Monday, January 20, 2020

Once A Year I Binge Some Makeup Tutorial Videos - So Here Come A Few New Favorites!

I only wear makeup when I'm both leaving the house AND interacting with people I know, so... not very often. I'm also hella intimidated by makeup stores & salespeople (Sephora is my nightmare) and wayyyyy too cheap to buy any makeup product that costs more than $10, so all in all... NOT a big makeup person.

Still, I do like makeup sometimes, and once in a blue moon I'll fall into a good makeup tutorial binge. Last week YouTube suggested this one by Ali Andreea which caught my eye - because who doesn't love a good side-by-side preview pic?

It's like playing Spot The Difference, right? Ali is really funny, too, and I enjoyed watching a few more of her videos. (Though I admit I laughed at her exasperation with squared-off eyebrows, since of course I love squared-off brows.)

I tried Ali's cat-eye technique for hooded eyes for a few days, since I was doing mine the "wrong" way from the video up there -  but DANG is that hard! So I went looking for more videos on hooded eyes and how to do winged liner on them.

("Hooded eye" refers to the extra skin that folds down over the eyelid as some of us get older. It can also refer to Asian eyes, but that's not the context here.)

I quickly found some SUPER helpful videos from other YouTubers, and thought I'd share my favorite two! First, this one by Melanie Brett:

Her eye on the left in the preview pic looks a little like mine, so her notes on the highlight placement and why thick eyeliner can be bad were really eye-opening... PUN INTENDED. Heyoooo.

This next one by Nikkia Joy covers much of the same stuff, but explains some of it a little better:

 (She talks a lot for the intro, so skip ahead to 1:30.)

I'm annoyed by the amount of Photoshop in her preview photo (helloooo, plastic!), but her actual video has great lighting that shows her true skin texture, which I really appreciate. Plus her example of the eyebrow curve was helpful, since I do tend to extend mine downward a ways.

Let me quickly add that makeup is supposed to be fun, and is never ever required to be beautiful - so don't let anyone tell you differently. The older I get the more I actually prefer "naked" faces, and I turn to makeup more to play when I'm in a good mood, and less as a crutch to "fix" my flaws. I hope you all see it that way, too.
Anyway, I don't wear mascara or lipstick or NEARLY as much makeup as any of those YouTube ladies, but here are some attempts I made last week:

I'm still not having any luck with the wing, but I like the darker shadow placed higher up - and I shortened my eyebrow slightly so it doesn't arch down as far.

And here's my Big Hair Day some of you saw on my Story last weekend:

(Unintentional Mickey Ears FOR THE WIN, ha!)

 I think I did a better job on the shadow here, and I used a shimmery gold highlighter on my eyelids - so happy that shows up!

I'll keep trying on the cat eye wing, because I really want to nail that. Let me know if you guys have any tips!

In fact, do you have any favorite makeup videos? If so, link me up in the comments! I'm after specific videos, though, not makeup 'Tubers to follow. (I'm just not into makeup enough to subscribe to more accounts.) (Also I think 'Tubers should be the new official term. All in favor, say "YES PLEASE.")

  So yeah, give me the most useful tutorials you've found - the ones that changed how you do make-up. Or, if you have some miracle product that costs $10 or less, feel free to share that, too. :p


And now that I've explained why you should probably never take ANY advice I give on makeup products ever (ha!), allow me to show you my favorite liquid eyeliner:

 I've tried a bunch of these, including some pricey Sephora models when John tried to spoil me one Christmas, but I always come back to the Nano Liner. It's the blackest, mattest liner I've found with an ultra-fine tip, so I never get those accidentally-too-thick lines. And it costs less than $7!

Of all the things in my makeup drawer, this and my Anastasia brow pomade are the only two I feel confident recommending. (In fact, I just bought a cheaper brow pomade - that had 5 stars! -  because the Anastasia is so darn expensive... and immediately regretted it. Dang it.)


  1. Have you looked at ColourPop? They have really fund colors and shades, and it's right in your price range, especially when they are having a sale. I also like their sister brand Fourth Ray Beauty for skin care.

  2. Look up Smitha D Beauty - she has some great tutorials for hooded eyes and she's easy to follow along with. Definitely one of my favorite youtubers

    As for inexpensive beauty I second ColourPop, and maybe give Ipsy or another beauty subscription a try. I've gotten some real winners out of the bags. Of course it's not for everyone, and you do get some lemons as well occasionally

  3. Do what I do - I can't really wear make up so instead I dyed three sections of my hair with semi-permanent hair dye :D Guarantee no one looks at your face and it feels like I'm wearing exciting make up every day and all I've done is roll out of bed :D Plus, since it's semi-permanent I can change it whenever I want :)

    You do have to bleach your hair first if it's dark like mine (and it looks like your is almost as dark) but I just bleach mine till it's dark ornage rather than to a straw-like blonde. That way I don;t completely kill my hair and, added bonus, the colours are nice and dark and jewel-like once I've dyed them in :D So far the best have been emerald green and deep purple, but Deep purple with two cerise sections or emerald and aquamarine underneath have looked pretty damn cool too. And no trying to figure out what kind of eyes I have or how to do them with glasses! :D

  4. My two favorites on Youtube are Michelle Phan And GRAV3YARDGIRL. Both are fun to watch, have a good sense of humor, very human in their life experiences, and don't make me feel like I should hide my face unless it's covered with a thick layer of cover-up (and my skin is pretty sensitive, so I can't play as much as I would like without going to a level of rash that makes people shrink back in horror). Additionally, can I recommend to the world to go to see a dermatologist? My Mom took my to one when I was a teenager and I go back every year. When I tell people, someone inevitably says, but you don't look like you go to a dermatologist...right, hence, why I still go. It's great because s/he also screens for skin cancer and tells me products to try and avoid (and I don't buy any products through mine, so there's no selling in my experience). I feel so much more confident and I break out less.

  5. I have hooded AND downturned eyes. Have had 'em my whole life and only realized about 30ish years into my life that standard winged eyeliner application does not work for me. This discovery explained why I never left the house with my previous cat eye attempts. That being said, this video by Makeup by Myrna has the only winged eyeliner method that works for me:

  6. I get most of my makeup from Walmart -- my skin can be unpredictable when it comes to reactions, so I don't spring for expensive. Currently, I'm able to do Hard Candy for mascara and eyeshadow, Physician's Formula for eyeliner and foundation, and Burt's Bees for lips (the tinted chapsticks are my favorite, highly recommend).

    I'm also a big fan of doing colour in hair... though I'm kind of timid when it comes to actual dying (I've done it, I loved it, but the upkeep was difficult in the situation I was in), so I use clip-ins. I've got multiple colours (including rainbow tinsel) and I just mix and match as the mood strikes me. There's even a couple made from "cheap nylon doll hair" that I can curl and set with boiling water. Caitlin Ford is currently my favorite YouTuber when it comes to hair colour, she does stunning rainbow hair designs.

    My other big favorite is nails. Again, mostly the cheap stuff from Walmart with a thick glossy coat on top to make it last. I hoard nail stickers/gems to decorate with, and glitter polishes make everything better.

  7. I really like NYX brand products. They are a good value - above average quality for the price. They have a lovely neutral eyeshadow palette that I use almost exclusively when I bother to do my makeup at all. Put their eyeshadow primer on before applying the eyeshadow and it will last all day without fading one bit.

  8. Here's a natural makeup look video that I just watched and really enjoyed. It's still probably too much makeup for your routine �� but she's very funny and real and there are some good tips there, especially about drawing in your brows.

  9. I totally agree with you on using make up to play instead of conceal! College me always needed a powder and mascara. Now there are weeks where I just haven't bothered with anything- my face looks fine albeit tired.

  10. My favorite product of the last few years is primer - I have both a powdered version and a liquid; ELF makes various formulations of liquid primer that are quite inexpensive and available at Target. You use a tiny bit and gently smooth it over your face before putting on foundation/base; it helps fill in fine lines and smooth out your skin so you need less makeup. AND it's basically just silicone (dimethicone) so you can use it as an anti-chafing cream or on your hair for flyaways in a pinch.

  11. Take your finger and pull at the outer edge of your lid to flatten the whole eye lid. Makes using the eye liner easier.

  12. Sigh. The older I get, the more and more allergic to makeups I become. (And yes, I've tried Clinque,etc. My allergies are apparently impervious.Lucky lucky me.) I'm down to only being able to wear concealer and foundation. My little piggy eyes must go unadorned.

  13. Katie Jane Hughes is a great MUA with a really awesome instagram presence (@katiejanehughes). She doesn't do much in the way of YouTube tutorials these days but she's got a bunch of her tutorial stories highlighted on her Instagram profile... this allure recap does a nice job of breaking down her tutorial for winged eyeliner on hooded eyes:

    It's kind of wacky seeming but you're such a talented painter I bet you could nail it!

    I like her a lot because she is a big proponent of skin texture showing through in her looks, and she talks about anxiety too and is just an all around lovely human being.

  14. Is no one going to mention that the light bulbs behind you in the last two pics look like Mickey Ears?? You're a hidden Mickey! :-D

  15. Heeey hooded eyes aren't just something you get as you age - some of us are just shaped that way :(

    I enjoy Wayne Goss' makeup tutorials;

  16. I really enjoy Simply Nailogical's channel. She started out doing only nail tutorials, but evolved and branched off into doing whatever makes her happy. 1st she is a open and vocal Holosexual. She loves Holo, she will teach you the differences between real and fake holo, and if you're not careful she will convert you into a holosexual too. She has a drink slave/boyfriend Ben AKA Beyyyyyyyn who brings her tea in almost every video, she is an introverted nerd and they have 2 cats, Zyler and Menchie. She has a series of videos from her "Teach Me How to Beauty Tour" you might enjoy. She met with several YouTube Beauty Gurus and had them try and teach her How to Beauty. She doesn't take herself too seriously, so I find her very approachable and human, and funny. I think you would enjoy her. This is episode 2 from her series on Liner & Lashes
    Bonus video of her crafting with her cat's hair Enjoy!

  17. Not $10 or less, but Shine Cosmetics is my absolute fave BB Cream (and really all their products except the mascara). They're leaping bunny certified and woman owned. The BB cream is the perfect light/medium coverage, basically bullet proof (even in heat/sweat/long days) and goes on so well with fingers. Their lip glosses are amazing. Great pigment, wear super well, not sticky and gross. I also love their brow wand, concealer, bronzer and blush. And now I'm realizing I totally sound like some kind of influencer, but I'm not. �� I just really love their stuff because it works so well. ��

  18. I'm mostly an eyes and lipstick girl, because I like to coordinate with my outfits. Many affordable brands have great products. I'm on the Colourpop bandwagon. Essence Lash Princess mascara is so good and ~$6 (I'm religious about swapping out mascara every three months, so inexpensive is key). Wet & Wild liquid catsuit lipstick is great and ~$5. NYX or Elf liquid eye shadow is nice when you wanna slap on some sparkly with minimal effort or use it as a primer.
    I eschewed the winged liner - between my hooded eyes and the fact I have lots of skin texture (before the wrinkles arrived!), it is just a no-go. I'm fine with it, because it is a cute look but a level of daily effort I wouldn't want to put in anyway.
    I agree that Wayne Goss has some good hooded eye tricks that work for "normal" people since he's got lots of tricks rather than innate artistic talent.

  19. If you like a good side-by-side preview... You've seen the Power of Makeup video, right?

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  21. Hi Jen, as someone who a) has naturally hooded eyes and b) is constantly told how great my wings are - Fake it, Don't make it! I use Quickflicks eyeliner STAMPS -Bam! Bam! and the wings are done. They aren't cheap (though I picked up my first set at the chemist for $5) and I don't know if they're available in US. I use green or blue, because I always find black makes my eyes look tiny, but it comes in brown as well. I use the 'Grande' (four sizes of stamp) and I usually double-stamp: eye-edge, and crease, to enbiggen the eye


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