Friday, March 26, 2021

FOE & Tell: See, THIS Is Why We're Friends

Why do I love geeks, and the Epbot community in particular?


1) We knit Jayne hats for poodles


2) We celebrate Tiara Tuesdays:

(Sara has more incredible tiaras here on Instagram!)

3) And we also celebrate Friday Finishes:

(Follow Shara's FB page for more!)

Bonus #4) we love puns and groan-worthy jokes.

5) When we play dress up, WE PLAY DRESS-UP

Alison, I'm getting arti-choked up.

6) We're not afraid to get geeky in front of the muggles:


7) In fact, sometimes we roll initiative for our wedding vows:

(Follow Megan on IG at MakeLovelyCosplay)

8) We exchange cards and gifts several times a year honoring each other's passions and fandoms:

9) We're excited to embrace new fandoms and new fans!

10) We know we don't have to do anything big or impressive to connect with each other. Sometimes it's just about sharing those little life observations we all can relate to:


 These posts are all shared with permission from Fans of Epbot on Facebook, which is where the largest chunk of us interact. This community extends far beyond FOE, though; we also have a great group of about a thousand over on the Epbot Discord, and of course a legion of silent supportive types lurking in the shadows. I see you out there - yes, you - and I want y'all to know you're awesome and appreciated. Thanks for being here.

::squeezy internet hugs::


P.S. It's almost the end of the month, so remember to get your Squeegineer e-mail entries in! I've added about a dozen new pieces to the jewelry prize board this week, all looking for new homes, so please, COME TAKE MY STUFF.

This monthly give-away is my little way of saying thanks to all of you here for supporting Epbot. Anyone who donates to me and John via Paypal is automatically entered for that month, but everyone ELSE can enter by e-mail for free, details here. So, see, there's no excuse NOT to come take my stuff! Get those e-mails in, peeps! DO EEET.


  1. The FOE fb has long been my happy place on social media, but it's been an especially wonderful source of community this past year ♥

  2. Aww, I missed the roll for initiative wedding! <3 FOE is definitely my happy place that has gotten me through this crazy pandemic.

  3. OMG, I missed Jamie's post from March 13th and I almost spit out my coffee just now while reading it LOL I love the FoE fanmily.

  4. How would we have gotten through 2020 without each other??
    Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my butt ('cause it's bigger than my heart) for being the origin story of so many supportive friendships.

    1. I've loved that thank you quote ever since a friend used it on a homemade card many years ago!

    2. That crocheted manatee is adorable!

  5. This seems like such a fun group! I did try to join after having seen a previous "FOE and Tell" post, but for some reason I never got let in (no idea why, as I wasn't told). But it worked out really well because I ended up joining a similar nerdy FB group that's really welcoming! Anyways, hope you all enjoy your online time and are keeping well in the offline works, too.

  6. Epbot and the FoE brigade are just about the only things that got me through 2020 with my sanity mostly intact. When the rest of the world was too harsh, the soft happiness that is the Epbot community came to my rescue. At one time, almost everything on my feed was silenced EXCEPT for things Epbot related.

    A place born to ***squee!!*** with careless abandon.

  7. That line with the moisturizer had me laughing out loud. I sometimes check where my legs are in the dark because I'm not sure. Kudos to anyone who can successfully apply lipstick without a mirror.

    1. I absolutely cannot apply lipstick without a mirror. Can anyone?

    2. ...lip salve yes, anything else - definitely NOOOOOOOO!!!


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