Friday, January 21, 2022

My Favorite TikToks To Keep The Gloomies Away

It's Friday and my panic's up, booo. Probably just my hormones having their monthly Kylo Ren moment, but trying to explain that to the screaming ferret in my brain doesn't seem to help.

You know what does help? After taking the appropriate meds?

(If you don't see the videos after a few seconds try refreshing the page; sometimes they get stuck loading.)
@officialcinetv #snlsketch #impressions #impersonation #voiceimpressions #movieactor #snlfunny #foryoupage #comedycentral #comedian #comedy #rossmarquand #voiceactor ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

John sent me a bunch of these, btw, so he gets some credit. I only log in to TikTok a couple times a month, and every time I have about 50 forwarded links from John. (Forwarding funny links is the "flower and chocolates" of our time, am I right?)

I think I've shared Parkour Cat before, but it may be my favorite TikTok ever. I simply can't NOT laugh every time I see it. (I tried once, and strained something.) 

@__ashleysmashley__ Reply to @saxby73 this needed to be done #catsoftiktok #cats #fyp #petsoftiktok #puzzle ♬ original sound - Patty b

Be warned, this next one will get stuck in your head if you watch it 6 times in a row like I did:

Cosplay Life Goals:
The cutest doggo  I've seen in ages:
Wanna see Donkey from Shrek roast the Figment popcorn bucket? Of course you do.
What I love most about this is how Disney would NEVER. Hee.

This one's for the D&D crowd:
It was hard to pick just one favorite from Kurt, but the Druid HAS to win, bahaha. Go see Kurt's other vids, he is SUCH a good dancer, always makes me smile.

K this list is getting long, but one more, just for me:
@jenmarkham Was inspired watching the #ghostbusters ep of #moviesthatmadeus to post this favorite again! 👻 #rey #starwars #comedy #reycosplay ♬ original sound - Jen Markham


No wait, still not done, I have one more! It's not funny or silly, but I am high-key OBSESSED with this women's phenomenal closet make-overs:
Check out her account for more; I've watched them all like 4-5 times. Someone lemme do this to your closet pleeeeease.

I hope these increased your happiness quotient for the day! May your own mind ferrets leave you in peace this weekend, so you can rest up, maybe even have some fun. ;)



Oh hey, let's announce some art winners from last post:

The winner of the Critical Role set is Crickett
The winner of the Michael Whelan set is Tropical Chrome
And the winner of the Medusa & Mermaid set is Christy Lynn!

Congrats, you three, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses.


P.S. I hesitate - with good reason - to ever recommend health supplements here, but if you're a fellow anxiety warrior then I highly recommend L-Theanine. It's a simple supplement - not a blend - made from green tea, and gives a lovely calming effect without making me sleepy. If I'm feeling anxious but not Xanax-level anxious, this is what I take - and I've been using it for about a decade now. L-Theanine helps me reserve my Xanax for emergencies, and again, doesn't make me sleepy the way Xanax does. In fact I couldn't write today 'til I took two capsules of Theanine.

 I've tried more expensive brands, but this one works as well or better, and costs less than $10 a bottle:

From talking to friends I can tell you Theanine works best on those of us who are more sensitive to medications. It's subtle. So if you find it takes a lot of something before you feel it - pain meds, alcohol, meds, etc - then this is probably not for you. And of course, always check with your doctor before trying something new.

If you're about to suggest magnesium as a supplement for anxiety: I take that, too! There are so many different kinds of magnesium with different effects, though, that you'll want to do your own research to see which is best for you.


  1. Ok first, THANK YOU for these tiktoks...made my morning, seriously! Second, thanks for the link for L Theanine, it works very well for me, but I quick using it because the cost was too much for me, this is reasonable and knowing it's a good brand with a recommendation helps more than you know!(insert a hearty "WAHOO!")...and 3rd, if you're ever in SoCal..YES PLEASE! on the closet redo! I just bought "my last house" and it's actually perfect for "aging in place" (I'm not that old, but ya, I am so over moving and so yes, I'll be here for the next 30+ years thank you.)-- anywho, lovely last house but the owner's suite closet literally fell apart (as in the shelving, rods and everything on them crashed down and through the closet doors at 3:42a.m.). "why?" you might ask? Well because the previous owners installed their system using 1/2" screws (not actual screws that would hold anything heavier than a kleenex) into drywall (not studs) and for what it's worth they stood the test of time (for about 3 months and one-half days/nights/ well frankly it was way too early in the morning -but you get it)...and I need a new system!

  2. @s'mee I bet that was terrifying hearing that crash at 3:42 a.m.!!

    1. It sounded like a car coming through the wall -SO LOUD...I woke up in a start and as soon as I began walking (in the dark) I began to stumble on the 'debris' of clothes, shoes, and every 'shoe' box of 'stuff'(now shattered plastic and emptied) that was on the shelving. I had to turn the light on and it looked like a major earthquake had just happened, but only in front of the closet! I cleared a path and went back to bed because there was no way I was dealing with that mess with a sleepy head! lol

  3. The L Theanine link just goes to the blogger home page. Would like for you to get credit for the clicks!

  4. If you're willing to come to NJ, we have 3 closets and a cute baby... and I do NOT have an eye for use-of-space.

  5. I sent email thanking you, but I also wanted to post a public thank you for the Michael Whelan postcards! I am sorry I hadn't emailed earlier, but I'm still impressed you still had my address from earlier! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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