Monday, June 7, 2021

My Favorite Finds From An Orlando Antique Mart: Toys, Cute Stuff, & All The Nostalgia

Last month I finally got to browse my favorite antique mall again, and it was heaven. Now, I already showed y'all the cursed objects, so here come the COOL objects. At least to me. So really this is more of a gauge to see how much overlap there is in our "cool stuff" Venn diagrams.

For example... 

Are these cool to you?

That's a trick question, of course. These are cool to literally everyone. (Shhhhh. NOT A WORD.)

Ok, maybe "cool" is a stretch. How about "filled with so much cringing-yet-delightful nostalgia you have to laugh a little"? I mean, were you even a child in the late 80s if you didn't have a shiny resin art plaque (Oh! Or clock!) on your wall?

Here's something a little more timeless:

Purple swan bubble bath bottle! We need more packaging like this today, please.

In fact this entire booth was an art exhibit of adorable vintage packaging: hairnets, sewing patterns, toiletries, and more:

Plus it had this kitsch-alicious lamp:

I'm getting strong Mary Blair/Small World vibes.

I tend to only photograph the individual objects, but I'll try to throw a few fun booth photos in here, too. Which thing(s) jump out at you first? What would you make a beeline for?

I dream of assembling a rainbow display shelf someday with glassware like those pretty blue pieces in the upper right. As soon as I find a good spot for it, look out.

This friar cookie jar is from before my time, I think, but he reminds me of Ziggy and that late 70s cartoon style, super cute:

You can tell I gravitate towards all the cheery/cheesy goods, while John pines for the fjords and stained glass lamps like this:

He wants this one real bad, y'all. We didn't get it because I don't know where we'd put it, but if it's still there in the future I'm taking it as a sign, and bringing it home anyway.

Back to my cheery cheesy stuff:

How cute is this owl pitcher's lil face??

It's always a dual thrill/insult when you find your own childhood stuff in an antique mart, and I have to admit this one caused some outrage:

This poster looks just like some of the ones I and my Trekker friends had on our walls during middle school - probably purchased from Walmart - and this vendor wanted $200 for it. Um. WHAT.

Also I'm pretty sure I had this version of 80s Mickey & Minnie on a t-shirt, ha:

Weird angle 'cuz I was digging through stacks of framed flotsam to get to this.

I still want all of Minnie's outfit, btw, and need to wear more pink and yellow together.

Here's a booth of vintage "boy toys", and I am NOT referring to the entire cast of Supernatural:

Batman collectibles are an excellent consolation prize, though:

Tiny wrist compass!

Maybe we should bring these back. After all, no one needs a watch anymore because we have our phones, but we ALSO... don't need a compass because we have our phones. Hm. Drat.

Anyone else a sucker for all the airbrushed big-eye ceramics? You see them everywhere, usually in soft pastels, and I think most are planters?

I like the soft sloppy color style, especially on this Dopey:

So sweet!

This almost made the Cursed Objects post, but it's more hilarious than creepy:

I... almost love it?

I'm also a lover of kitschy mermaid/seahorse bathroom decor, usually the plaster wall plaques. So check THIS bad boy out:

This was in a locked glass case, so not sure if it's plastic or plaster, but THOSE COLORS, am I right?

Cute (and almost creepy) elephant pitcher:

Here comes a Disney park history Pop Quiz: who remembers this character?

Hint: He was later replaced by Stitch, and always goes... to excess.

That pun is friggin' brilliant if you have any idea what I'm talking about, btw.

John & I spent a few minutes playing with this wind-up boat toy:

You pull it back and it waddles forward, swaying side to side, while some of the characters try to move. (It was, uh, kinda broken.)

I doubt this salt & pepper shaker set is very old, but LOOK HOW ADORABLE:


Then there's this tiny angry owl:

It's only about the size of my hand, hollow, and claims to be a lamp. John tried to shine his phone light through it and only got the faintest glow, but I'd still hook this up as a little night light if I weren't too cheap to spend $55 on it. So cute, so small, SO ANGRY. I feel a kinship with this owl, y'all.

Children of the 80s!


Just like vintage Care Bears art, I looooove vintage Rainbow Brite art. I think I'll search for old coloring books the next time I'm killing time on ebay.

One booth had a big rubbermaid bin on the floor full of books, but no old Tom Clancy paperbacks here, NO SIR:

Kinda want to find the whole series now.

This one, not so much:

The longer I look at this, the more questions I have.
(Is that a Snickers bar sticking out of his pants??)

Which reminds me:

Don't you just LOVE science?


A duck who is NOT Donald, but I was still tempted to bring home:

And the cookie jar we were all required to have in our kitchens in the early 90s:

Or if you didn't have this, you had the kitchen towels and/or wallpaper border, right? (My mom went the extra mile and had all three.)

Ahh, at last, a USEFUL instruction manual:


And how cool is that cover design?

I don't know anything about this except it's from 1914, but talk about the perfect gift if you're dating - or want to date - a book-loving introvert.

Even up close, these glasses looked like they were full of colorful frothy milkshakes:

I had to pick one up to convince myself there's nothing in them. I've never seen a finish like it! Just gorgeous.

More prettiness:

And finally, because this post is long enough and I'm making myself want to go antiquing again, I spotted the SWEETEST vintage Halloween art print hiding behind a metal shelf:

I looked up the artist, and it's Barbi Sargent, the original creator of Strawberry Shortcake and illustrator of lots and LOTS of American Greeting cards during the 1970s. I found a fan group for Sargent on FB if you want to see more, but be warned, it's quite the cute rabbit hole.

I hope virtually antiquing with me made you smile! I'm a little behind this week since I've been down with tummy troubles - lots of couch naps & hot packs - so it's been a nice distraction reliving these fun finds with you. 

Also, just gonna put this out there, but if you're ever visiting Orlando and NOT spending the whole time at the theme parks, come antiquing with me! John and I are officially doing meetups again, and this is a super fun, super chill way to hang out for a few hours away from the touristy areas. And it's air-conditioned. Win-WIN.


P.S. If you're like Past Me and still struggling with a microwave hot pack, let me introduce you to the best thing for tummy cramps and achey shoulders:

Neck Wrap Heating Pad

I bought one of these last Fall to help with my arm numbness (caused by tight neck muscles), but since then I've discovered it's also fab for wrapping around my midsection when I have gut pain. The side flaps make it kind of C shaped, so it stays in place when I'm sitting or laying down, and I like that it ONLY heats my abdomen, not my thighs or chest. Plus it plugs in, and there are 3 levels of heat! I use it every few nights on my shoulders, but it's days like today - when I napped with it wrapped around my abdomen - that I remember just how fantastic it is. Ahhhh. Good stuff.


  1. Does the tag on that Tiffany lamp really only say $12.50?!?!?! At that price, you BUY THE LAMP. Please, if it's been more than 24 hours and John still wants it...go back and get it if it's still there. Figure out where to put it later.

    As always, thanks for sharing! Your photos are a wonderful.

  2. Pretty sure I had that Mickey/Minnie picture on a Trapper Keeper, now that's an '80s statement.

  3. Is that a Jem and the Holograms VHS? (or is it Barbie and the Rockers....I had both)

  4. I'm in Orlando, and I love that antique mall! Those frosty glasses ALMOST came home with me my last visit... But I want a set of glasses in a holder. Whenever I go there I look for you and John!

  5. I think that is the handle of a knife and not a Snickers sticking out of that dude's pants, but that leads to even more questions. For example, HOW IS HE NOT STABBING HIMSELF IN HIS NETHER REGIONS OR THIGH?

  6. I think the Snickers bar is a knife... which just leads to other questions.

  7. the Star Trek poster can probably still be purchased at a reasonable price from Intergalactic Trading Co. give them a call. they're in Longwood still not far from the Big Tree park. I use to work for them in both the warehouse and store. and they had that print. and quite a few others. that is a fantastic antique mall.

    1. Holy flatcats, Intergalactic is still around?! I don't know if they've always been located in Florida, but they had one of the best booths at San Diego Comic Con for decades! All my best nerd related patches, jewellery, and replica rank pins and stuff came from them. I knew Con had outgrown itself when they couldn't afford a booth anymore (I'd still see them at an occasional Trek con, they told me that was the case). The last time I did biz with them was online back in '08, when I got the Vulcan IDIC pendants and some other bits n' bobs for my Trek wedding, and they were as awesome as ever. For real, all you nerds out there, especially costumers-- this company really deserves your support.

      Your Pal,

      Storm the Klingon

  8. Ohhh, I got one of those shoulder heating pads one Christmas, and it's amazing!

  9. In case you still want to read how to woo a recluse:

  10. Great pics, and I love antiques/flea markets! They are a modern-day treasure hunt! Quick question, in the upper right corner of the photo showing the Batman Directional Finder is something that says "Wonder Woman." Any chance you have a shot of the full item? I have a dear friend is a an absolute fiend for all things WW

    1. I had to check, but sadly I don't have more pics of that cabinet, no. There's so much, I could walk the same aisle 10 times and see new things every pass!

    2. Bing or Google "DC Comic Ceramic Figurine" images and you should be able to see pics from a couple of angles

  11. This Gilmore Girls-a-holic is COVETING that dragonfly Tiffany lamp!! I have a place for it and have been looking for one FOREVER!! *wishing I lived closer to Orlando*

  12. I can't imagine a more fun way to spend a day than antiquing with you & John, and that includes any theme park (unless there's a Ryan Reynolds theme park- is there????). I love thrifting & going to estate sales, but obviously haven't been doing much the past year. And it's so much more fun with like-minded people like you two. My husband and I used to love looking for the creepiest Santas/snowmen/angels, and there were many.

  13. Any chance you remember what the Jem & the Holograms box was about? I see Aja doing her habitual pose. (Poor girl must have been part flamingo!) Those dolls, the cartoon, the music. It actually makes for a pretty good housecleaning soundtrack, imho. :)

    1. I don't remember much about the box, sadly, but we did also find a Jem & the Holograms CAR, which was epic and huge and neon, ha. If you remind me over on the FB post I'll add a photo of it for ya in the comments.

    2. I was curious about that too, I found one on ebay. It's a vhs tape of a two-part episode called 'Talent Search'. It's the episode where Shana left the band and they brought in Raya on the drums.

      Hope this link works:

  14. Skippy! I experienced that attraction as a college sophomore and it was the scariest thing I did in all three parks (AK didn't exist yet!).

  15. I had SOMETHING with that 80s Mickey & Minnie on it, but I can't remember what. I definitely recognized it, though!

    Also, I'm pretty sure the required duck cookie jar is still in my mom's kitchen, lol

  16. I LOVE that hideous multicolored lamp! I really wish I lived closer enough to snag that colorful, plasticy plastic shaded lamp

  17. I would make a bee line for the frog bowl on that stool, I didn't even look at anything else in that booth. I love how the tags on the items are just sooo wrong sometimes "Betty Brite Doll" Ha! I have, once or twice, corrected tags that are so bad that I just couldn't handle how mis-labeled they were.

  18. That ridiculous/amazing glowy gem lamp looks like something out of an episode of TOS Star Trek

    1. ::gasp:: You're totally right! And that makes it so much better! Bahaha


  19. For the "what sticks out to you photo"? I'd make a beeline straight to the avocado green pyrex on the yellow bookcase.

    And I think I even remember making one of those hodge podge plaques!

    Please tell me you bought those A. Merritt books! My bibliophile side just about squee'd out loud!

    I have one of those shoulder heating pads too, but the one where there is a longer portion for going down the back. Even has ties for around your waist to keep it flat against your back. Love it!

  20. My sister loved this antique/consignment store in Wilmington NC. Wide range of stuff and the prices would drop over time. For example that little owl "lamp" might start at $55, but the price would drop after 3 months (4?) to maybe $40, then another 3 or 4 months later to $20; after that small things ended up in the $5 room. So if you had patience and were willing to gamble, or liked something but not enough to pay the original price, you just waited. All the prices and dates were on the tags (until it was in the $5 room).

    1. Ohhh, I wish ours did that! Sometimes I'll look back through old photos and realize the same things are still there YEARS later, but the price doesn't change. Harrumph.

    2. Have you ever tried haggling on the prices? Especially if the piece has been there forever.

  21. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I totally want to read that first book by A. Merrit! Also, the white mermaid with the blue bowl just reminded me of my mother's soap dish she had while I was growing up. It didn't look like that at all, but what a good memory you caused. I must have seen it thousands of times but don't know what happened to it and now I wish I had a picture of it, just for nostalgia's sake. Thanks Jen!

  22. And also, is anyone going to cosplay as foxwoman next year? That fastastical bra she is sporting does NOT look very supportive! You'd have to "swoop and scoop" very precisely and use a lot of double stick tape to keep that thing in place!!

  23. The duck who is not Donald is "Talking Murduck, The Original Scrubba Ducky Tub Toy". Basically a bath-time version of Teddy Ruxpin. He said 7 phrases and was advertised as "huggable" despite being made of fairly hard vinyl...

    I gotta say, the "Man From U.N.C.L.E." board game in the "boy toys" booth is a sweet find!

  24. That's interesting about the duck, Captain Video42! I am concerned though, about why, in the Disney boat toy, Donald's head is all orange, and not just his beak.

  25. Oh wait...I just realized that it is ALL of Donald that is orange - not just his head. Weird.

  26. Skippy!
    Also I had that 80s Mickey and Minnie picture on my wall as a tiny child. Ahhh memories...

  27. Speaking of fun things from my childhood - look what I found!

  28. Ohh hell yeah!!! Whenever Karl & I are planning to be in the Orlando area to visit the Wizarding World, I will hit you up so we can do a meet up :D


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