Saturday, December 5, 2020

Orlando's Festival of Trees 2020, Part 2: Wreaths, Trees, & Tablescapes

Ready for more Festival of Trees eye candy?


Part 1 was all trees (click here if you missed it) but I have lots more photos and fun design ideas to share, like this sparkly silver tablescape:

All these cool grays and silvers with the bare garland are heavenly - plus the clear glass adds to the sparkle.

Let's jump over to my top 10 wreaths, though:

Nothing too unusual here, but WOW does hanging a wreath on a mirror turn the glam up to 11. I need to start watching for thrift store mirrors to do this.

This metal deer head gives off more of a gothic skull vibe... and I kind of dig it?

Also these colors! I'd never think to add green ornaments or ribbon to a green wreath, but this mix is fantastic.

Always a fan of classic black-and-white on wreaths:

And don't you just want to hug this one?

Snuggly cuteness! Plus the wreath's not bad, either. (HEYO. Helloooo, John!)

I've been eyeing a set of pom-pom makers on Amazon; I just need the right crafty excuse. Hmmm...

This one manages to be both rustic and elegant:

And I like the dried oranges and cinnamon sticks on this next one, feels a bit Victorian:

Here's a bold harlequin and plaid mix:

And more pom-poms, because yay fun colors!

Around Halloween I saw several Witch Hat wreath frames being sold: flat metal outlines you wrap with tinsel. If you snagged any of those, then here's a cool way to reuse them:

Aren't these adorable?! And once again, adding a pretty gold frame behind makes even something this simple look more high-end.

I am here for the dangly feet. Ha!

Last wreath packs a dramatic punch:


Of course hanging it on a black door is key here. And I only just now realized this is tiki-themed: see the hula dancer and gold totems?

I'm sure you've noticed gnomes are all the rage again this year, and here's a whole pencil tree of them:

The gnome ornaments look pretty easy to DIY: felt hats, white fur beads, and wooden bead noses:

The plush tree trunk really looks like a chicken foot, but it's a cool idea!

A few more tablescapes that caught my eye:

I think this next one would make a pretty desktop wallpaper:

Or this way for a cellphone wallpaper:

Then there was this... head-scratcher:

Almost literally, since the table has both a large head and a long arm. (I have no answers here, only questions. Like, the masquerade mask coming out of the top of the head: why? :p)

I'm not sure if this is part of the Festival or always on display at the museum, but I'd love to make one:

It's just a lit floral branch with butterflies, but WOW is it pretty! I found a 2 pack of similar branches on Amazon for $30, so this is going on my "possible future projects" list.

There were almost no mini-trees this year, but here's one holographic number to represent:

It was hard to photograph, but honestly looked a lot like this IRL: slightly greenish in the holographic parts, and it took us a solid minute to realize the tree itself is an ombre fade from black to silver to white. I... don't know if I like it? But it's different, and I'm always a fan of trying new things.

Another classic room setup:

And a close-up of the tree in case you'd like more wallpaper options:

Classic red and gold is classic for a reason. Ahhh.

K, let's go out with a fun and frilly - and decidedly NOT classic - bang:


The best part is how long it takes you to find the flamingos. Right?

Let's zoom in:

Pink feathers, perfume bottles, lemons, and black-and-white stripes and polka dots.

It's random and kooky and I just love it.

But wait, there's more!

The tree ties in with the tablescape beside it:

Awwww yeeeeeeeah. Love the pops of avocado green with it!

The centerpiece is hard to process even when you're standing right next to it - and the pinks are so bright my phone almost gave up:

There's a plastic flamingo, giant feathers and flowers, and a whole vase of yellow-striped candy sticks. I think the front also has some lemons tucked in, plus the yellow flower balls are my favorite.

KOOKY GOODNESS. Yep. I'm a fan.

I hope this brought you some more sparkles and smiles this weekend! I'll leave you with one final bit of kookiness from the museum gift shop:

Of course we asked about them, like the plebes we are, and were informed they're by the artist JEFRË. Then we were stared at in a way that dared us to ask more, and well, we did not dare. Anyway, I think they're kind of cute, in a faceless, commentary-on-modern-society sort of way. You?


Thank you to everyone who's been bookmarking the Epbot Amazon shop! I'm always adding new fun finds to my lists, so give them a browse if you're brainstorming gifts. Any purchases you make help support me and John, so THANK YOU for taking the time to make that extra click. We love & appreciate you more than you know. ::mwah::


  1. Beautiful! Darn expensive but beautiful!

  2. I've made a pompom wreath, it takes quite a bit longer then expected. I started it at the start of December but didn't finish it until New Year's Eve, and I was making pom poms everyday! I love it so much that it lives on my bedroom wall!

  3. Here for the Flamingo table setting ALL the WAY! OMG I love it so much!

  4. The flamingo pictures hurt my eyes, but I love them!

  5. Jefre made tackle.

    The flamingo tree is my JAM.

    1. Came here to say the same thing! Wish I could post that "That's a p*n*s" gif!

    2. I thought maybe I was just seeing things because I read Cakewrecks first today.

    3. Ha yup. I didn't see it until I squinted but now . . . yup yup there's a reason they're in skin colors :)

  6. Love this! The fuzzy things at the end startled a cackle out of me.

  7. I believe the bears might very well be a homage to the 'lockdown home haircut' fad... lol

  8. Hey Jen - you don't need to buy a pom pom maker, they're pretty easy to make out of cardboard (amazon mailer cardboard is decent for that) - it's what we used to do in Brownies (the step before Girl Guides in the UK) Red Ted Craft have a video explainer on it titled How to make a Pom Pom maker Tutorial (Craft Basics - Yarn Pom Pom).

  9. I looooooooove the flamingo tree!!

  10. I love seeing the Festival of Trees posts! I have a feeling that someday I'll be asked to help decorate the Christmas trees at our church. They're much more . . . formal than what I do at home, so these pictures give me inspiration to squirrel away for the future!

  11. Be warned: those pom-poms take A LOT of yarn per pom... as in- 1 ball of yarn= 1 or 2 poms... As another poster said, they take a loooong time to make.

  12. Oh the bear things! I can just imagine that interaction. I want to cram a santa hat on each of them.
    They seem to be dancing on that line between art and retail - like the original cabbage patch kids.

  13. Oh my gosh Jen - thank you! You made my day. I was sitting here feeling a bit ill and bummed work is piling up and I took a break to look at your post. First of all, I love and appreciate your pics of this event every year. Love the pom-pom wreath pic (the poms themselves reminds me of the ones we used to make in the 70s and affix to our ice skates) and noted that the flamingo tree has lipstick ornaments too. Loved the tablescapes and wreaths and all the gorgeous fun goodness there. Then I got to the fur-capitated teddy bears, read your story and laughed out loud. Best medicine I could have had!

  14. So many pretties! Thanks for sharing!
    Maureen S

  15. Your comment on the JEFRE artist is hilarious! XD


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