Friday, March 11, 2022

Thirst Trap E.T., Behind-The-Scenes At Fraggle Rock, & Princess Bride Memes - Because It's FRIDAY, Dangit

Hiya, my splashy rain puddles of joy, how's your week been? John and I spent a stormy afternoon at Epcot today - which will be your yesterday - so I'm sitting with my feet up, drying my socks. We had a lovely, soggy time - our first visit since 2019! -  and if my photos seem interesting I'll pop them in a post for you next week.

For now, though, I found many ridiculous, cool, and ridiculously cool things to show you. Starting with this absolutely hypnotic tentacle collar by Casey Curran:
I'm guessing you'll either love this truly, madly, deeply, or find it unsettling. Or both. (Both is good.) Either way, we need an Ursula cosplay with it, STAT.

Check out Curran's Instagram account for more other-worldly art and kinetic couture, it's a wild ride.


Ah, here's something you'll all love: Tyler Harron, the production designer on the new Fraggle Rock, is a member of the fan group Jim Henson's Creature Shop. That's pretty amazing in itself, to have an IP creator hanging with the fans, but get this: Tyler has been sharing dozens and dozens of his behind-the-scenes photos in the group!


I love that all the sets are real, not CGI. And the lighting. Wowie.

How badly do you want to be helping out on this set? (Dibs on Marjory The Trash Heap. I feel like she and Junk Lady would be two peas in a pod, ha.)

Tyler also shared build photos, both of sets:

And characters:

Doozers! I don't care who you are, you want to pinch those lil' cheeks.


Click over to Jim Henson's Creature Shop to see the rest of Harron's photos - there are so many more.
I've only watched the first episode of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, btw, so I don't have an opinion on it yet. I loved the nostalgia blast, and it looks amazing, just have to see how the writing and stories go from here. How about you, have you seen it? Any thoughts?


Now let's check in with one of my all-time favorite Facebook groups, Weird and Wonderful Secondhand Finds.

Marjorie found a Trojan cat, y'all.


What a time to be alive.

Front view:

I have so many questions. Who? Why? And most importantly, did anyone check inside for an army of mice before locking up that night?

On the wonderful side of Weird and Wonderful, April H. shared her rainbow of dishware:

I will never get tired of rainbow collection photos. Ahhh. So satisfying.

April said she couldn't find a purple or green bundt pan, so she simply spray-painted some. Why didn't I think of that? Now my brain is abuzz with the thought of painting cheap thrift store glassware into a rainbow. Oooh. This could be dangerous.

Swinging back to extra weird with Amy A.'s find: what the top comment accurately describes as an "alien thirst trap." Also I'm sorry, in advance.

E.T., go home.

And finally, back to cats with Gala's purr-fect finds:

 Kitties! I want to squish the right one's cheeks SO BAD.

Apparently I'm in a cheek-squishing mood.


Speaking of Facebook group finds, this next one led me on an inconceivable journey. First someone in FOE shared this:

Which was so fantastic of course I had to find and join the group it was originally posted in, The Princess Bride: Inconceivableposting.

It's a public group, but look at the two questions you have to answer to be able to post:

This next one was trickier, but given the group name, I went with the Vizzini option:

After that I was rewarded with some excellent PB memes, two of which I will now inflict upon you:

And my personal favorite, which my fellow D&D nerds will appreciate:

[Travis Willingham voice] NAT-UR-AL TWENTYYYYY!


I hope these made you smile, and reminded you to chase the silly things you love, especially when the news is sad and life feels overwhelming.  The world needs your passions and your joys - we need them, your friends need them - so fling that shiz like confetti.

And do a hug check with your IRL peeps this weekend. I've been slacking on that as the world opens up again, but I promise, hugs are worth leaving the house for.

I post every Tuesday and Friday, so if the Facebook or IG algorithm hides my updates from you, just know I'll have a post waiting for you here twice a week. ::mwah::
P.S. With all this Princess Bride talk I thought I'd remind you that every nerd library deserves this stunner:

I love owning elegant editions of books I like; I use them in displays around the house, so they do double duty!

This one's just as pretty on the inside, too; it's filled with moody watercolor illustrations and decorative page borders:

Plus it's only $18 Prime, so a great gift!


  1. See, I've been wondering and asking "WHY IS JEN NOT TALKING ABOUT FRAGGLE ROCK?!"

    I watched the first two episodes with my best friend Baxter, who is a lifelong Muppet/Henson walking encyclopedia FREAK, and we both pretty much loved it. Mokey looks different; the only reason Baxter and I could come up with was that Mokey's OG appearance always looked/acted ("read") as being older than the others, so they youthed her up a bit? But the Doozers! THE DOOZERS, YO! They have a monorail!
    Yes, I'm gonna be 54 soon (spirits willing), but I regress to more like 4 when I see the Doozers! (Except for that weird Doozer animated show; that really is for very little kids, to the point where not even getting high first helps).

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  2. That Trojan Cat would make an excellent gift for Jenny Lawson. Perfect prop for her mice!!!
    (I love you both so much!)

    1. Yes! I had the exact same thought!

      And can we talk about how much that little guy looks like Wallace Shawn?! Perfection!

  3. As always, the entire post tickles me to death (had to join that Henson group too!). The tentacle collar just kills me because I have been wanting to do some animated clothing for AGES! Completely lacking in electronics and robotics skills is a big challenge there. But I have new inspiration to keep trying!

  4. have you seen the pre-order for the cookbook???


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