Friday, January 24, 2020

These Fandom-Themed Dice Towers Will Make You Wish You Played D&D

I just stumbled across some incredible custom dice towers handmade by Elizabeth Flint and her hubby, and DANG. You guys have to see these!

It's a Hobbit Hole dice tower! AAAAAA!

 Look at these tiny details. LOOK AT THEM.

For those unfamiliar: a dice tower is one of those technically unnecessary but exceedingly awesome accessories that makes fandoms more fun. You toss your dice in the top, they PLINKO their way down, and emerge at the base thoroughly randomized and ready to unleash the wrath or favor of your DM, muahahaaaa.

The Flints, who run The DM's Treasure Trove, offer all KINDS of custom styles, from Gothic architecture:

... to mini ship wrecks!

 The tentacle is a nice touch.

You can even get a Caste Grayskull vibe complete with a shiny resin pool of blood:


Some of my favorites are the fandom-inspired ones, which are usually subtle enough to make you feel clever once you "get it."

Like this Frozen one:

And here's a beauty for Legend of Zelda fans:

See the Triforce etched in the stone? And Link's hat? SO GOOD.

I don't think it's intentional, but this one reminds me of the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter:

My favorite part is how these dice towers double as art when they're not in use. Heck, some of these I'd display even though I don't own a single die.

This last one isn't fandom based, but wow is it gorgeous:

A cascading resin waterfall - complete with a wounded paladin on the banks. Ahh-mazing.

There are loads more designs over on The DM's Treasure Trove Instagram account, so give them a follow to see more. Then check out the Flint's Etsy shop to browse all their available towers, mini accessories, figures, and more. (I was surprised to see towers there ranging from $40 to $60, btw, so they're not as pricey as you might think.)

This post is excellent timing for me, too, because our friend Charlie invited John and me over for our FIRST EVER game of D&D, and it's happening tonight. So stay tuned to see if we get hooked and I end up buying allll the dice towers, bahaha.


P.S. Just in case I did a little preemptive shopping on Amazon, and OH MY.

I can see why this dice-collecting thing is dangerous!


  1. Have fun! Oh, and yes the path to becoming a dice goblin is far easier than one might expect lol

    1. "Shiny math rocks make click-clack sound! Need more!"

      Pretty much describes my dice hoarding habits, right there!

  2. OMG, the Castle Grayskull one is amazing!! Congrats on taking your first steps to becoming a dice goblin. They're sooooo addictive.

  3. Those are so pretty! I adore the little hobbit hole. I don't D&D but I do have quite a number of six sided dice. I like everyone to have their own set when playing games with dice and they have to match the color they are playing.

  4. I don't play but this place takes a lot of my money!

  5. Ahhhhhh! I am a big D&D fan! I hope you have a great time! And new dice are so fun! I definitely have "make own resin dice" as a crafting bucket list item.

  6. I still play D&D but I never wanted a dice tower... until now. That hobbit-y one-!

    There's just something visceral appealing about rolling the dice yourself, especially if they're cool ones.

  7. I don't usually like dice towers, but man those are beautiful! And also a pre-emptive welcome to the dice goblin gang. I have way too many sets of dice, but eh. My excuse is that I'm the DM and sometimes my players forget their dice. Bwahaha. You have to tell us about your characters! I always love hearing about other people's D&D kids. :D

  8. Jen! Don't buy dice, make them! You already cast resin, you just need to make molds! I learned from Rybonator on YouTube, and I highly recommend him.

  9. Haven't played in a while but I have a set of dice for each character I developed. And a bag of dice I got when I first started. We didn't have dice towers back then. :-)

    If you find yourself needing more dice just contact me through my blog and I'll take pictures of the tons I have and send you some.

  10. Whether or not you end up playing long-term, as a D&D player and DM, I am SO INTENSELY PSYCHED to hear about your first experience and your impressions. (Also I second Candice's comment about checking out making dice, since you already do resin stuff.)

  11. Your Amazon linked dice look like the Slytherin set I bought from a company that looks like they buy these same ones in bulk from China & now have a cease-and-desist request from Warner Bros. to stop selling them as the Hogwarts named houses. I do still love them and can't wait to use them, but you'll get a much better price from Amazon. :)

    1. I did think of the Hogwarts Houses with some of these color combinations! Especially the green & silver.

  12. Another cool thing about dice towers is they are really old, there is one from the 4th century CE,
    I hope you enjoy D&D, I've been playing since I was 7, 37 years, so I'm always so surprised when it is new to anyone, but it has always been great fun with creative geeky friends, so I'm glad you're trying it.

  13. Those are wonderful! I have a pair of kids who play (one DM's) and so I'm always on the lookout for gifts for them.

  14. You're so lucky to learn D&D. When we were about 12 my best friend and I went in together to buy a D&D game. We knew no one who played (it's a very small town). We never did figure out how to play from the instructions in the box. I think it's one of those things you have to learn by playing with others who can teach you. Alas, I will be 52 soon and still do not know how to play D&D. I still have the box we bought 40 years ago though...


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