Thursday, January 16, 2020

FoE & Tell: Fairy Lanterns, Caring Cats, & A Life-Sized Kevin

It's time for more of my favorite FOE finds! (FOE is Fans of Epbot, a fan-run Facebook group.) I don't see everything that gets posted over there, since you guys are pretty prolific, but here come a few of my favorites that crossed my feed:
Btw, I freely admit I fangirl the most over your faces and your creations, so this roundup is mostly things you guys have made. I'd love to see more of your selfies, too, though; especially the ones where you're at fun places or trying new things or celebrating some milestone. Makes me feel like I know you guys better. Is that sappy? 'Cuz I'm OK with sappy. ;)

Right, 'nuff blather: ON TO THE CRAFTS!

Starting with some seasonal Mickey wreath adorableness from Vanessa:

Vanessa made this last Fall, and she's been updating us on FOE as she changes it for different holidays:
St. Patrick's Day

And Halloween! Love those colors together.

I can't wait to see what you do for Spring, Vanessa!

 You might remember Allison from when she made the baby-sized Iron Throne. Well, she's at it again for her kidbot's birthday party, and this year she really... UP'ed... her game:

She made a life-sized Kevin!!

Just look how happy little "Carl" is:

So much cute, and talk about party goals! (Allison, I'm thinking about throwing myself a birthday party this year for the first time ever. We should talk. :D)

Best of all, Allison made an Instructable for Kevin! Go check that out if you'd like to make your own fine feathered friend.


 And now, Words of Wisdom from Kelly:

Thank you, Kelly. Never change.


Wait wait, one more, because this comment thread has been my favorite thing today:

All the sugar-crazed .gifs, bahahaha!



Back to pretty crafts!


 Sara made a cement dragon egg... and I'm honestly speechless:

(Check out Sara's IG account for more pretties)

WOW. This reminds me of the tiny galaxy in the cat's collar from Men In Black 2. (Remember that?)

 Also I think Sara's talking about this Buzzfeed article, although her egg looks pretty different. By which I mean better. ;)


 Meg transformed a plain white dresser into an oh-so-cool stack of suitcases:

I like how she painted little nail heads on some of the drawers, and even the "seams" where the suitcases close. They look so real!


And finally, Jade made one of those things that made me want to drop everything and go shopping for materials:

 John and I just saw some little fairy doors and mushroom at the dollar store, too. Hmmmm....

While I brainstorm, here come a couple closeups: 
The light inside makes all the difference! So lovely.

I hope this helped inspire you to make stuff that makes you happy -  or maybe to eat a few more cookies. :p Thanks to all the friendly FoE here for letting us share your posts and photos!

(Everything here is shared with permission, so a quick shout-out to John for doing all the logistical work of tracking everyone down to ask! Thanks, Sweetie!)


Just in case your desk or vanity needs more rainbows:

Wooden Rainbow Caddy

Be sure to bookmark my Epbot storefront for all my Amazon lists; I add a few new things every week! Everything you purchase through that link gives a little back to me and John, so thanks for helping support Epbot while you shop!


  1. "cat's collar". It was a cat's collar in M-I-B. Harley, my house panther, demands that you get it right:-)

    1. I was thinking that, too. It was a *cat*, Jen, you of *all* people should know that! X-D

    2. WHOOPS. Really I was just, uh, testing you guys. Now, for a quick eye exam, look right over here...

    3. Just to be a smarta$$, the cat's name was Orion. Love that movie and Epbot!


      P.S. It was great to see you in Pittsburgh!

  2. FoEs are the most creative people! I always love seeing the different things people have come up with. The suitcase dresser is my favorite out of this batch.

    PS - The galaxy on Orion's belt was from MiB 1, not 2. :)

  3. The egg. I cannot stop staring at the egg. ♥

  4. Meg's suitcase dresser is fantastic! How creative!

  5. Argh! I practically live on FoE, and yet I only saw one of these in my feed! Curses on the algorithms and blessings upon you for sharing the awesome.

  6. I missed Meg's dresser make-over on FoE! But seeing the travel stickers reminded me that I have several "travel" stickers from my Firefly LootCrate...the ideas are swarming!

  7. All of these are super amazing, but I have a soft spot for Kevin. Up is almost as perfect as Princess Bride, if you ask me...

    Oh, and I know I'm a lurker, but my husband and I will be going on our honeymoon next week in your neck of the woods. I don't know if you'll be popping over to Disney (for the festival), or HP world... but I will be keeping my eyes out for you! I love this blog, even if I don't comment as much!


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