Tuesday, January 18, 2022

"Silence of the Yams," Gothic Mushroomcore, & Gondor Gon-Doors

Hiya! Happy Tuesday.

Today, in the category of "content you didn't know you needed," I bring you Corinne's Food Art, aka _ghoul_mom:

Her whimsical anthropomorphic food art puts the biggest grin on my face. It's not all sugar and sweet, either; Corinne's work also has some bite:

... and she enjoys the occasional creepy food pun:

Like "Silence Of The Yams." (Bahaha!)

As of this writing Corinne has less than 3,500 followers on Instagram, but I bet her account is gonna blow up soon. These are too good to go unnoticed for long! Fingers crossed she'll start offering prints, because I so want to decorate a kitchen with them.


Then for a truly hidden gem at only 380 followers, meet Katie Martin of Suncat Illustrations:

I love her characters! This is Plushie Cat, and Hika here has his own dollhouse:

Katie's bright, soft colors bring me back to my My Little Pony & Care Bears days: pure smiles.

Be sure to check out the Sun Cat Illustrations Etsy shop for originals, stickers, prints, and coloring pages you can download instantly for under a dollar. Sweet!


Marika of roompic_ru calls herself the "guardian of luminous mushrooms and forest spirits," and her teeny hand-sculpted snails just might steal your heart. Slowly.


And here are some of those "luminous mushrooms":

This isn't' digital art; it's a real life sculpture! Jaw: dropped.

Marika's mushrooms remind me of the Snowmade's, who I've featured before, but with a darker, more gothic twist. In fact her whole account is a witchy mushroomcore dream:

Marika is in Russia and I don't see any online shops listed, so I assume you'd have to contact her directly to commission a piece.


Bouncing back to the lighter, sillier side, we have Stephanie R. Lane of Slanedausy:

Stephanie has a way of capturing animal expressions that is irresistibly charming. I can't get enough of her big cats:

And she also loves painting the happiest, derpiest doggos:

Plus a few other magical creatures:

You can purchase prints - including large ones, yesss - at Stephanie's InPrnt shop here.


And finally, an artist team I've been keeping under wraps for months, because I bought so much of their work to give away as Christmas presents and didn't want to spoil the surprise, heh.

Behold, The Fairy Door by Blue Toucan Studios:

These doors are straight magic, friends; they're hand-sculpted designs cast in resin, then individually hand-painted. They have lots of fandom options, from TARDIS doors to Sherlock doors to...

Gon-Doors! :D 

Their design selection is dizzying, and they're constantly sculpting new options:

Here's one of my favorites I got for my friends John and Anna:

Look at that custom weathering! All hand-done! Because of the hand-painting, every door really is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the cherry on top: all the doors open. They're attached with magnets, so you can pop the doors off and put a picture or note inside!

Go browse all the available designs at the Blue Toucan Studios Etsy shop - and bookmark them to check back, since the stock is always changing. These magical doors start at just $22, so prepare to fill your cart with a zillion favorites like I did, ha.


Now, let's give away some art, shall we? You know the drill: comment and tell me which option is your favorite, and I'll pick three of you at random to win. I'll ship anywhere, so internationals welcome!

UPDATE: The give-away has ended!

The winner of the Critical Role set is Crickett
The winner of the Michael Whelan set is Tropical Chrome
And the winner of the Medusa & Mermaid set is Christy Lynn

Congrats, you three, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses!

DOOR #1: The Cities of Critical Role

For my fellow Critters, an officially licensed postcard pack donated by my friend & FoE Traci:

Each card is 4.5X7, and some of the city taglines are hilarious. "Vasselheim: Please stop teleporting here." Ha! These would look incredible on a gallery wall, someone with wall space please give them a home!

DOOR #2: Owl Lady & Friends

Another postcard pack, this time by the "alternative realism" artist Michael Whelan:

These cards are 5X7, and while I don't think that's supposed to be C3PO being sassy on the hilltop, I won't tell if you won't.

And finally,

 DOOR #3: Medusa & Mermaid

Thes are both by Kellee Riley on glossy heavy card, and roughly 4X6 each.

Happy commenting!



I do these art roundups because I looove finding new art, and it makes me especially happy to share independent artists with smaller followings with you. Nothing here is sponsored, and I purchase most of the give-away art myself. I ship everything for free - including internationally - for the same reason.

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  1. DOOR #2! Oh, the second I saw that sexy robot painting, I recognized it from my childhood. <3 It's the cover art Michael Whelan provided for the 1984 (the year I was born!) paperback edition of Isaac Asimov's "The Robots of Dawn," the 3rd book in the R. Daneel Olivaw/Elijah Bailey series. Hihgly recommend, if anyone hasn't read it yet. LOOOOOOOVE! That was the version I got from the library as a child the very first time I read it. Sadly, not the version I was able to purchase years later, but a joyful *and somewhat spicy* memory. ;D

    1. In case anyone is interested in the "in situ" version:
      (The link I first posted didn't work)

    2. Yaaas I also immediately recognized those Michael Whelan covers from my childhood! Turns out he did all the dragonriders of Pern covers as well as some Piers Anthony. Dude was everywhere back in the day!

  2. Door #1 is my absolute favorite - I'd love to gift it to my daughter. She is a giant D&D fan, listens to CR while she cleans the kitchen and chats about it to me all the time. She's away at college now (Go Gauchos!), and I'd love to give her something lovely for her apartment walls. Thank you!

  3. OMG, door #1! I loved those CR places postcards, but I came to the fandom late and missed them. DH gave me a very Merry Critmas, with lots of Mighty Nein and Vox Machina stuff, and the postcards would just be the cherry on top of all that.

  4. Blue toucan are friends of mine. Their Faerie doors come in bigger sizes too, cost adjusted appropriately. They are creative and magical and great peoples! And they love seeing pics of their door in their new home.

  5. I don't want to enter the drawing, I just gotta say that my bank account is shivering in terror because you posted those faerie doors! :D I want SO MANY of them!

  6. Ooh door #1! Thanks for sharing!

  7. OMG the Critical Role postcards! <3

  8. The details drawn into Hika's dollhouse for... peep birds?... are amazing. (that nest instead of a bed in the bedroom!!! The hexagonal front door! The bean bag chair!)


    I'm dying over here. I joined late, and was able to binge season 1 and most of season 2. This 1 episode every week is just KILLING me!

  10. Door 1 for my brother as a wedding gift please 😍

  11. Door number 3! but I really REALLY need to buy some of the magical fairy doors

  12. Bidet and hello, bees! Door 1, please! Those postcards are just gorgeous; the art is reminiscent of that wonderful graphic series of national (USA) park posters. I'm really looking forward to watching the premiere of The Legend of Vox Machina, and the rest of the series - I love the Briarwood arc. We'll also finally get to see the credits for who is voicing all the NPCs that Matt isn't doing!

  13. It's door #2 for me. So pretty.

  14. OMG I NEEEEEDDD a Fairy Door for my Office Gnome and buds!
    I'd take option #1 Cities of Critical Role, because I can make them part of Office Gnome's new Art Gallery. (Currently he and other mini gnomes are at a ski lodge on a filing cabinet at work. But he travels with me (back when we could safely travel). Like Portland, OR, Napa, NYC, London and New Mexico.

  15. What a great selection of cool stuff! I'd go for Door #1 please, as my daughter is a massive Critical Role fan, and she'd love them!

  16. Oh, those fairy doors are beautiful! The background one I can see of the B&tB rose is stunning.

  17. Door #2 please. I will never not adore Michael Whelan's art.

  18. Door #1! And I need to check out those fairy doors.

  19. I would love to throw my hat in the ring for Door #1...and those big cats may be my undoing. I thought I had the artwork picked out for our front room redo. But maybe not....

  20. Door #2! The top right illustration is from the book The Snow Queen by Joan D. Vinge Which is an amazing Science fiction retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. It and it's sequel The Summer Queen are among my favorite science fiction series ever.

    And now I want to reread them...

  21. Your art round-ups always bring more beauty to my IG feed. I love it! I'd love to be entered to the drawing for the Medusa/mermaid prints, those are beautiful! As always, thank you so much for sharing your finds!!!

  22. Oh my goodness! I adore your art roundups. And coveting all the Michael Whelan book cover art postcards. Door #2 please!

  23. Love the snails and the doors! I'd take the Whelan art if chosen to be art-worthy!

  24. ok but those medusa and mermaid prints are just incredible!

  25. Love the Medusa & Mermaid prints :) I love your art roundups, I've bought art from a few of the artists you've featured and it's always fun to look through new pretties!

  26. Russian Snails say "Come inside shell. Meet wife. Have tea."

    I love Michael Whelan SO MUCH. He has 15 Hugo wins, and at the 50th WorldCon in 1992, he was awarded a Super Hugo for being The Best Artist of the Last 50 Years!

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  27. Door #1, door #1, door #1.

    Though Michael Whelan is responsible for some of my favorite cover art of the works by Anne McCaffrey. All the Weyrs of Pern has just such a great cover.

  28. I would love door #1 as a surprise for my husband

  29. Door #2, I've always loved that owl lady art and book covers done by Michael Whelan. Those fairy doors are amazing. When I lived in Ann Arbor, I loved all the fairy doors that were hidden around town.

  30. OOOOOOH I love the critical role postcard set and would very much like to be entered into that drawing! Now off to follow some new instas!

  31. Door #3, I love those two prints!

  32. I love Door #1! I started watching Critical Role just a few months ago, and am absolutely enthralled. I'd love to have tomhose postcards!

  33. Oh well. Since that gorgeous dandy lion isn't behind any of the doors... I guess the artwork behind door #3 will have to do. Ahem. Just kidding. (Poorly, I know!) I think they're adorable! I send a postcard to my niece every week and I know she would love them!

  34. Oh, those Gon-Doors! {happy sigh} Anyway, I would love the Critical Role prints.

  35. door #3..loving that mermaid! and Medusa is pretty cool too

  36. I love that you featured Blue Tucan Doors! They are from Rochester, NY, where I am from. They go to the local Renaissance Festival every year, and I have seen them there. They are so great! I have bought multiple of their doors before.


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