Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Dollar Tree Quick Craft: Make This Crescent Moon Wreath For Less Than $10!

Confession: I love crafting, but I loathe wreath making. The art of floral arranging is just so dang loosey goosey; you plop flowers here or there 'til you like the look, because there are no wrong answers, and I hate that. I need rules! I need exact check boxes and instructions! How else will I know if I did it perfectly?!

So anyhoo, today we're making a wreath that should take most of you about an hour or two to whip together, but took me an agonizing 7 or 8 hours spread over 2 days. I am not proud of this. My brain battles are exhausting and joy-sucking. But! After multiple go-rounds of ripping things off and trying again, I'm reasonably proud of the finished product:

::exhausted jazz hands::  ta-daaa

I genuinely love this DIY in theory: it's a clever twist on traditional wreaths, you get to hang fun dangly things off it, it only costs about $10 to make, AND you can find everything you need at Dollar Tree.

Here, let me walk you through the basics.


This wreath form from Dollar Tree. While you're there, you'll also need:

- 2 rolls of burlap ribbon

- 4 or 5 bunches of silk flowers & greenery

- Duct tape

- (optional) twine or string and pretty beads to make the dangly bits


Cut a section off the wire wreath form so it looks like the letter C: 

Next use duct tape to wrap each end into a taper, like this:

Wrap your wreath form in burlap ribbon, hot-gluing here and there to keep it all in place:

This takes slightly more than one roll of ribbon, but you'll have most of the 2nd roll left. The ribbon gives you a base for hot-gluing everything that comes next.

Now the hard/fun part: decorating.


I recommend googling "crescent moon wreath," because there are some GORGEOUS styles out there: everything from succulents to moss-and-mushroom covered pretties.

I only wanted to use what I found at Dollar Tree, and happily I found some long floral branches that taper,
perfect for each end of the moon:

Look, we're 2/3rds of the way there! 

Now all we need are some accent flowers to hot-glue in the center.

That should take, what? Maybe 20 minutes?



It also took 3 John interventions, 2 melt-downs, 1 rage quit, and constant pep-talks/exasperated eye-rolls from my friend Karen. I genuinely don't know how I ever thought being a perfectionist was a benefit; this inability to let go of something is just... so awful. Ug.

Anyhoo, here are some progress shots I took between all the dramatics:

I've been hoarding those glass drops for YEARS: they're broken pieces from an old chandelier, and make the perfect dangly bits. Easily my favorite part of the whole wreath. (I almost went with antique keys and keyholes instead, but the sparkly drops were the clear winner. Heh.)

 I find it helps with projects to stop and take pictures: looking at something on your phone vs in real life can often show you what the thing needs or doesn't need.

Those are the leftover neutral butterflies from my rainbow butterfly wreath - but Dollar Tree sells larger butterflies that are similar.

I was originally aiming for a Spring-style wreath, but as with so many things in life, I decided it needed more orange. :P

Oh, and here's Eva "helping:


This was during our weekly Craft Night, so there were 3 of us round the big table (all masked, of course). Arielle knitted, Karen and I tackled Moon Wreaths, and Eva stalked the flower pile:

This was actually a yawn, but look at those toofs! Both Eva pics were taken by Karen, who can and absolutely will drop any craft to do a photo shoot with the cats. :D

Most of my adult life I've wistfully watched other peoples' Craft Nights and wished I had a group like that myself. It's strange that it took all of ::gestures vaguely:: this  - and of course my recent mental health crisis - for me to finally take the plunge and host one. Some weeks there are only 2 of us, some weeks we get 6, but regardless it's been genuinely life-changing for my state of mind. A little forced socialization around a creative play space? That's good medicine, y'all.

Anyway, just throwing that out there in case you're like past me, and wondering if it's worth trying to host a weekly gathering: if you can do it safely, then it absolutely is.

While I'm bragging on my group: Arielle is into baking right now, so lately we get amazing treats like this:

Carrot Cake Cupcakes! Follow Arielle on IG for more jaw-dropping sweets; she's been blowing my mind lately.

Ah, I've really detoured off of Moon Wreaths, huh? Hopefully the cats and cupcakes were worth it, but let's dive back in:

Here's Karen's wreath in progress: she went with the mossy look, and used bits from her own floral stash. She also brought over her own beads, crystals, and pretty rocks to string together to make extra danglies:


SO so pretty!

And here come some close-ups of mine:

If you're eagle-eyed you'll notice I changed a little something mid-photo-shoot, because I just can't STOP with this wreath:

I think it's better, though.

And here it is on our front door, which is a little more orange than it looks in these pics:

Obviously this isn't staying here; the glass drops aren't very conducive for door-hanging, ha.

In fact, this wreath isn't staying at all; even though I'm satisfied with how it turned out, looking at it STILL makes me twitchy. So it's gotta go. Otherwise I may start ripping things off it again. Instead this moony baby's going on the Squeegineer prize board, and one of YOU lucky ducks will get to bring her home.

If you'd like a chance to win her, make sure you enter by e-mail by midnight tomorrow, the 31st! Or if you've given any amount via Paypal to us this month, then don't worry; you're already entered.

So tell me: what would you put on your moon wreath? Mushrooms and moss? Stars and sparkles? Black cats and creepy eyes? SPILL. Or better yet, make one and tag me online somewhere so I can see!


  1. This looks great! And now I want to make a moon wreath. One thing I do when I'm in progress with a wreath is hang it on my wall (secure items just enough so they won't fall), take a picture, and look at the picture. I can see things in the picture that I can't see in the actual wreath. Next step, I post on FoE and ask "what is missing on this wreath?" or "what do I need to move?" Instant feedback, most of which is "oooh, pretty!" but also good suggestions from other people who can see it a different way.

  2. These words. This is the explanation I’ve been searching for as to why I love cross stitch but get frustrated by embroidery!! Must know I’ve done the craft “just right”, lol!

    1. It helps to know it's not just me! And ohhhh yes, I tried embroidery ONCE. I couldn't handle it at all, bah.

  3. Well, seeing as how I have a leftover form and a bunch of random flowery stuff from the butterfly wreath, I'll be making a moon wreath over spring break. Yes I am!

  4. I want one! And since my name is Courtney it could be either a moon OR my initial. Because what Southern girl can resist a monogram? However, if it’s not a true wreath, can you hang it via wreath hanger? I’m worried it would be off kilter.

    1. Yeah, I think you'd have to move the wreath hanger over so it's off-center, which would drive me batty - but happily this is so light a Command Hook works great!

  5. Huh. I just remembered I left the butterfly wreath to sit and think about itself, while I figured out what needed to change...Maybe time to bring that back up and finish it?

  6. I never realized I wanted a moon wreath. And now it seems that I cannot picture my life without one. Our Dollarama is nothing like Dollar Tree. I’d have to go to an actual craft store and spend a bazillion dollars. Sigh.

  7. If you can find the burlap ribbon that has silver or gold threads woven through, you could leave most of it unflowered, because it would be lovely and subtly sparkly on its own. Then you just need to make one largish element to sit in the bend, plus danglies. Blue flowers with dangly stars? Orchids with a dangly dragonfly (or dragon!). All black, white, and silver with a deep red 'carpet' ribbon twirled through for old school Hollywood. Use blush burlap ribbon and shabby chic warm pastel flowers and dangle cameo lockets for Victorian charm. So many options!

  8. So pretty! I want to try this! I have been looking for a spring wreath idea and this may be the one. I love the dangles!

    In regards to being frustrated and rage quiting, it happens to the best of us. I have found that if I am making a bunch of mistakes, that usually means I need a break. I need to put it down and walk away from a while. Sometimes even sleep on it and come back the next day if time allows. I always do better work/ figure out how to solve my problem when my eyes are fresh.

  9. Love it! Isn't it amazing how something you see all the time (circle wreath) can be modified into something gorgeous (crescent wreath!)? I love how the design and colors go with your door. Will definitely try this! :D Thank you for letting all of us other perfectionists-that-can't-and-try-and-can't-then-do take so much time getting it "right" and you understand! BONUS on your wreath: it makes a nonchalant "E" for Epbot! <3

  10. I love this! My daughters would too, might have to make a few. Yours turned out beautifully despite your troubles ❤️ My youngest daughter's name is Luna so even more reason to enjoy crescent moon crafts and decor. I was playing around with the idea of a craft night group before 2020 but never got it off the ground, should get back to planning that!

  11. I think I'd try to do the Dreamworks logo with the little boy fishing, all blue tones and sparkles with maybe some LED lights?

    1. Ok, that is an AMAZING idea. Please share if you do this!

  12. might have pinned the tar out of this...I'm getting Halloween vibes....

  13. I'm not a crafty person (though I love looking at what you come up with!) but I finally started a virtual book club this year after thinking about it for a very long time. It has been one of few bright spots this year and helps provide an anchor for my anxiety since I know I'll have friends to talk to once a week (our one year anniversary is on Friday!). And someone to tell about all the books I've read because I'm a librarian and that's what we do. I'm so glad you started your craft group, being surrounded by lovely people who are obsessed with your obsessions is a balm to the soul.

    1. Happy one year anniversary!! That is fantastic, so proud of you and your group for taking that step, I know it's not easy.

  14. Jen,

    Have you ever read info on flower arranging? When I start to over-perfectionize crafts, I walk away and then read the basics on how to do _____. This gives my brain a chance to reset and maybe I'll find new inspiration for what I'm hoping to obtain.
    One thing to remember with floral and wreath arranging is there is no perfect flower or greenery. And Dollar Tree supplies, which are great, can have more defects in them than other suppliers. So it may not be your vision that is off, it could be any of a number of things that are skewed.
    AND... so what if wreath making and flower arranging isn't your thing. How many other wonderful and creative things have you accomplished? Look at your Harry Potter parties? They're fabulous! Not everyone can pull those off. Your Christmas tree decorations... I would go on but I have to get off the computer.
    Breathe and remember YOU (just the way you are) ARE ENOUGH.


    P.S. It was great to see you in Pittsburgh!

    1. Thanks, Maureen! Wreaths are like sewing for me: everyone makes it look SO (sew?) easy, and I forget how frustrating they are for me, so I inevitably try again, ha. At least I've learned to aim for more simple designs, and more importantly, to only attempt with friends around for support/intervention, lol.

    2. I know it's easier said than done to adopt my motto for crafts and sewing and it would probably drive you batty, but it's: DONE is better than done right.

  15. That looks great! My favorite part is that you hung the teardrops with jute to bring the shiny element into the rustic piece without it clashing. Well done!
    Funny how we perfectionists all thought it was a strength for so many years, until we got old enough to realize that ya gotta let some stuff go for your own mental health!
    Maybe it would help if you look at wreath-making like jewelry making. You do great with moving bits and bobs around until it looks good with jewelry!
    So happy you are doing a craft group. It really, really makes a difference to be around other creative people.

  16. This may sound dumb, but one thing I do when my overly perfectionist brain kicks in is I take a break and then come back and ask myself "if someone else made this, would I like it?" and most of the time the answer is "yes". It helps me be a little kinder to myself, since I'm my own worst critic. If the answer is "no" then I allow myself time to fix it. It doesn't always work, but it helps a lot for me to put things in perspective when my brain is like "it isn't exactly perfect, MUST START OVER!!"

    And, PS, your wreath looks amazing, and now I totally want to make one.

  17. Oh wow, I love both these wreaths so much! Those sparkly drops were just waiting for this perfect project. <3 I love the look of the mossy one as well, and extra danglies! I might have to try this one.

    I used to have "stitch and bitch"s at my house every few months with a loose group of friends. We'd knit, embroider, quilt, draw, whatever! I'm looking forward to doing them again when we can have more people over!!

  18. In my opinion, if you can find a flower blooming in spring, the color is fair game for a spring wreath.
    Some colors I spotted on a wildflower walk Wednesday; hot pink, fuschia,red,neon orange, goldenrod, sunny yellow, medium blue, dark blue, medium purple, royal purple. Note these are all colors outside of the pastel range, and they are all blooming right now.

  19. I'm not sure yet what I would put on mine. The hubs isn't big on wreaths and only barely tolerates my big jingle bell one that I put up at Christmas. But, I love this shape SO MUCH that I may have to make one for someone else in the house or for a gift. I hate that this one has caused you so much stress, but have to thank you for sharing this idea. It's beautiful.

  20. I am most of the way done making my own crescent moon wreath, but am stuck with what to use for a hanger. I was going to hot glue a loop of ribbon on the back but is it too heavy?

    1. Mine was pretty light, so I was able to hang it by wedging the back edge of the frame over a nail. If you do use a loop, try to get it through the frame so it's sturdier.

  21. Hey Jen, if you're seeing a lot of traffic to this post from Reddit it's my fault: https://www.reddit.com/r/halloween/comments/p8yy9j/i_saw_a_tutorial_on_making_a_moon_wreath_and/

  22. I was thinking a lavender and amethyst theme if I make one but yours is beautiful 😍

  23. Late comment, but with a piece of heavy-gauge wire, you could add a bit more girth to the center of the shape before wrapping it. Widening that part would give you more of the classic crescent moon shape. :)


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