Friday, October 23, 2020

FOE & Tell Goes BACK... To 2019. Costumes & Cons & Meetups, Oh Yeah!

I usually have at least a year's backlog of fun finds from the Fans of Epbot Facebook page that I want to share here, so today I thought I'd take advantage of all my procrastinating by GOING BACK... to 2019. A simpler time. A happier time. A time when Halloween was still happening, and Allison was turning her house into a giant googly-eyed monster:

Decorating Goals.


And then April transformed herself into Lisa:

Lisa Frank-enstein, that is.  (EEEE!)


Of course the great thing about being geeks is we don't need an official holiday to wear costumes. Heck, any average Tuesday will do.  Here's Stella from earlier this month:


I love  that so many of you have been dressing up and sharing fun pics like this all year. It's really filled the con-shaped hole in my heart to see people still celebrating what they love through 2020.


Here's another: check out Alicia's Rococco Tamatoa!
[singing] She's so SHINE-NAY!

That color fade is dreamy - and spot Maui's hook on her back!


Remember conventions?

Aw, I miss sweet celebrity stories like this. Also is that shirt hand-painted, Martha Jane? Because WOW.


Elizabeth is a DM for her local D&D group - so I'm already fangirling over her - but then she went and made THIS:

The Monster Box of Monsters. YUSS.


I will never get enough of all your Jack wreaths:

I'm with you, Beth; I like it as-is without the bow!


Ahh, and remember when we could actually meet each other IN PERSON?

Some day I want to make a big collage of all the Epbot meetup photos I've been collecting, just because I think it helps to see each others' faces and remember there are real live people on the other side of our screens. Getting that many permissions is a little too daunting right now, but here's at least one group that got me right in the feels:

Second generation FOEs, y'all! Seeing new people geeking out together IRL makes me so happy. I  hope you can pick this up again next year, Kathryn.

Fun Story: When John contacted Kathryn this week to gather all the permissions we needed to share her photo, she told him she was on a zoom call at that very moment with most of the FOEs she needed to ask! Then she sent along this bonus picture, I think from the same meetup last year:


Also, five adults in Star Wars gear at a table?

Now that's puzzling.

::bah dum TISS::


Stephanie made a little something my fellow Dizgeeks will appreciate:



Stephanie has more fun pieces on her Instagram, if you want to give her a follow.


Speaking of excellent bathroom decor, Rachael wants to pee in the room where it happens:


I'll just be over here chortling over my "pee" joke and trying to think up more Hamilton bathroom puns. "What, Did I Miss?" Nah, too subtle.
"History has its eyes on poo?" No, too much.

Actually, a lot of Hamilton song titles become hilarious as-is in a bathroom context: You'll Be Back? Right Hand Man? Then there's Satisfied, Wait For It, Non-Stop...

Wait, wait, I've got it. The perfect one:

"This is not a moment, IT'S THE MOVEMENT."

Rachael, if you could just paint all those song titles on the walls of your bathroom - and then share pictures - you'd make your fellow Hamil-fans so VERY happy.


I don't know how you follow a list of Hamilton bathroom puns, but if anything can manage it, it's this cake Bec made for her 20-year-old daughter's birthday: 

That's one Cake Rex I'd love to have any day, Bec. Bravo.

Let's end with a Puffball of Cute courtesy of Kelli:


Let me tell you about the high-pitched noises I made when this crossed my screen. They were kind of an "EEEEE" and an "AWWWW" and an "it's SO CUUUUUTE" all mashed together. Kelli told me she painted the eyes on glass drops, so clever. And the blush! The horns! There are even more cuties like this on Kelli's IG here, go see.

As always, thank you to everyone over on FOE for making my Facebook feed not only bearable, but a real joy, and thank you to today's posters for letting me share your photos with the rest of the class. I know a lot of readers here aren't on FB - for understandable reasons - so this is my way of sharing a few highlights and reminding you that you're still one of us. Here at Epbot, participation is never required; I'm just glad you're here and you're you.

Happy weekend!


P.S. If you or someone you shop for wears cargo shorts, then I'm about to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Ok, not really, I just have Hamilton on the brain. But these really are awesome:

Isle Bay Cotton Blend Shorts

Don't let the drawstring throw you; you can take that off! I found these shorts for John because his usual cargo shorts have enormous wrinkled pockets all over them, which look just... awful. So over his protests, I ordered several new styles for him to try from Amazon. These were not only the clear winners, he's since had me order one in every color except navy (not pictured), and is already asking for more gray ones. Happily the gray is more of a true gray; not as blue as pictured. On the other hand the brown is actually "olive" - more dark greenish, kinda yucky?

Anyhoo, John says these are the most comfortable shorts he's ever worn, and *I* love that they're more streamlined and don't come out of the wash a giant wrinkled mass. John's only concern is they're a little thin, so he doesn't know how long they'll last - but at only $13 a pair Prime, I'm fine with buying regular replacements.

Of course I just remembered a bunch of you are in full-on winter right now and NOT sweating your buns off, haha. Oops. Well, I guess you could bookmark these for next Spring? And while you're at it, if you haven't already, bookmark the Epbot Amazon Page! That's where I keep all my links & reviews, and any of your purchases made through that link give a little back to me and John, which helps us keep Epbot running. So thank you!


  1. Love these recaps...but then it makes me sad since I'm not there, lol...I guess I need to post more....

  2. I think your FOE round ups (and A(+) for the title! is this the first time you've used "Foe and tell" or have I been that oblivious?) are my favorite posts! I'm on FOE a lot but there is SO MUCH I can't see it all.

    1. Yay, I'm so glad! I really am all about this community, so I love these posts, too. (They're just logistically harder to put together, gathering permissions and all.)

      I keep changing up the name so much even *I* can't find all my FOE posts, lol. I've used both FOE Finds and FOE & Tell before, I think, then other times I just title it by what's in the post to keep it more interesting. :p

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these for those of us not on Facebook.

    Also, it's absolutely still shorts weather where I am. Unfortunately, it looks like they've been selling quite a few of those shorts, so not all of the sizes are available. I'll keep an eye out for them in the future.

  4. OMG, the Monster Book of Monsters is hilarious!! I missed that when it first came up.

  5. I totally missed the Tamatoa! That's incredible! I love watching the creativity of this group.


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