Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Winnie-The-Pooh Baby Shower: Full Photo Tour & The Winning Games!

Happy Tuesday, Pooh bears and poo bearers! (ew)

It's done.


Can I get a "woot woot"?

And at the risk of over-saturating you with party content, I'm back with final photos from the Winnie-the-Pooh baby shower we threw for a family friend. I've got the finished install, some fun group photos, and I'll even tell you about the games we played, which were a big hit.

John and I set up at our friends' house the night before. Here's the backdrop before we added the balloons:

Again, this is all made of pink foam insulation, click here if you missed the build post.

Adding the balloon garlands:

We used this kit from Amazon, which comes with everything you need except the pump.

The balloons shrunk a little overnight, so if you do the same you might over-inflate them a tiny bit to compensate.


Here it is the day of, with a growing gift pile that matches oh-so-nicely:

All these shades of blue with little pops of gold/yellow is so soothing, right? Ahhh.

Let's compare that to John's original mockup in Photoshop:

Hey. Pretty bang on!

And finally, here's the gorgeous mom-to-be posing in front:

Eeeeeeee so pretty!

This is Lydia, everyone say hey. I'm so happy to finally introduce y'all.

I'll have more guest pics in a sec, keep scrolling.

In the dining room we slid the table up against the wall to make a buffet display:

Another look at my Dollar Tree beehive, because I'm smitten:

In fact John and I made everything here except the table cloth.

Here's the brunch spread the day of the party:

This isn't exactly how I'd've set up, but the kids placed the napkins and forks before I got there, and I didn't have the heart to change them. When I arrived the eldest whispered, "It's the Ukraine baby shower!" and ran off grinning. Adorable.

To the side there was a drinks table with juice, coffee, and mimosas:

Lastly, back in the living room we cleared a small console table and set up the favors and headbands:

By a happy happenstance, the art there matched perfectly:

Then to my delight, everyone actually wore the headbands!

These didn't get picked, but I did have a boutonnière option for the non-binary and male attendees:

I wrapped an extra silk leaf around the bunch and added a pin-back, easy-peasy.

(If you like the favor boxes I posted the free templates last week to make your own. The headband tutorial is there, too.)

Lydia asked to be surprised, so almost everything you see here was done without consulting her, right down to the flower crown she's wearing. Nerve-wracking for sure, but I think she loved it! She's all about that elegant princess vibe, so I think we made the right calls.

I love this pic - you can tell Lydia is feeling less overwhelmed. 
(We did hit her with a lot before that first photo, ha.)

Now, let's talk GAMES.

Thank you all for giving me lots of options to research! We had to meet a lot of parameters: no writing, no gift bingo, nothing food-related or gross, and nothing that required knowing each other or the mom-to-be. Whew!

I ended up picking 3 games, and they all went super well, especially the last two:

1) "Name That Baby Tune" on Youtube.

This one couldn't be easier: hand out index cards and pencils, then bring up this video on the TV or a laptop:

And have at it!

It was fun seeing all the chair dancing when folks recognized the songs, and because the song choices are a wide range, even the 70-year-old knew a few. We played each clip 2 or 3 times, and only did the first 10 songs, so it wouldn't go too long.

2) "Would Lydia Rather?"

This one was SUCH a hit. It not only had folks laughing, it helped us get to know the mom-to-be better.

I wrote up a list of 10 questions, things like:

"Would Lydia rather be a princess or a superhero?"

"Would Lydia rather have a personal maid or a personal chef?"

And the classic:

"Would Lydia rather fight 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant-sized duck?"

To show their answers, I gave everyone a bamboo skewer with a 2-sided Pooh cut-out on the end, so they could turn the stick to show either the blue side or the yellow side.

Somehow this is the only photo I took of these, oops.

You don't have to do a fancy shape, of course; you could just use colorful circles. The sticks made it more fun to look around the room and instantly see what everyone's answers were - and also prompted some hilarious debates as each side tried to convince the other.

Once everyone chose their answers, Lydia would hold up HER answer, and everyone scored themselves on their index cards. Fun, easy to personalize - I highly recommend this one.

3) Play-Doh Babies

This was another huge hit, because who doesn't love playing with Play-Doh?

We found 10-packs of Play-Doh at Five Below for $5 each, so it's relatively inexpensive, too.

We gave everyone one minute on the clock, and had them speed-sculpt a baby. Then Lydia chose her favorite.

These two made "swaddled" babies, bahaha.

If I'd needed to fill more time I'd definitely have done more rounds of this. In fact the family kept playing long after the shower wrapped, having one person call out things to sculpt and then judging afterward. Kids and adults alike loved it.


Another bonus: one lady told me the Play-Doh was helping her keep her ADHD in check, as it's the perfect fidget toy.

So yeah, gold stars for Play-Doh games!

I realized last minute I needed prizes for the games, so look what I found at Dollar Tree:

These lotion sets match the decor so well, it's like I planned it. YUSS. I just added ribbon. I didn't expect much coming from DT, but the winners told me they actually smell nice, and were excitedly passing it around for others to try.

Family photo time:

The best part was seeing all these siblings together, since one flew in the day before and they haven't been together in years. Little Ellie was especially over the moon with all her relatives around - I haven't seen her smile so much in ages. Did my heart good.

In fact, here's my favorite photo of the day:

Ellie asked to hold her baby cousin, so these two are helping steady the baby's head. It was THE sweetest family moment, so happy I caught it when no one was looking.

 (I did ask for permission to share, don't worry.)

This shower was a labor of love -  pun intended - and I needed a good 4 hours of Couch Recovery Time after we broke everything down and re-placed all the furniture. Totally worth it, and I had a blast, but I am so glad it's over. Oof.

Thanks for letting me do ANOTHER Pooh shower post, friends. I hope you had fun seeing all our work come together, and maybe got a few ideas for your own future parties.

Oh hey, and if you know anyone in the Orlando area throwing a Winnie-the-Pooh baby shower anytime soon, send them my way! John and I carefully packed up the backdrop and much of the decor, and are hoping to pass most of this on to someone who can use it. (Lydia is keeping the honey pot Pooh for Elijah's room.) I have the whole lot listed on Marketplace for $150, but anyone here will get that Epbot special. ::eyebrow waggle:: So hit me up!

Now John and I are back to planning the Jungle Cruise Pun Party, so stay tuned for thoroughly irreverent content that includes boat leeks, watery backsides, and  even a "tallywhacker" or two.

You know, just for the halibut.



  1. Everything looked so nice and fun! I really, really love that Lydia's flower crown, which she didn't know she was getting, exactly matched her gorgeous dress! Well done all around.

    1. And when Lydia was seated, it looked like she was on her own fluffy cloud. It could not have coordinated better!

  2. Good gracious she's a beautiful mom to be and that's a beautiful party. Well done.

  3. Play Doh babies! That's brilliant!

  4. It's fun to see people in sandals and summer wear. We got snow again this past weekend.

  5. I love Winnie The Pooh and looks like everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the mom to be. Lydia looked so beautiful. Here's hoping her delivery goes well and the baby is healthy. :)

  6. OMG, everything turned out so CUTE! Lydia is beautiful in her fluffy dress and flower crown--sending her best wishes for the baby. I love the games you picked, they sound super fun. As always, y'all knocked it out of the park

  7. This party looks fantastic! I will definitely use some of these games for a bridal shower that I am planning this summer.

  8. What a lovely mama! And great job Jen & Jon on the decor!

  9. Beautiful and joyful. Typical Epbot 🥰

  10. That looks fantastic! Well done.


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