Friday, December 18, 2020

SPOOOOOON! Turning Plastic Spoons Into Shiny Angel Ornaments

You ever find a craft that makes you feel like a kid again? That's this one for me: hard to screw up, lots of ways to customize it, and ultimately it's just plain fun to do.

I give you, SPOON ANGELS!

These are thanks to my friend Karen, who came over for a craft night and made that first one on the left. I was so inspired I made several more, all with slightly different wings and decorations. I love how shiny they are: no matter how much hot glue you spooge all over these, they're still going to look amazing, I promise.

All you need to make your own is a pack of these plastic spoons and a pack of plastic trophy favors from Dollar Tree:

You'll also need hot glue, a little wire for the halos, and any extra embellishments you want like ribbon or rhinestones.

Snip the base off the trophy and flip it upside down, and you've got an angel torso:

If you want the legs to dangle, tie a thread through the neck hole first like I'm doing here. I've found that's more trouble than it's worth, though, so I recommend just hot-gluing the legs on later.

The rest is easy: snip apart the plastic spoons and hot glue in place to make the head, limbs, and wings. You can also add a skirt, like this:

I'm amazed how much this looks like real metal.

Or leave the skirt off, and your angel will look more like a bell:

Or like they're wearing a miniskirt or pants. :)

The wings are the fun part; either end of the spoon can work:

Then add ribbon and rhinestones for extra bling:

This one is giving me Game of Thrones vibes:

The gold stick-on gems are also from Dollar Tree.

Then this one's my favorite:

Kind of an Art Deco Queen of Hearts feel.

To hang, glue a little loop of thread behind the head onto the torso. These weigh almost nothing, so it doesn't have to be very strong.

Group Shot!

Which wings do you like best?

These look great around Christmas lights, since they're so reflective.

I've got ours hanging in the garland around our dining room tree:

BONUS: When you get tired of making spoon angels, how about making a few spoon roses?

So shiiiiiny

This was another idea thanks to Karen: She started making the inner part like a tulip, then after she left I picked it up and started adding more petals, 'til I got this! This one uses 13 spoons, but I'm going to try to make the center smaller next time and only use 12, so I can get 2 roses out of each 24 spoon pack.

Again, pretty self-explanatory: just glue all the petals around a paper straw in the middle for support. (We used a gold straw; next time I'll use silver.) Of course, the straw end doesn't look great when you look inside, so cover that with a rhinestone:

Muuuuch better.

I wanted to put this on our tree, but couldn't think of a good way to hang it. So instead I grabbed the alligator clip out of an old sprig:

The straw fit perfectly over that little spike, just needed a little hot glue to secure it:

Now I can clip it to a branch:

It just occurred to me you could add some little sprigs around the base to hide the clip, if you like.

Most alligator clips don't have a spike on top, of course, but hot glue should hold fine regardless.
(I found a pack of 100 alligator clips on Amazon for $7, but I'm sure you can find smaller packs at your local craft store.)

Now the fun part: what else can we do with these?? I bet you bots can think of lots more uses. A whole bouquet would look amaaaazing, or how about gluing some to a canvas for wall art? Jazz up a tiara? Candle holders for long tapers? (You'd have to attach them to a heavier base, so they don't topple over.) Oh, the possibilities.

Or just put them in your tree, like me!

Sorry for the string of craft posts lately if that's not your jam; Christmas still managed to sneak up on me this year, and I have about 2 month's worth of post ideas to cram into 2 weeks, ha. To that end I've decided to keep right on celebrating here all the way through New Year's, so if you see me posting our Christmas decorations or more ornament crafts after the 25th, shhhh, just roll with it.  It's 2020, y'all. ANYTHING GOES.



  1. Instead of the alligator clip, I wondered if it could be pushed over one of the little lights on the tree to cause it to reflect the bulb colors??

    1. Love this idea; I wonder if it would work!

    2. Oooh I was just going to suggest that! Leave a hole in the middle of the flower and stick it over the light! I bet the reflections would be amazing!
      I love dollar tree! I bought one of the skimpy 18 inch Xmas trees on a whim a few years ago and discovered its perfect for all my tiny knitted mochi-mochis (small knitted creatures) I can stick on as many as i want, no hooks needed and the best part nothing will break if the cat knocks it down!

  2. Went to Dollar Tree today: No shiny hats or metallic straws, but I saw the silver spoons and the trophies. Now I wish I had bought them!

    The spoons were TINY though - like demitasse spoons - are those the right ones? If not, you could definitely make wee spoon angels and roses out of those, if you wanted different sizes.

    Hmmmm... varying sized silver roses for a (Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Medieval Themed) wedding bouquet?

  3. These feel so 1950s and remind me of the decorations my grandmother had. Thanks for sharing!

  4. How did you do the halo? Didn't see that listed. Cute idea!

    1. Whoops, forgot to add that! It's just a little loop of craft wire I hot-glued on. You could also use sparkly pipe-cleaners. :)

  5. You are good to go! Christmas ends on the 6th! (The 12 days BEGINS with Christmas, not ends.)

  6. For the flower, you could also put an LED in the raw end of the straw with the wires hanging out the back and get a pretty glowy effect?

  7. You know I wonder if they still have the gold rings in the party favor section, that could make halos too.

  8. You're good; Orthodox Christmas is January 7, 2021.

  9. Just a thought... with that rose, why not begin those first petals around one of those tiny battery tea lights? I bet having that little flame light on the inside might add to the sparkle?

  10. Dude. 12 days of Christmas. You are totally fine to keep the Christmas things going until Jan 5 or longer.

  11. Nice to see I'm not the only person utilizing the party favors section for craft ideas. Though I never went this elaborate. You guys should make a book or something of dollar store craft ideas.

  12. You have made this Costume Designer's day - now I can make FAB crowns for cheap and light weight. THANK YOU! (Bring on the fairies in "Midsummer's Night Dream").

  13. ...spooge... ooh, how I love that word. That's now my word of the week. In my head, I can hear Miranda Hart saying that over and over again. ...spooge... Now I have a silly grin on my face. And the spoon angels are fabby too ;0)

  14. Have you seen Kristi's (Addicted 2 Decorating) spoon art?
    chrysanthemum mirror:
    rainbow gradient pinwheel:


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