Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Snail TV, The Muppets Animal, & A Blockbusters Basement

Happy Tuesday, my tasty totchos! (I'm trying out some new nicknames - expect a food theme.) How was your weekend? I've been alternating between chair-dancing to Encanto songs and snuffling back tears to Encanto songs, ha. (I usually forget to mention Movie Nights here, but that was our pick last Friday/Sunday on the Epbot Discord. SO GOOD.)

Now, let's see what gems the internet has to offer us today, shall we?

Over in Jim Henson's Creature Shop (a FB fan group) Emily E. made her boyfriend a plush version of himself... in Animal form:

 AAAAAA! Y'all. We all need Animal avatar plushies now. This needs to be a thing.

Emily's boyfriend is a drummer who loves ice cream, plus Emily made a replica of his favorite hoodie. AMAZING. See Emily's original post with a few more photos here.


Here's a fascinating nugget and resource for you crafters, art lovers, and anyone interested in copyright law:

Jasmine Becket Griffith - a rock star in the art world with official pieces in the Disney parks, Hot Topic, and shops around the world - is putting tons of her artwork into the public domain under Creative Commons licensing. Meaning anyone can use it, modify it, and sell it, for free. o.0 Jasmine says she may be the first living artist to do this, which is very possible.

Griffith is starting with 625 pieces, but reports she has 5 to 6 thousand she plans to add. She is actively encouraging folks to use her art on merch and sell it, no strings attached. (Though of course credit or a donation via her Patreon is always welcome.)

Check out her FB announcement here for more details on the how and why, then go browse all of Jasmine's available works for download here on her website. I'm excited to see what some of you do with this, and VERY interested to see if this will help or hurt Jasmine's income going forward. Such a fascinating, gutsy experiment.


Over in 90's Nostalgia Nick C. turned part of his basement into a 90's era video store, and it's a blockbustin' blast from the past:

Raise your hand if this photo brings you back to your childhood.

::raises both hands::

And tell me this next photo doesn't make your inner 14 year old start screeching:

Now THAT is a Saturday night. Just needs some fresh-baked cookies.

Plus - PLUS - Nic added all kinds of fun galaxy lights and LED strips for nighttime!

OoooOOOooh. You can see Nic's video collection on his Instagram account, Nostalgia Video.


One of you tipped me off about this IG account that recreates iconic movie and TV show sets with SNAILS, and I am both befuddled and delighted:
No soggy bottoms? Snailed it.

Go follow Aleia and her snails for more wonderfully weird whimsy.


Diana C. made this sparkly light-up moon that is giving me all sorts of crafty ideas:

She posted this in Dollar Tree's Creative Minds for Christmas, but we could modify this for year-round, right? It would make such a magical nightlight!


Speaking of light, let's throw back to Halloween time at Disney, where this group costume has me finally seeing... well, you know:

Best part's at the tail end. Ermergersh.


I've featured them before, but here's another reminder that if you're not following Creative Soul Photography, you're missing out:
Those Wonder Woman vibes with the tennis racket... AMAZING.  Everything they do makes my jaw drop.


And finally, a laugh for my fellow Disney parks fans. It's a month old, but I had to make sure y'all saw this:

The lower video is the one you want. I snickered through the whole thing.

(If you're lost, it's a parody of the ride Soarin'.)


Oh hey, since this saved my butt yesterday during a long painting day, I have a random product recommendation:

This is my new favorite belt, y'all. It basically turns anything with belt loops into an elastic waist. So comfy I forget it's on, slimline so it doesn't show under my t-shirts, and NO BELT BUCKLE to dig into my belly or unbuckle for bathroom breaks. Woohoo!

You know how stretch jeans are forever sliding down when you sit or bend, so you have to keep hitching them back up? No more! I wear this with all my jeans now, and it stood the test yesterday of 8 hours crawling around on the floor painting trim. (More on that job later.) It's entirely elastic, so it moves and stretches with you, zero painful digging. I HIGHLY recommend for anyone well endowed with squish in the belly area.

The listing says this belt is for men, but I promise all you need to wear it is a 30 inch waist or more. ;) It's adjustable, comes in 2 sizes, and costs less than $12.

As always anything you purchase through my Amazon links gives a little back to support Epbot, so thanks for clicking and browsing!


  1. I have that belt, and it is the most comfortable thing ever! I wear it for work daily...dress code is if it has belt loops, you gotta have a belt! I have a small hernia on the front of my stomach and wearing a belt over it makes me nauseous... this one doesn't.

    The snails are adorable! I lost myself for quite a while watching the clips on that IG account!

  2. Allllll these creations are amazing but OMG—that belt has been in and out of my Amazon cart so many times! Seemed like a great idea but just couldn’t commit until now 👍. Rarely have occasion to leave the house these days but refuse to do so in leggings (personal comfort level, NO judgement) and jeans that fit bum and hips gap at the waist.

    1. p jane, if you or someone you know sews, here is a link to my mom's clever alteration instructions for taking in the waistband in jeans. She is now a retired seamstress, I'm luck that she still does the alterations for me. Worth doing for jeans you really like. Because I wear a tool belt at work I'm glad to not have a belt on my waist too. http://dooziedoesit.blogspot.com/2011/01/reducing-waist-in-jeans-gulp.html

    2. Thank you! I sew but haven’t braved alterations—this looks like something I can handle 👍🏻

  3. I love the snails for many reasons, but mostly because there's no cake missing *1* raspberry at the end of the intro!

  4. May I recommend checking out shrimplybeautiful on tiktok for some good vibes? It's a bunch of beautiful shrimp that the creator breeds in their tanks, usually with some music and lights that they seem to be dancing to.

  5. I wonder, does the video basement have a "back room" for the adult films? if I have a basement I think I could do that with all the films I have. though I'm more 10000 videos than blockbuster!


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