Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Dollar Tree Quick Craft: Sparkly Christmas Trees 2 Ways!

I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with Dollar Tree crafters on Youtube, gang. I love some of them, like Do It On A Dime and Glue Guns & Roses, but others make me yell at the screen, "YOU JUST REPAINTED A SIGN THAT'S NOT A CRAFT," until John gently suggests I go back to watching Critical Role and stop scaring the cats.

Anyhoo, so this month I've been having way too much fun trying to brainstorm my own original crafts using unexpected Dollar Tree materials - and I promise, none of them are repainted signs. :p

This first DIY is so easy and pretty I'm shocked I haven't seen anyone make it yet - but then, I rarely see Youtubers using party favors to craft with. So head to that aisle at your local Dollar Tree (it's where the kids toys are) and grab these two packs of party favors:

Those are tiny party hats and plastic noise maker thingies, BUT...

::singing:: Do you see what I seeee?

Take off the party hat elastics, which are only held on with clear tape, and now all you need is a straw. Any straw. They sell packs at Dollar Tree, but I happened to have some funky polka-dotted ones, so I used those:

Eyeball the length you want, and cut the straw to size. Then squeeze one end of the straw together, and jam it into the end of the noisemaker:

There's a plastic slot in there that perfectly grips the straw, no glue needed!

Now plop your little party hat on:

And LOOK HOW CUTE.  Eeeeee!

You could secure the hat to the straw with a little hot glue if you want, but I like bopping these every time I walk by and watching them wobble around like little hula dancers.

And here's the best part: you can make 6 of these beauties for only $2, but they look like a million bucks:

Or at least like super fragile blown glass, right? Even though I know they're paper, I keep forgetting and freaking out every time I accidentally knock one over, ha.

I've been displaying them in this alcove because they match my ray gun.

These would also make awesome ornaments: just hot-glue a loop of thread or ribbon to the tops. (And hot glue the cone to the straw, so they're attached.)

Sorry, I can't seem to stop taking pictures of these. They're just so pretty.

K, I'm done. I'm done. For now.


Remember those paper accordion trees I showed you in my craft inspiration post last month? Well, I figured there had to be more Dollar Tree options for them - and I found 2 new ways to make the bases!

To make these trees you need 3 things: any pretty paper, a straw, and a base.

Dollar Tree sells some gorgeous metallic straws in their party aisle, for mine you'll want the gold ones:

If you don't already have some pretty paper, grab the metallic wrapping paper at DT; they have lots of pretty colors. (I'll be using a fuchsia metallic wrapping paper I already had.)

Finally, you have 2 options for the tree bases:

These LED candle lights, OR:

The bottom third of these trophy favors. Both packs cost a dollar, so the trophies are a better deal (you'll get 6 stands) but the lights are heavier and therefore harder to knock over. So hey, get both!

Oh, and you're going to need the TOP half of those trophies for my next Dollar Tree DIY, so grab at least one pack of those. :)

Clip off the base of the trophy favors:

And you'll find the gold straw fits perfectly on top.

Just secure with a dab of hot glue.

OR, snap the plastic "flame" off the LED:

And hot glue your straw right over that tiny light bulb.

Accordion-fold a long triangle of your wrapping or scrapbook paper:

(Which looks really cool when you're done)

Then use a hole-punch right smack in the middle.

Feed your straw through the holes, and slide the paper down to separate:

I took this to show you some different sized folds. I like the smaller folds better, but both work.

I was sad I didn't have more colors of paper at first, but now that I see them all together I'm digging the monochromatic look:

Don't those bases all look like solid brass?! I am so impressed with this.

Here's a look at the different bases:

The star LEDs came really scuffed up out of the package, but they're sturdier and less likely to fall over. That said, you could always use a little Museum Putty under the smaller bases to keep them from tipping.

 This color is fighting my camera, but this metallic paper really dazzles when it catches the light. So, so pretty. I only set these here for photos, though; not sure where these trees will end up yet.

I'll leave you with a slice of Real Life Pie:

I had to reaaallly work the angles when photographing these, so you wouldn't see my disaster of a dining craft table in the mirror! Ha!

I hope these super simple DIYs inspired you to try some crafting this week, especially if you're like me and tend to forget how relaxing it can be. I'm most excited to show you my NEXT two Dollar Tree crafts, which are so relaxing I'm hoping to make more even though I've made plenty for the tutorial - and that NEVER happens. 
If you're swinging by Dollar Tree this week to buy materials for these trees, then while you're there, also pick up a pack of these tiny spoons:
I'll show you two fun things you can make with these soon!


P.S., If you're feeling impatient, and want MORE CRAFTS NOW, then head over to my tutorial page! I've got well over 150 different projects there for you to browse.

Or, if you like ready-made craft kits you can buy, check out my Amazon Craft Kit list:

I've linked nearly 40 kits of everything from origami to chain mail, and most under $20. Sooo many temptations, muahahahaaa.


My winners for our pop-up dumpster fire card ARE:

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Congrats, all of you, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses, so we can get those out to you!


  1. Love the simple crafts! Thanks for posting!

  2. Tiny party hats are an excellent base for costume horns, too! Simply paint/sculpt over them then thread back on the string they came with:)

  3. Ooh, I saw those on instagram and complimented them. I'm so glad you posted this. I can do this this weekend and enjoy them all season. Soo cute!

  4. I can't even with those trees! I will be making these tomorrow -THANK YOU!!!

    1. If you want to try making them ornaments like Jen suggested, you can keep the string you removed from the hats to repurpose them!

  5. Great ideas! And this sentence sets the tone for your whole post: " I've been displaying them in this alcove because they match my ray gun." Giggles....

  6. Wow! I liked the party hats, but the wrapping paper ones are really impressive! <3 And I love the use of nontraditional Christmas colors.

  7. Oh. This is not good. I was just about to defrost my freezer. But now my Obsessive Christmas Disorder is kicking in. Must. Make. Shiny-oh-so-shiny-and-pretty-and-sparkly party hat trees. NOW. Eeee indeed.

  8. That is awesome. Those first ones put me in mind of the Christmas trees in the lot on Charlie Brown's Christmas.


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