Sunday, August 16, 2020

5 Other-Worldly Art Doll Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Ever have one of those days when you just need an adorable fuzzy alien holding her pet fish to wave at you?

If so, then I got you, boo:

Squeeeeeeee! The eyelashes. The tiny toenails.

This cutie is by Woolsy Felting, one of five phenomenal art doll artists I want to show you today - and one of 4 with criminally low follower counts. Work like this deserves more love!

Woolsy - aka Urte - also needle-felts dragons:

 ... and giraffes:

... and derpy lil' pegasus:

 (This is the front view; you'll have to click over to see the rainbow mane from the side.)

After you follow her on IG, head to Urte's Etsy shop to browse. There are over a hundred cuties currently listed for sale!


Next, the gasp-worthy clay creatures of Stephanie Schultz:


Here she is from the front:

I love it when figures pop through frames; such a great blend between 2D and 3D art.

Stephanie specializes in dragons and creepy/cute critters like these:

I hear he's a fungi.


And I think my favorite:
A cute Krang? Who knew THAT was possible??

You can follow Stephanie at her IG account Inverno.Sootkin, which as of this writing has less than 580 followers! I don't see a shop listed; I believe she only works on commission. So if you're interested in a piece, be sure to send her a message.


Keepers Of Nature - aka Svetlana - blends needle-felting with clay-sculpted faces and accents, and her palm-sized little cuties instantly make me smile:

My favorite!

Check out this painter with a teeny kitty on her head:

While I was browsing her old posts I also found this completely delightful jewelry set:

It's just so cheerful. Love that.

Svetlana's Etsy shop is empty right now, but be sure to save it to your favorites. And of course go follow her on Instagram!


Bestiarium Dolls - aka Xenia - makes such awe-inspiring creatures that I literally gasped when I first saw this:

And this:

Her faces look SO REAL.

Xenia makes a lot of gryphons:

And fluffy baby unicorns:

And if you scroll back far enough, you'll even find a baby wooly mammoth:

There's nothing listed in Xenia's Etsy shop right now, but you can bookmark it for future listings. Then give her a follow on IG to see more.

And finally, the dreamy creations of another Svetlana at Handmade Home:

Y'all. Y'ALL. You know how much I love seahorses, and this may be the prettiest of them all. Thank goodness someone snapped her up so fast, or else I'd be protecting this sweet stringy diva from the cats for the rest of my life.

Honestly, though, I'm in love with all of these creatures:

Fairy Hedgehog!

Svetlana calls this a Flower Butterfly Dragon... but I'm thinking it's a Dragon-Fly. ;)

Then she made these baby versions:

Ooooof. I'm so smitten, gang.

Head to Svetlana's online shop to browse all of her work - though it looks like everything is sold out, sob - then give her a follow on Instagram! She makes a wide range of creatures, from puppies to elephants, so you'll never know what to expect.


I hope these made you smile, and helped remind you there's still beauty and whimsy and magic in the world. And hey, if you have another minute, why not go tell an artist - either one of these or another of your favorites - how much you appreciate their work? Believe me, just a quick "this was the smile I needed today!" can go so, so far.

You - yes, you - wield so much power with your comments online. More than you know. Too often we humans only use our power to criticize and tear down. But imagine if we spread praise 10 times more than criticism? What if for every negative comment we write online, we write 10 positive ones?

Maybe it wouldn't make the world any better.

But it would make us better.

I love you, bots. Go be better today.



P.S. I found this while shopping for a friend's birthday, and it seems relevant to this group's interests:


Spoiler alert: if you're my friend and you own a cat, you're probably getting this at some point.


  1. Can I also tell you that I appreciate YOUR work? Because I do...and I'm sure I'm not alone. :D

    1. Absolutely - and thank you! I can't tell you how many times a sweet comment has helped me through a rough day or week.

  2. One more.

  3. But imagine if we spread praise 10 times more than criticism? What if for every negative comment we write online, we write 10 positive ones?,

    THIS. With bells on. What you feed will grow.

  4. As a fellow needle-felting artist, thank you for highlighting this beautiful work.

  5. Oh my goodness, I spent the entire post saying "awwwwww" in various intonations. So cute!! <3

  6. It seems that the link you posted for Xenia's Etsy shop is actually the link to her Instagram. It looks like this is actually the correct link: I really want to see more pictures of the black Pegasus, but I don't have an Instagram account (and it would be far too much of a time-suck for me if I got one), and I don't see any pics of it in her Etsy shop, even for sold items. Bummer. But wow, so many beautiful things on one page, Jen! You've done a great job of sending us all down a happy rabbit hole of lovely creations.

    1. Aha, good catch, thank you! Just fixed it.

  7. I really love She is straight up, funny, helpful, and all around great person.

  8. Also because she puts in so much extra into her art and has some very funny acnh tiktoks.

  9. Hello! I am Xenia Grey (Bestiarium dolls) Thank you SO MUCH and yes, I have no creatures to sell right now but I accept orders in my Etsy shop or IG of Bestiarium dolls. All New creatures I am making are made by Custom orders and I dont publish them on Etsy because of this.


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