Tuesday, March 22, 2022

DIY Chonky Velvet Mushrooms: The Cheaper, Dollar Tree Way!

There's an excellent mushroom DIY by Emma of ystreetstudio over on Instagram, and as soon as my Craft Night crew saw it, they put in requests to make our own.

So good, right? And a fairly simply process, so of course I was onboard.

That is, until John and I went to JoAnns and saw the price of those large Styrofoam balls. o.0

Aw HECK no. Even with one ball making two 'shrooms, this drives the material cost up to about $15 each! If you're a lone crafter that might be doable, but our Craft Night averages 4 to 6 people, so... nuh-uh.

(Smaller foam balls cost less, of course, but I wanted nice chonky 'shrooms like Emma's.)

(Also "Chonky 'Shrooms" is my new favorite phrase. It's so fun to say! Seriously, try it.)


So off to Dollar Tree we went, because I was determined to DIY these fun guys on a DT budget.

It took a few days and some trial and error, but y'all, we did it.

Behold mah big mushy babies!

Hang on, that's not the best photo - it's more for size reference. Here are some better angles:

My fairy ring is a-growing.

I love the pleated undersides:

Though you have to get real low to see the yellow one's:

I made each one a little different, so you can see a variety of styles and heights.

My total cost per 'shroom was about $4, and could be even less, depending on what's in your craft stash. (I had the white velvet, so we only needed to buy the base pieces & top fabric.) These are great for group crafts, or for amassing your own magical mushy forest.

Ready to see how?




Here are some handy templates for ya:

Right-click each to embiggen, then save to your desktop.

Now a quick PSA: don't use puff paint for the dots. I bought and tested two different brands - including the Tulip one in the inspiration video - and both dried with a lumpy texture and VERY shiny. Plain white craft paint, on the other hand, dried perfectly smooth and slightly domed, in a more matte finish:

Puff paint versus craft paint

If your craft paint is too thin let it thicken slightly on a plate before you goop it on, so it won't run. Since you probably already have white craft paint, that's one less thing to buy.

 In the video I showed you how to make a contrasting white under-frill, like this:

(Technically called gills, but I like "under frills.")

However, you can save a step if you want the underside to match the top. Just make the top fabric circle a little bigger, and draw-string it closed like this:

(I just realized this angle in this color is a little... er... you know what, never mind. MOVING ON.)

That's the underside of my friend Arielle's 'shroom, which turned out like this:


So pretty! I like her bigger spots, too.

This drawstring method is a little more fidgety, since you're depending on thread instead of glue to stretch the fabric taut across the top. It saves you making the separate cardboard piece, though, so your call.

I dry-brushed some white paint on the underside of my pleats to give them a little contrast, that's another option for you:

I also left the stem ruffle off, made this one shorter, and skipped the aging for a cuter, more classic toadstool look.

I like both styles, really. How about you? Which do you like better?

I left the spots off the pink one, both so you can see one plain and because I'm tired of painting random dots, heh. I struggle SO HARD with "random" placement, y'all; I overthink it, it takes forever, and, and...

Pretty much.

Now let's see a couple more variations, because my friends are stinkin' creative and I think you'll love these. :D

Karen cut her bowl & stem in half lengthwise to make two flat mushrooms for this incredible wall display:

We broke out my box o' butterflies for the finishing touches, and I love this SO MUCH, I can't even. Just...gah. So magical. (Would also be great for wreaths!)

Bianca skipped the velvet top and went with FUR from our fabric stash instead, which was hilarious:

She also did a double ruffle, 'cuz why not.

At the end of the night we did some googling and discovered there's a "lion's mane" mushroom that actually kind of looks like this?!

Whaaaaat are the odds, y'all.  Nature is WILD.

I think it's safe to say that John's mushroom creation, however, will never be found in nature. At least, let's hope not.


(Those are leftover eyeballs from my Labyrinth moss; I still have a bag lying around for emergencies.)

Yep, somehow John turned this sweet DIY into the horror version of the McDonald's Fry Guys.

Remember these?

 Omigosh. Wait. WAIT. I just realized: 

It's the Fry Guy Fungi.

Ok, the pun makes it better.

And on that ridiculous note, I hope you have an amazing week! Let me know if you plan to make any of these cuties (or horrors), and how else you'd display them, since mine, uh, seem to be multiplying.


Pssst. If you like this craft then I bet you'll also like my Crescent Wreath DIY:

It's made entirely from Dollar Tree materials, and only cost about $10!

Or how about my furry monster Christmas tree?

Sure it's the wrong season, but leave the Santa hat off and it could easily be a furry monster Easter tree. Eh? EH?

Drat, now I want to make furry monster Easter eggs. Talk me out of this. Or into it. Cast your vote below.


  1. I love these so much!! I am a children's/Teen library person and I'm always looking for cute crafts to do with the teens that they can make as sweet or as crazy as they want. We're not doing in-person teen programs this summer, but I'm definitely going to pin this to save for next year's Summer Reading Program. Thank you! These are adorable!! <3

  2. One million percent yea to the Furry Measter Eggs!

  3. I firmly believe that from now on each and every work week should end with 'Fry Guy Fungi Friday'... Just sayin' :-)

  4. Make the furry eggs....to go on an Easter tree....

  5. furry monster Easter eggs!
    furry monster Easter eggs!
    and a matching furry monster Easter bunny?

  6. I think we all need furry Monster easter eggs in our lives!!

  7. Okay, I think all those mushrooms and other squidgies are ADORABLE, but on one part of the decor I have. Just. Snapped.

    I'm so sorry, people. So sorry to do this to you all, and for all the lepidoptera death you will now never be able to unsee. But you deserve to know the Truth.



    1. I read this a few days ago and I can't stop thinking about it. They're everywhere!!

    2. Huh, interesting! I wonder if a snip and some glue could resurrect these? Ohhhh, unintentional Easter pun!

  8. What fun! Also, Lions Mane mushroom is tasty. = )

  9. These are so stinking cute! Also I'm really impressed by the cool fabrics you have in your craft stash

  10. Furry monster eggs? Those hatch muppets right?

  11. Oh my gosh, Karen's mushroom picture is just magical! What a great idea.

    1. Agreed! And, I love how her blue mushroom's dots are clouds!

  12. OMG, I had forgotten all about the Fry Guys! Thanks for the nostalgia! Second, when I read that you keep a bag of eyeballs "for emergencies" I literally laughed out loud! This is one of the many reasons we love you and John, Jen. Your mushrooms are cute! Love the pleated bottoms. I like them without the ruffles, but to each their own.

  13. Im 100% into the idea of creating different ways for that furry monster tree to be a part of different holidays.

    Also, these mushrooms could go with your hobbit door!

  14. I don't know why but the mushrooms on the lazy susan at the end cracked me up - its like they're in a beauty pageant or something. Maybe because I watched the video with no sound? But just LOL look at those beautiful mushrooms going weeeee.

    "She's beauty, she's grace, she's ....... "

    [Ya'll i need a good mushroom fact/pun/something to round out this song]

    1. "...she has mushroom in her heart for everyone and no questionable morels!"

  15. Jen,

    When I worked in a Mom and Pop grocery store one of the things I had to do was make pizzas that you took home and cooked. I was taught to put the pepperonis on them in the following order. Place the pepperonis starting about an inch from the crust in a star formation. Then go back and fill in the holes. Whenever I have to do a random thing on the top of something - cake decorations, wreath whatever placement, craft stuff, I remember this as it helps me not over think. So for your mushrooms, I would make an uncentered circle and start with dots in this star pattern then go back to each dot. Check it's size; if it's a large dot add two or three smaller ones; the reverse if it's small. Then check out the overall effect. If you want more dots then add some in-between the ones already there. Place some further inside the circle. The star doesn't have to be a perfect star either, asymmetrical is usually better.
    Also, when it comes to fabric, I try to hit the Goodwill on half price days and look for velour outfits. The fabric is so close to velvet without the high price. Wash the clothing and get out your seam ripper. Mindless stuff to do while watching TV. You end up with nice size pieces of fabric.
    Hope this helps. Love your blog!


    P.S. It was great to see you in Pittsburgh!

  16. Keeping a bag of spare eyeballs, for emergencies.
    Like this one.
    No wonder we love you, Jen and John.
    -Carol S-B

  17. Lion's mane is not only quite yummy, but it is also an effective nootropic. I use it to help manage my ADHD and anxiety. Another nice thing about lion's mane is it has no non-edible look-a-likes, so if you see it while out and about, you can take it home and fry it up!

  18. Willie Wonka had mushrooms in his chocolate room. the spots were filled with creme candy centers.


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