Saturday, October 3, 2020

Hyperbole and Three Quarters

Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half is back online after a looooong seven years, and watching the outpouring of love and support and cheering and gratitude surrounding her return has been like a warm hug for my heart.

Don't get me wrong: I'm over the moon to read ALL THE THINGS as she's posting again - and hopefully posting alot - plus a new book? Yes, please. Her "Richard" chapter she shared last week has been making me laugh ever since, in that, "Sweet Stay Puft, SHE REALLY DID THAT??" kind of way.

Oh how I've missed this muppet blob face

But also, speaking as a tiny fish in a similar pond, it's the sweet wave of... well, forgiveness... that's made me most happy about Allie's return. No one's mad she's been gone so long, no one is demanding explanations or throwing gossip-y theories around in the comments; they're just happy she's here now. Comments like, "take all the time you need," "you don't owe us anything," "we just want you to be OK," and "we'll still be here" - oof. THEY "OOF" MY HEART, Y'ALL.

At midnight last night John and I were collapsed on the couch after a long day at a new job (we're re-doing a kitchen! Woot!) - and then hosting Movie Night on the Epbot Discord, when I blearily looked at my schedule and realized I didn't have a new Epbot post written. Cue the usual panic-fueled brain-storming and complaining to John that I wasn't organized enough, I should have prepared better, now I didn't have enough time because we were booked to work all weekend, WHY WAS I LIKE THIS, etc. etc.

After 15 minutes of this John finally said in exasperation: "Jen, Allie Brosh disappeared for seven years. I think your readers can handle seven days."

And you know what? He's right. He's right, you've all told me - many times - that he's right, and even though it's good that I try to post every 3-4 days, the fact is no one minds if I miss the mark sometimes. Heck, the vast majority of you never even notice if I'm late on a post, so really I should get off my high horse and stop thinking it matters so durn much.

So I stopped panicking, and I went to bed. Today we're back at work on that kitchen, and tomorrow I have a full day of Cake Wrecks, but at some point I'll have time to write a real post (as opposed to whatever this is? Ha!) and it's going to be that much better for it.

Thanks for that, Allie. Just by being you, and (I hope) by giving yourself permission to be you, you've already helped so many of us be better uses. Us's? Usses. USS-S. (I'm getting the impression that isn't a word, but now I'm invested.)

In the meantime, go check out Allie's free chapter "Richard" from her new book, because it will make you belly-laugh and forget the yucky stuff for a while. And if you're as eager to catch up on Allie's adventures over the last 7 years as the rest of us, be sure to follow the Hyperbole and a Half Facebook page, where she's posting new photos every day.

And finally, heck yeah I'm going to plug her book! Have you read it yet?  I still need to.

It's a hardcover, and would make an amazing gift for anyone who needs a good belly-laugh - including yourself.

Thanks for being here when I show up, Bots. Go do something nice for yourself this weekend, even if that just means giving yourself permission to not do anything. ::hugs::


Oh wow, it's October already, isn't it? Time to announce last month's Squeegineer winners! So congrats, Jill S. & Linden V., you're them! (Grammar is totally my strong point today.) Please check your e-mails for a message from John, so you can choose your prizes.


  1. I laughed and cried so hard reading S&OP. And while I can't tell you to stop worrying, I will say I consider you and John to be a bonus to the week - I'm always glad to see you, but if I don't I'm assuming you're taking care of yourselves.

  2. Love to you and John! While I love seeing your posts, I know that life gets wonky -- ESPECIALLY this year! (The dumpster fire toy is so 2020!)
    Also, I preordered Allie's new book pretty much as soon as I heard about it (yaaaay! *Kermit flails*) but I was not expecting it to be such a CHONK. It is a solid book and while I don't have time to read it yet, I'm hoping to get to it soon! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Have purchased Allie's new book. It is a deep dive into what makes her tick. Not an easy read for empaths but it is bittersweet, funny, cringey, and great. Like our lives.

    1. Not an easy read for empaths for sure. She made me feel ALL THE FEELS. Though that's also a sign of a good writer, and I appreciate her honesty about the not-so-nice parts of her life.

  4. I was so happy to see that Allie was back. I had wondered about her and hoped she was ok too. Your blogs and hers were some of the first things that became my go-tos to read.

    Thank you for letting us into your life, telling your wins, your struggles and your amazing creativity. In a world that seems to have so much sadness you are a bright spot to many. (Also don’t feel bad for taking break, we will be here when you post again and you’ll feel better for it. )

  5. I just got the for a Christmas present for a loved one. I was tickled that H&H is back. I should've known you'd be a fan, as well!

  6. Never fret about not writing a post 'on time'. We are guests at your virtual space. I am delighted to see something new. (If you remember that I once also pestered about after-con posts a few years ago, I am sorry for being impatient then).
    I pre-ordered Allie's book as part of attending a virtual book tour talk, and I've started reading it; it makes me smile, even when it makes me wince - not necessarily a contradiction.

  7. Allie's new book was the Bloggess'a book club selection, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I've missed her wonderful blog. And your posts, Jen are always worth waiting for, so do whatever schedule works for you! :-)

  8. I read Allie's new book in one afternoon and evening, it's amazing made me laugh and cry. Never worry about posting on time <3

  9. All of this: Comments like, "take all the time you need," "you don't owe us anything," "we just want you to be OK," and "we'll still be here"

    I love what you share with us but when you don't, I just hope you're doing ok. Sounds like you had a full (and hopefully fulfilling) weekend, making the world a better place as you so often do.

    Since it's your blog, you should be the one to set the posting schedule. If you're willing & able to put something up regularly, that's wonderful. If you're not, the rest of us will just have to deal.

    Whatever you post will still be gladly welcomed whenever we get to see it.

  10. Also: Jen, John is a wise man. You already knew that, but..when you're freaking out, breathe, and remember. :D

  11. The new book is incredible, hilarious and heartbreaking at once. I might like it better than the first one.

  12. Your blog is always a bright spot in my week, I'd hate for you to feel guilted into writing it! Although because I really dislike fb, I do wish I could get Cake Wrecks & Hyperbole and a Half in my inbox

  13. About having to be creative and "produce" all the time: About a year ago I read Jasper Fforde's book "Early Riser" (high recommend) and at the end he had written an apology to me the reader for taking 3 years to write this book.

    I cried.

    For someone to feel that they have to apologize for not being able to be incredibly creative and productive all the time just hurt my heart. Like, I know that authors have contracts and deadlines, but at the same time, being creative, and writing, is *hard* and sometimes the well is just dry. And for this author to apologize to *me*, a read who just checked the book out of the library, rather than, I don't know, their agent, just made me want to wrap him in a fuzzy blanket with a cup of tea and a plate of cookies.

    We're allowed to have uncreative and unproductive days and weeks and years. And many of us get to hide that in jobs that don't require endless, obvious, creativity.

    At the end of the day, creators are people, not entertainment producing machines that write/dance/act for us like giant tickle-me-Elmos.

  14. Um, I heart you, but if you don't post for a few days I might worry that you're ok, but I wouldn't be mad. You don't owe me content. Although, in these days, if you're just busy, you might drop an IG post saying that so we don't worry about you.

  15. I use a feed aggregator that I had been reading daily over the summer, but school is back in session now (even though we're 100% remote) and I now check it every 7 - 10 days. Holy heck, Batman, so exhausting to teach on-line that I can't even check-in on my nerd stuff. So when I do and I have posts from you, it makes my day a little brighter. *and then* you post about being so busy that you didn't have time to write what you consider a "real" post, all I can say is thank you for continuing to post *anything* at all. This pandemic is stressful in so many ways and while I take joy from your writing and always want it to be here, I know you also need to take care of your mental/physical/emotional health and if that means you aren't on a perfect schedule (re: your previous post...give yourself grace) I will still be here to read it when you do post. As will many others. Thank you, take care, be well <3

  16. Just to be clear. What you write DOES matter. Some days, it's the only thing that feels hopeful that I read all week. But no, if you need a week or a month, I will always be here to read your latest cat/John/craft/con/struggle. No deadlines expected. We love you!

  17. Jen, we love you and your posts whenever you make them. I hadn't noticed that they were on a schedule - I'm just happy when I see them!!

  18. I mean this in the best way possible- sometimes it’s a week or more before I remember to check this site for new posts. No worries, love, it’s all good.

  19. Thanks for turning me onto this blog! I've spent way more time than I should have and laughed myself to tears! Definitely needed!

    It is so important for each and every one of us to remember, that while what we do is important, it is even more important to take time for yourself so you'll be here to write another day! I truly treasure all of the intimate, personal posts you've written and have learned a whole heck of a lot from them! Thanks for doing what you do Jen! It REALLY does make a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!


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