Tuesday, June 15, 2021

AT-AT Snack-Snacks, A Glittery Goblin King, & Cruella Paper-Cuts


Someone sent me a whole thread of these last week (which of course I can't find now), and I felt this one in particular needed to be shared/inflicted. I bet if you stuck teeny googly eyes on the butt cheeks you'd get a pudgy mole with a shaved undercut.

::head tilt::

Hang on.


Or it's a slightly squished anteater, ha.

And now I will seamlessly transition into today's actual post.

Ahem hem hem.


::whispers on the wind:: seeeamlessssss

First up, AT-AT snack-snacks!

WANT. And I bet you can tell by the name how I say "AT-AT." :p
(Don't come for me, it's just more fun to say that way.)

Anyhoo, don't you just want to pop these sweeties in your mouth for a big satistying CHOMP?

Well DON'T, they're made of resin and clay and stuff. Which is even better, because this way they last forever and won't attract those tiny sugar ants you think are just specks of dust until they start moving and freak you out at 3AM. Hypothetically.

The creator of the AT-AT Snack-Snacks, Fiona of Prismatic Brush, actually specializes in cute dinosaur sculpts. Except they're not just dinosuars; sometimes they're dinosaur/vegetable hybrids with punny names:

Sneeks and Carrex and Tomurtles, oh my!

Fiona also makes delicious Bertie Bott's every-flavor dino beans:

Plus Poke-dinos, Ninja Turtles, ranbow cake dinos, and more:

Check out the Prismatic Brush web store for adoption details, and of course follow her on Instagram for more!


Kathlene's Creations recently painted the sweetest little Hufflebadger ever, LOOK:

EEEEEEEE! So much flailing over here.

All of her art seems to be that sweet, simple, wispy style:

AND THEN, she makes lil' enamel pins!

Yzma kitty on Kuzko's nose, omigosh. And Pascal with Max!

Head to Kathlene's online shop to browse and/or buy everything from stickers to pins to prints to hand-painted purses.

Some of you remember how I feel about Labyrinth, right? And as an avid art fangirl, of COURSE I hunt for new Labyrinth art. After actual decades of this I can tell you one thing for certain: David Bowie's face breaks most artists. They just can't do it, y'all, they can't capture him. So finding art of Jareth that actually looks like Jareth is nigh-on impossible.

Which brings me to Ashleigh of Studio DarkBloom, who I'm delighted - giddy, even! -  to report has achieved the impossible:


Ashleigh clearly adores David Bowie, because she has more paintings of him than anyone or anything else in her shop, both as Jareth and as himself. 

Now here's where I start grinning like the cheesy 80s fangirl I am: Ashleigh offers hand-embellished prints of Jareth... WITH GLITTER:

Look at that sparkle, aw yeah.

And listen, if Labyrinth's not your thing, she's still got you covered: 

Hands down, my favorite depiction of Loki ever.

Ashleigh's use of color is MIND-BLOWING:


And finally a non-fandom one, because this painting haunts me in the most beautiful way:

Head over to the Studio Darkbloom Etsy shop for prints, stickers, and even a few originals! Ashleigh also has a RedBubble shop where you can order her work on everything from pillows to phone cases, which could get dangerous real fast. ;)


Alley McGlynn is a cut paper artist I just discovered with less than 3,500 followers, so of COURSE we've gotta spread some love her way: 

She layers up these intricate scenes shadowbox style, and she has a retro mod style and the BEST color sense:

Her Instagram account is all the most delightful eye candy; her works-in-progress are just as gorgeous as the finished pieces!

This old-school Cruella sillhouette in the doorway is my current favorite. SO SO GOOD.

Alley also does more in 3D: she makes sweet paper cakes under glass domes, and free-standing little Parisian shop fronts, all out of paper!

One more Disney piece, though; I love how Cindy's dress is free-standing:


Head over to Alley's Etsy shop for prints, stickers, greeting cards, and even originals if you're quick enough to snag one during her sales!

And finally, Lucia Heffernan paints animals doing human things, like yoga or playing video games:

Most of them will make you laugh, but others are just beautful and sweet:

This dapper otter may be my favorite, heh:

Give Lucia a follow on Instagram if you want more sweet smiles in your feed, then check out her Etsy shop for paper prints, or her online webstore for canvas giclées.

Now, let's give away some art from my stash, shall we? Remember, to enter you have to choose your favorite of these sets to win, so, choose wisely.

OPTION #1: Weird Robots

My first set includes an original, one-of-a-kind painting by Karl Diaz. It's a painting of a C3PO sushi roll topped with R2D2 caviar and being held by lightsaber chopsticks. It's weird. It's awesome. You know you want it.

The set also includes a print by Diaz called "Fish Power" printed on heavy watercolor paper.

OPTION #2: Glorious Purpose

My next set is for you Loki fans, and also includes an original OOAK piece:

You get the 8.5X11 print AND the original ink drawing the print was made from, both by Michael "Locoduck" Duran.

And finally, OPTION #3: Patronus Vibes

This one's for my fellow Hufflepuffs and/or Potter fans:

The badger is an original copper plate etching intaglio by Chelsea Smith, which John displayed in his room for years. (It's not actually fanart, we just thought it had patronus vibes.) Luna conjuring her rabbit patronus is a signed 8X10 print by Kate Carleton.

Or, uh, enter the art give-away. Yeah. That's what I meant.

Then *I* will choose 3 of you lucky commenters at random to win. I'll announce the winners in my very next post, so remember to check back!

UPDATE: The give-away has ended!

The winner of the Weird Robots set is Amanda Nease
The winner of the Loki set is jtb34
And the winner of Patronus Vibes is JulieG

Congrats, you three, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses!


I do these art roundups because I love - LOVE - finding new art, and it makes me happy to share independent artists with you. I also purchase most of the give-away art myself, and ship everything for free - including internationally - for the same reason.

All that to say, if you like these roundups and want to help me keep at 'em, then please share my posts, leave a comment, tag a friend, etc. etc.  Or, if you want to get EXTRA hardcore, you can support me directly through Paypal, either as a one time tip or by signing up to give a few dollars per month - which you can cancel at any time.

Thanks, gang, love y'all.


  1. Absolutely love #1!
    And those tiny dino-cakes! :)

  2. I love #1.

    Oh that Labyrinth artwork *swoon*

  3. Luna fan here, but me in for #3 please. = )

  4. So much happiness in this post! Lovely artwork! #1 for me...

  5. option 2, Loki is such a charmer. But those clay creature are so adorable!

  6. LUNA!!!! And, of course, Huffle Pride, baby!

  7. Ahhhhh! How to choose??? Eeney meeney miney - #3. Or 2, no 3. Ack! I love 1 too.

    Final answer: #3. Yes.

  8. I want to win #1 for my hubby, he would love them!

  9. OK that was SO hard! I was like.. definitely number 1! Then I enjoyed number 2... but then NUMBER 3 caught me.

    You make this so tough each month, but I've got to go with number 3.

    Also, that little dragon lying on his back with his cupcake is my favorite thing in this entire roundup.

  10. Option 1! I have a robot wall where they would happily live! Also the AT-AT's are amazing!

  11. the rainbow cake dinosaurs are legitimately the cutest things i've ever seen

  12. I’m all about Loki, so #3 for me!!

  13. My six year old son is robot obsessed, so art grouping #1 would be perfect for his room.

  14. I would adore #2 - Glorious Purpose!

  15. Great round up as always. I like #3 best. Thanks!

  16. Ooooooooooooooh! #3, Luna and the badger! <3

  17. I would love #2 💙 and could definite use a little love right now 🥺😭

  18. #1 the robots! It’s one thing we all agree on in my family, robots are cool 😎

  19. I love how colourful my instagram feed is thanks to you!

    Also, I would love #1 - robots are my jam!

  20. Loki would look awesome in my grandson's bedroom, so I'd love to have #2.

  21. Wait wait wait… Let’s talk about the AT-AT portion of this post. First, CUTE! Second, I’m fine with the way you pronounce it, that’s how I pronounce it too. But… “Don’t come *for* me”? Oh no! Missed pun opportunity! “Don’t come AT me”! Anyway, I STILL LOVE YOU! ;)

  22. I LOVE the weird robots! They would look fab on my living room wall, which after 21 years is STILL BARE! Help me, Jen, help me!

  23. I love the badger and Luna, so enter me please!! <3 (I love all of them but since I'm only picking one, I'm going with that one.) Thank you!!

  24. The Dapper Otter is adorable! Enter me for the Weird Robots please ;^}

  25. #3 please. Luna is the favorite of my friend's daughter Cordelia (today is her 14th birthday). I just recently finally watched the entire Harry Potter series so I would have some vague idea of what she sometimes refers to.

  26. OMG I love the C-3PO one so much!

    (And I *need* the rainbow cake dinos!)

  27. I purchased glitter Jareth awhile back. It truly is spectacular.

  28. Selection number 2 speaks to me on so many levels!! I love your round ups and your segway was oh so smooth....

  29. I'm not sure which I love more: finding new artists on your roundups or seeing you feature an artist I adore. It is VERY hard on the pocketbook, but supporting independent artists is such a WHOLESOME addiction...

  30. Id love to win Option 1! That is the cutest sushi roll ever.

  31. Fingers crossed for number 3! I don't have any HP friends, but I'm still excited to be a Hufflepuff

  32. I don't want any of the art, I just want THAT HEDGIE BUTT! I'm going to keep that shot for when I'm upset, like Howard Moon and his photo of kittens in a barrel on "The Mighty Boosh": "the one on the left is named Philip. Look at his little face."

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  33. Oh my gosh, you're right, that Loki is stunning! <3

  34. # 2 or # 3! I'm a Huffle-in! (Hufflepuff/Slytherin mix). So either Loki or HP would be lovely!

  35. My daughters would LOVE Luna.

  36. Love the Loki art! Our family are big Marvel fans. We are really enjoying the new Loki show on Disney+. It's so much fun!

  37. I would love the Harry Potter art. I have . started reading the books to my 7yo daughter and she would be so thrilled . Chris from Germany

  38. Option #1, please. My dad collects robot art, and he would love these.

  39. And my Etsy wish list grows longer, lol. Thank you for sharing these great artists! While Loki is absolutely adorable, I'm going to have go with option #3 with Luna. Thanks for giving us a chance at some beautiful art!

  40. I always enjoy your art roundup posts and often click on the links, but never follow through. That is until now...

    So, after reading this post I am now approximately AU$165 poorer, but very much looking forward to receiving my framed picture of a sea otter wearing a bowler hat and monocle. :D


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