Monday, June 3, 2019

MegaCon Orlando 2019: Last Batch of Cosplay Portraits!

I know I've been taking my sweet time with the rest of my photo edits from MegaCon, so let me show you the rest of my favorites!


This is probably my favorite Queen Amidala dress, those colors are SO pretty. Originally she posed with her hands down in front of her, but I asked her to hold her arms out to show all that gorgeous fabric.

The original evil power couple.

 I left the convention floor lights in on some of these, since I thought they might add a little interest to the background, or maybe look like stars. Thoughts? Should I take them out?

These two got their fair share of double-takes:

It's always fun when cosplayers are look-alikes! Stan Lee in particular had a line of folks who wanted selfies with him. It felt respectful, though, and the fans I saw seemed genuinely touched to see him. Like, this is our way of continuing to celebrate a great man.

Here's my all-time favorite Dumbledore:

This cosplayer was also at the "Celebration That Must Not Be Named" in Universal last January, so you might remember him from my photos. John and I jokingly call Michael Gambon #NotMyDumbledore, because Richard Harris *IS* Dumbledore in our minds, so this cosplay, oof. Right in the feels


I especially love how Peter captures that mischievous eye twinkle, like he's about to whisper something hilarious to you about Snape before handing over a Sherbet Lemon.
Here comes someone else I love: Brenna is a wizard herself with body-paint, and her transfigurations are STUNNING:

(Art By BMazz)

Our flash made her blink - oops - but check out her floating Zero! She made him herself, and was walking him around on a leash.

Of course Sally needs her Jack, right?


It looks like I de-saturated the color, but I didn't! She's just in front of a black and white curtain.
(I'm leaving a little more background in sometimes, too, so it doesn't feel quite so blank and Studio-ish. What do you think, good? Bad? Indifferent?)

It turns out this pirate's name is Red, which makes sense, but I can tell you from experience she also responds to, "WE WANTS THE REDHEAD!"

Plus she spoke in character with an accent and it was fantastic.

This Snow White had her own little bird on her finger, such a clever prop! Too often cosplayers don't know what to do with their hands, so I'm all about a good prop.

(Bri Rose Cosplay

Plus look at her dress! And her crown! Swoon.

Cosplay Pop Quiz: Do you remember this character? Or better yet, what movie she's from?


She's the Tooth Fairy from Rise of The Guardians. This is SUCH a great character design, look at all her bright feathers! It's a pretty good movie, too, though I don't hear many talk about it anymore. 

I showed you a cell phone pic of this Vanessa from The Little Mermaid  before, but this one's better:

She standing in front of a photo backdrop, but of course our flash makes it look like trash bags behind her, ha. Isn't this a great effect with the tentacles, though?? Love it.

You've also seen video of this Falcor from Neverending Story, but here we tried a little photographic experiment:

We intentionally placed Hagrid in the background, like he's sizing up his next pet project. :D

Check out the Autumn colors on this Keyleth from Critical Role!

SO PRETTY. She has a great floating effect with the crystal bit in the center of her staff. That's another nice thing about flash; you rarely see the strings.

Another fandom that consumes too much of my life? Overwatch!


Absolutely gorgeous Hanzo, love the robe.

And this is Pharah's ghost armor, the one where you can't see her body inside it. With - get this - smoke effects!! That's all a smokey vapor coming out from the chest area and head. SO SO COOL.

Meg from Hercules also got an armor upgrade:

(VareWolf Cosplay, cosplay design by Hannah Alexander)

If you've never seen Hannah Alexander's art that inspired this, hit that link. Her Art Nouveau princesses are DROOL WORTHY.

These two from Beetlejuice made me fangirl screech a bit:

I've never seen anyone cosplay Otho before! YASSSS. 

(That's Will from my local Slug Club, btw, who also cosplays a fantastic Jacob Kowalski from Fantastic Beasts.)

I'm having fun keeping villain photos a little darker:

Really gives them that dark and gritty DC look, ha.

Oohh, and look how this Batwoman held out her cape!

Reds practically GLOW under flash, so this color palette is dreamsville.

It's not often you see someone who looks exactly like an animated character, but I could swear this Esmerelda walked right out of someone's VHS copy of Hunchback of Notre Dame:

Right? Right??

I haven't seen a Na'vi from Avatar in ages:

Her face paint was perfection. Respect.

A little tricky lighting both of these guys together, but I love Spidey with Doctor Strange:


And here's a better shot of that gorgeous She-Rah from my first MegaCon post!

My friend Emma always rocks her cell shading. Here she's Face McShooty from Borderlands:

You might not remember this character even if you played the game, but Face McShooty is the Psycho wearing a big glowing arrow pointing at his head and repeatedly shouting at you to, well, shoot him in the face. (Ergo the name.) It's hysterical, and I love that Emma has immortalized him through cosplay. (She usually wears the mask for photos, but I asked to take one without.)

Raven from Teen Titans:

I keep meaning to watch this show.

Here's another blast from the past: remember The Mummy with Brendan Frasier & Rachel Weisz?

Ohh, Evelyn even has the book! This was such a great movie, I need a rewatch.

Daenerys times two:

No matter how many times I write her name, I still have to look up how to spell "Daenerys." Arg.

Even as someone who doesn't know the characters, I did a total double-take over this Arya & Bran:

She was pushing him around in the chair, which looked custom built! Gorgeous details all 'round.

I also haven't seen Aquaman, so it took a little Googling for me to learn this is Mera's wedding dress from the movie! Ermergersh!

It is SO stunning, but my favorite part is the back. So of course I asked for a second shot:

Jaw, DROPPED. Debating asking John for an under-the-sea themed vow renewal now. ;)

You can really see her hair better in this shot, too!

I think that's a good finale for my MegaCon photos, gang. Don't worry, though; there's still more over on Flickr! Head to my MegaCon album to see the rest, and cosplayers, feel free to download and share my photos of you. 

John and I have lots more conventions coming up this summer, so watch this space for more photos.


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  1. Gawd I love Face McShooty... For those unfamiliar:

    *BLAM* "Thank you!" *thud*

  2. Shows how out of touch I am... I thought the Tooth Fairy was Papagena from Amadeus! Beautiful photos as always, Jen!

    1. Your comment just made my day!!! I am super obsessed with Mozart and would love to do a Papageno cosplay one day. I actually saw a Tooth Fairy cosplay at FanimeCon and yelled out Papagena to her! She looked bemused but was in good spirits. She said could see the misunderstanding. :D But seriously...lets talk about some Amadeus cosplays ;) I cosplayed as the masked man commissioning the Requiem Mass many years ago (several people got it!) & would love to do Papageno and then the Queen of the Night. Not gonne lie, an Il Commendatore cosplay would be AMAZING.

  3. Ahhh Tooth! Such a pretty character. I always love seeing your con photos. I think the variation with some darker than others makes for an interesting mix that keeps them from blending together.

  4. So nice to see Tooth! Rise of the Guardians was criminally underrated. I thought it was a great movie. And yay, thanks for including the full-length She-Ra!

    On a practical note, I appreciated seeing more of the background. The full black-out background is a little extreme for every shot, and it makes it stand out all the more when you only use it for some shots. (Like that amazing Bane and Joker one!)

  5. The lights look like pairs of eyes peering out of the darkness, which adds a nice creepy factor to the villain shots.

  6. Textbook AquarianJune 4, 2019 at 2:02 PM

    As much as I love the Fraser-Weisz version of The Mummy, the classic film fan in me has to point out its a remake. The original would be the 1932 film staring Boris Karloff. :)

    Great costumes and photos as always.

  7. Thank you for taking our picture. I took a chance on Otho and glad he was a bit. He will return!

  8. Love the photos! By the way, Amidala was Queen not Princess.

  9. Love the Tooth! Rise of the Guardians is such an underrated film. That Bane is amazing, too. And That shot of Batwoman is awesome.
    One quick note though, that isn't Mera's wedding dress. Just a formal gown she wears at one point in the film. Still an awesome costume though.

  10. Apropos of nothing to do with this post... :D I just found this amazing show on Netflix about people who *commit* to their geeky house builds ("Amazing Interiors") -- and since I had 6 loads of laundry to fold, I got through a bunch of episodes. ;) One guy in particular stuck out -- he built a sci-fi museum in the 18th-century basement of his Georgian house. I think you'd love it:


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