Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Catbusters, Cake Fascinators, & Jareth Drives Us Crazy


You know what we need right now? 

We need Yzma and Kronk sitting in their roller coaster car, where Yzma's lookin' all 2020 grumpy and Kronk's still blissfully 2019.


The Emperor's New Groove Sketchbook Ornament from Shop Disney

I don't collect character Christmas ornaments - in fact, I don't think I've ever bought one? - but this may be the exception.  I wouldn't hang it on a tree, of course; I'd have to build a little roller coaster track for it, maybe have it wind around the wall? :D


Mary Jane McGuire combined two of my favorite things: Ghostbusters and cats:


I love the "slime," and how concerned "Ray" is for "Venkman" after.



Someone in my Labyrinth fan club just got this sunshade, and I'm preeeetty sure you need to see it:

For me it's the photoshopped steering wheel that really makes it. And you KNOW there's a song parody coming now, right?

Ahem hem hem.

♪ How you turn my world 
you precious thing ♬



Thank you, thank you very much.

Someone else in the group posted this link to purchase the shade, but I can't vouch for that website, so shop carefully, k?


My Modern Met is a great page to follow for all things beautiful: art, nature, photography, etc. This next gem isn't geeky per se, but it's gorgeous and inspiring:

See all these lovely bottles? They're all made OF SOAP.

No, really! They have a layer of bees wax inside so the liquids don't melt them. Talk about the next generation of sustainability, I'd love to see this idea take off. Pretty sure they're just a proof-of-concept, though, and not for sale anywhere. Go read more about these pretties here.


John Marks of Brazen Monkey makes JAW-DROPPING builds that he takes to conventions for photo ops. Check out his Toothless & Light Fury:

Then he made He-Man's Battle Cat & Panthor:

I thought these were toys at first, but nope! Those are cosplayers in front of the life-sized battle cats. Can I get a "daaaaaaaaang"?

And here's an older build that tugs at my heart:

The Iron Giant!

Marks is known for these huge builds, but this month he proved he can also work much, MUCH smaller:

Ray! Complete with a light-up butt!

Marks made this for his wife for their anniversary, aww.

Head over to the BrazenMonkey page to see more of all these builds, plus lots more.


I don't share many movie trailers around here, but OOOOOH this looks good:

It's a nice feeling having something to look forward to this year, am I right? :p


Jessica Danker of Recyl EARS made the most magical fascinator last month, check this out:

She combined Aurora's sliding birthday cake with her crown and a pretty rose! Ha! I love how she recreated the entire cake and propped-up broom out of felt, just incredible.

Jessica also made a sweet matching mask for the birthday girl who would be wearing this:

Go see more of Jessica's work on the Recycl EARS Facebook page.


And finally, I think I just found my new ringtone:

The cutest yawn noise! from r/aww


As I was compiling this list I realized I haven't been sharing as many cute/funny/sweet things on my personal FB page lately, which I see as a way to be a light to my friends. So tell me, what's your favorite thing you've shared on social media lately? Share your links in the comments, or over on the Epbot Facebook page.


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  1. I love www.martymousehouse.com

  2. Thank you for sharing the Elona Holmes trailer!!! I cannot wait! Totally my something to look forward to right now. :)

    1. I squeeeeeeed so loud, I scared three cats, woke up the elderly neighbor, and I think the police and an ambulance are out front. I LOVED the books!

  3. Not to keen on the peachy color of the soap bottles. But, the shapes are so cool! And the Ray lamp is awesome! ~LST

  4. The Ghostbuster cats were really cute, especially the calico playing Ray.

  5. How many Lowe’s can Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowe’s?
    Been doing a rewatch of Parks and Rec. 😆

  6. Oh my stars, that Catbusters was fantastic! I may have to watch that a few million times more.

  7. The yawning bobcat can be credited to BigCatDerek :). He has an amazing YouTube channel as he is involved with a big cat sanctuary... so many amazing videos of tigers, lions, leopards, cougars, lynx, a serval and bobcats, like Max who is shown in the video. Highly recommend checking them out!

  8. Have you seen the Live From Snack Time Facebook page? It's hysterical kids quotes that just make my day brighter every time I read them. I love how kids think and their take on the world, and I've amassed countless kids quotes from my years of teaching preschool, doing childcare, and now substitute teaching. Live From Snack Time always reminds me of those kiddos.

  9. I went through a Holmsiana phase last year, where I read:

    1) modern Holmes who got frozen in a glacier for 80 years
    2) Holmes was really a woman who pretended to be Holmes's sister, but solved the cases herself. Her partner was Mrs. Hudson
    3) Holmes as a teenager and the bane of his brother and guardian Mycroft's existence
    4) Holmes teams up with a woman pathologist who marries Moriarty and has M's child (and then poisons him but putting poison on her private parts)
    5) Holmes plagues two detectives in San Francisco who think he's insane

    I've run across a couple of different series that have Holmes's younger sister as the heroine, but I haven't read those (yet).

  10. I love Yzma and Kronk! That's great!!

  11. I met John Marks at a convention in 2017, and getting my photo op with Toothless remains one of my happiest ComicCon memories.

  12. I keep forgetting to check in with Epbot, so I end up commenting late. Normally I'd skip, but this was so much fun:

    Best way to empty your pool!


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