Saturday, March 13, 2021

Celestial Ceilings, Animal Crossing Bags, & Hilarious Quagmires Of Quaginess


How's your weekend going?

Last week I celebrated finishing my puppet room post by making myself an EXCELLENT brownie sundae, but foolishly didn't check the ingredients on the toppings, and ended up making myself sick for 2-3 days. (Whoops.) (Curse you, high fructose corn syruuuuup!! ::shaking fist at sky and also the jar of maraschino cherries::)

So yeah, my week just flew by, until this afternoon when I was like OH HEY IT'S SATURDAY maybe I should post something.

Fortunately I do plenty of scrolling when I'm laid up on the couch snuggling a hot pack, so I have goodies to share.

This is Albertine Bookstore in NYC:

(via Victorian House on FB, which posts SO MUCH architectural eye candy)

I want to go to there.

Wait, let me rephrase that. I want my house to look like that. 'Cuz leaving the house is overrated.


You ever see something that makes you cringe away in horror, then do a double take, then laugh with delight?

(via Reddit

How 'bout now?   

(Someone in the comments wrote "Chomping at the bit" and I am STILL slow-clapping. Bravo, commenter. Bravo.)


I recently discovered the gentlest, sweetest comic that's like a warm hug delivered through your eyeballs:


They're all this sweet, too. Prepare to fall down the cozy rabbit hole over at Buddy Gator's Instagram.


Brace yourself, because NOT ONLY did Shasta of @SciFiCheerGirl make her very own "Lady Buster" renaissance styled GHOSTBUSTERS gown(!!):

... she ALSO made outfits for her "Slimer Lordling" and Little Lady Buster!

  "Prithee, I have no trepidation of specters."


Head over to Shasta's original Instagram post to see the full group shot, including her hubby's Stay Puft ensemble! Also be sure to follow her for lots more awesome cosplay and costuming.


Also on Instagram, Oyasu Miki hand makes the most incredible Animal Crossing bags, and I'm kinda obsessed:

Look at Pietro!! Miki pieces together colorful vinyl to make the bags perfect 3D renderings, which is completely breaking my brain. HOW.

The back is as pretty as the front, wowza.

One more, here's √Čtoile:

Check out Miki's account to see so many more, and then weep with me that we can't have them all. Hnnnng.


You've probably seen this, but juuuust in case you haven't:

Filing this away for future gift ideas because it would be the funniest subtle troll ever.


And finally, I'll leave you with another hilarious quagmire to become... mired... in. 

::reads back over that sentence.::

:: Nods decisively::


I'm a TikTok lurker, and Morgan Presley's fashion vids have consistently made me almost wake up John with my barely-restrained guffaws:

I've watched a few of her Vogue recreations over and over, and I swear they get funnier every time.  Here's one of my all-time favorites:

That little wave, omigosh. DED.

The good news is you don't need TikTok to follow Morgan; she also posts everything on Instagram! So go forth and scroll down 'til you see the Panty Swiffer, because oh my gosh. It is spit-take funny.

I hope these brought a little smile to your Saturday!


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  1. I downloaded the 3d files for that bit holder a week or so ago, waiting for the filament I want to come into stock so I can print it in translucent ruby red. I know a few folks who'd be delighted to get one for christmas.....

    1. That is a FANTASTIC idea for gifts! One of the first things to seriously tempt me to get a 3D printer, haha.

  2. Apparently the translation center in my brain isn't working properly today. Started reading this post and immediately envisioned a room filled with cuddly puppies...

  3. That comic is super sweet. It also reminds me that I wanted to recommend an adorable graphic novel series about cats by Georgia Dunn. The first one is called Lupin Leaps In. It is about 3 housecats who produce news stories about the goings on around them. They are so sweet and so funny and so spot on!

  4. That bit holder is awesome!

  5. The bookstore ceiling is based on
    which is "Franz von Stuck, ceiling in the music room of Villa Stuck, Munich, 1898. From Bavarian Arts and Crafts magazine."

    Plus you might like this too!

    1. I had forgotten that she had done a Labyrinth bag

  6. I am designing my sewing room with a starry ceiling and walls! It takes a long time but it looks so good!

  7. Just so everyone knows, including her, Shasta's "Storm as a Rococo Woman" outfit is ON POINT LIKE THE ENTIRE DAMN BOLSHOI BALLET! I LIVE for that era of dress, and kinda specialize in it (learning more all the time), and wow. WOW. Well done and so clever!

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  8. I love Buddy Gator! You should check out tubbynugget if you like wholesome comics! He's adorable! Another I love is pinkreapercomics, but it could be a trigger for some since it deals with death. It's a whole different view of the reaper than you've ever seen though, very sweet and thoughtful.

  9. So much happy goodness! I am sending some of it to two people who need a smile today.

  10. Random but if you want to support girl gamers who are rad, fareeha is pretty great and she streams on twitch!

  11. The best, most heartfelt writing in your have a delightful style and I love the stuff you introduce readers to. Thanks for the giggles.

  12. You know they've been showing the real ghostbusters cartoon and the extreme ghostbuster on their official youtube. Plus that celestial ceiling is what I wanna do if I ever have my office/library.

  13. If you like Buddy Gator, you'll also love 4AM Shower and The Little World of Liz Climo. Many work days were brightened by my 365 day Liz Climo calendar in the break room last year.


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