new favorite thrift store:

This gives me... ideas. :D

:: makes note to check toy section next time I'm thrifting::

The Repurpose Project is all the way in Gainesville, sadly, so it's a mixed blessing seeing all their incredible Facebook posts of things I never knew I needed.


So yeah, if you love thrifting and antiquing like I do, definitely give The Repurpose Project a follow.


From the RPF, here's a mini Moon Knight named Logan meeting Oscar Isaac at the show premier :


 Logan is just 6 years old, and his dad makes all KINDS of incredible cosplays for him. I love seeing how excited they are together! You can see more on their Instagram account.

Speaking of, are any of you watching Moon Knight? What do you think? I've fizzled out on Lower Decks and I'm ready for a new show, but this one looks... intense. Curious what y'all think.


A hilarious moment from my Back To The Future fan group:



How many times did you click?



And finally, since this is a crafty crowd, here one last Cool Thing I have to share:

I KNOW some of you could make amazing spooky things with this silicone mold! It's food safe so you could make teeny chocolate skulls for cupcakes, or use hot glue to make wings for embellishing gothic book covers, or resin or clay for jewelry! So many possibilities, with almost all 5-star reviews, and it's on sale for less than $14 right now. Yes, please.

As always anything you purchase through my Amazon links gives a little back to help support me and John, so it's a free way to support this site. Thanks for the clicks, the comments, and community, y'all. Love you!


  1. I love the skeleton Easter display! Made me majorly smile!

  2. Molds!!! So many projects, so little time.

  3. I live in Gainesville and I love the Repurpose Project. They also have an ebay shop: https://www.ebay.com/usr/repurpose_project?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 But you should totally come up and visit in person.

  4. Oh those light fittings are so stunning! It's given me real inspiration to sort out the pile of doom boxes that are my current decor and save some pennies for a beautiful piece of art :)

  5. That mini Moon Knight is adorable! I love how Oscar just kind of waves off everyone else by pointing to the kid like "Look at him! What else can I do??"

  6. Those lamps are lovely! They must be time consuming to make, justifying the price.

  7. Ehm...the photo with the skeletons - that looks like the Ukrainian flag with the EU-Stars on it. The skeletons in the background are also wearing the Ukrainian colours. It looks like a bitter comment on the war in the Ukraine and the reaction to it by the rest of the world.

    1. I took the flag as a sign of support for Ukraine. I wouldn't read too much into the colors on the skeletons; either way the overall display is clearly meant to be silly and wholesome, not morbid.

  8. Two. I clicked two times... Dang it.

    1. So did I. I don't get it. But I'm old.

    2. I'm old too. So I'm really impressed by myself for getting it. It's just a picture of Biff Tannen, not a GIF.

    3. It totally got me, too. Such a punny gotcha ❤️

  9. Steven (one of Moon Knight's alters and the first we get to know) is an adorable cinnamon bun that we must protect at all costs. F. Murray Abraham as the voice of Khonshu is a stentorian delight. And Ethan Hawke is *chef's kiss*. There will be jump scares, but you'll be laughing at some of the musical choices in the first episode. (The cupcake truck scene in particular had me chortling.)


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