Friday, March 25, 2022

HIP HOP DON'T STOP: My Top 10 Dollar Tree DIYs For Easter

'Allo and happy Friday, my furry monster tree-loving friends! (AKA, my people.) I wasn't expecting quite so many votes in favor of furry monster Easter eggs last post, so feel free to help me brainstorm ways to not end up with a pile of pastel tribbles. Although, let's be honest, none of us would be mad at pastel rainbow tribbles. (Especially ones with 'uge pointy teeth.)

{Hey John, could you photoshop Kirk wearing bunny ears in a giant pile of pastel tribbles for me? Kthxluvyoubye.}



{Happy Easter to meeeeee}

Now I know it's bad form to do two craft posts in a row, but I've been amassing an EGG-cellent list of Dollar Tree DIYs, and hey, this gives you plenty of time to make a few.

Starting with:

1) This wire egg wreath that's all the rage in my craft groups:

(By Mary Ellen in Dollar Trees Creative Minds, click through for her materials list.)

It's made with two DT wreath forms clam-shelled together with zip-ties, and filled with moss and faux eggs.

People are decorating these so many different ways, and I love all the variations! From soft Shabby Chic like that one, to bright and bold like this:
You could even go pastel rainbows if you wanted. Eh?


2) Dapper Bunnies

I'm in 3 or 4 different craft groups specifically for Dollar Tree, and the other hot trend right now is taking these plain DT bunnies:

... and dressing them up in adorable lil' outfits and accessories using the DT fabric squares:

So. Stinkin'. CUTE. And they look like they'd cost $15 each at Home Goods, easy.

(Both sets by Michal M. in Dollar Trees Creative Minds)

D'awww. And let's just assume the "Free Carrots" sign placement is completely innocent. ::grin::


3) Egg-Shaped Wreaths

Dollar Tree carries a bunch of shaped wire wreath forms, so the challenge is filling them out without breaking the bank. Here's a cheap and clever solution: use a shower puff!

Shower puffs are made of giant tubes, so there are no snaggy edges like with with deco mesh. Brilliant! Plus I love how Denise used the long stemmed spray at the bottom, that's lovely.

I promise I'll stop showing you two of everything after this; I just have a hard time picking only ONE favorite.

(Destiny S. in Dollar Tree Crafts)

Besides, these colors are AHHHH-mazing. Who'd have thought of lavender, yellow, and fuchsia together? And with the bright white daisies and carrots? Swoonsville.


4) Eggy Topiary Tree

Teeny topiarys are always in style, and check this out:
(Malana D. in Dollar Tree Crafts)

Malan used yarn for the greenery, which gives it a more Seussical feel. You can get all these supplies at DT: the pot, the moss, the yarn, even the Styrofoam ball.


5) Full-Body Bunny Wreath

Debbie combined DT's bunny & egg wreath forms with zip ties, like this:

Then she wrapped it with floral garland, and got this!
OooOOOooh. I need to remember this the next time I browse JoAnn's clearance; I see floral garlands there sometimes for up to 80% off, but never know what to do with them. Answer: Wreaths!


6) Bunny Topiary

Diana took this plastic Dollar Tree bunny container:

... added moss, and made a surprisingly realistic topiary:

Diana B. in Dollar Tree Crafts

Seriously, so good!


Another wreath, though this could work all Spring into Summer:

7) Wagon Wheel Wreath

(Royanna F. in Dollar Tree Craft Ideas)

Those florals are so dreamy, love the pinks and greens together.


8) Bunny-In-A-Blanket

Another use for Dollar Tree's plush bunnies:

Stuff one in this handy carrot sleeping bag, and...

(Michelle E. in Dollar Tree Crafts)

Hare-raising cuteness.


You're probably noticing a lot of my favorites are wreaths, since that's the extent of any Easter decorating I might do. Anyhoo, we're on the home stretch with two more:

9) Mesh Cross Wreath

(Tracy B. in Dollar Trees Creative Minds)

I love how the sheer mesh gives this cross an ombre effect, so pretty! And all from DT, so this should cost less than $5 to make.


10) Fuzzy Bunny Wreath

Last but not least, lookie what you can do with DT's bunny form and a handful of dust mop covers:

You ready for this?


(Jane P. in Dollar Trees Creative Minds)

HOW CUTE IS THIS? And it looks simple to do, so it's going on my Craft Night list. Heck, I may run to Dollar Tree right now. I especially like the orange with the lavender and fuchsia -  again, not a color combo I'd have thought of, but I reeeeeeallly like.

So there you have it, peeps, bots, and bunnies: 10 awesome Dollar Tree Crafts! Which one's your favorite? Think you'll make any this weekend? Send me a pic if you do, you know I love to see your projects!


P.S. I'm planning some bee-themed DIYs for a baby shower I'm helping with next month, and I think you fellow crafters might appreciate these:

These felt bees are adorable, and a great size for little bee hives, wreaths, or floral arrangements. Be sure to click over to the customer photo gallery, too, because the Eeyore flower arrangement? Ermergersh. Amazing.

Also don't forget the best-selling rainbow butterfly pack, which is happily back in stock!

3D Butterfly Wall Magnet Set, 84-pk

That's what I used to make John's rainbow butterfly wreath last year - the one that had y'all buying out every Amazon listing, haha - and another one you'll want to browse the customer gallery on. So many great ideas, and the 84 pack is less than $10! A must-have in every craft stash.


  1. Please feel free to post all of the craft posts all the time! I love them!

  2. Last year I made the butterfly wreath for my daughter-in-law and myself with some modifications so we could put them on our front doors. Lots of positive comments for us both. Only down side... they fade in the Florida summer sun. :o( This year I repurposed the better buterflies and scattered them among the new spring mix floral wreath for her. For mine, I'm still thinking... Great idea, we both loved that wreath.

  3. Sadly, both of the local Dollar Trees closed at the beginning of the year. It's just not the same when I need to plan a trip to the DT. Still enjoy the inspiration though!

  4. These are all super cute crafts! Though I'm honestly a little disappointed that you DIDN'T make pastel rainbow tribbles, lol.

  5. While all these crafts are so fun, I think Kirk with bunny ears is the best part for sure. How great would it be to have that as a print on your wall?

  6. Oo, oo, oo, I have an idea! That last bunny wreath could be turned into some sort of ring decoration for a bridal shower/engagement party. Not sure how it would be done but there's got be some way you can cover or attach the ears together to make the stone on top of the ring.

  7. Next time you watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, open your Instagram app and choose the bunny filter, take a pic of Worf when he comes on screen. It works even better if you can pause the episode to take the pic. Worf is adorable with bunny ears and nose!

    1. Bwah ha ha ha ha! I would LOVE to see that!

      Jen, you can post as much as humanly possible! Who gets mad at more fun Jen content? Not me, that's for sure. Two pics of everything would not make me mad! (Not that this is pressure to HAVE to post lots!! I just mean that I think we are all so happy with what you post no one complains about long posts.)

  8. I never decorate for Easter, but y'all have me reconsidering!!


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