Sunday, April 14, 2019

FOE Finds: Baby Thrones, Bear Lamps, & CROWLEY SAYS HI!

I'm a perpetual lurker over in Fans of Epbot, because it gives me such joy to see 5,000+ geeks basically participating in the world's best Show & Tell. My Facebook feed is 70% photos of your pets and crafts and toys and outfits and really, REALLY bad jokes - and I wouldn't have it any other way.

As I lurk, I also sometimes screen-shot a few of my favorites. Then, because I'm terrible at this, I wait a good 4 months before asking John to go find all the people whose posts I saved and see if they'll let me share here on the blog. :D Which he - and they! - graciously did. So thanks for the team effort, gang!

Now here's a little sampling of things to make you smile, all from your friendly neighborhood FOE:

 This seems appropriate this week!

 I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Dangit, Jen, you can't show us a baby Iron Throne without a baby on it!!"



Allison, I think I speak for us all when I say, Bless you for bringing this into the world. 
(The cute kid, too! :p)


Karen said she made the pot of petunias necklace - my favorite part! - from buttons. So clever!

Karen is actually one of my friends IRL, because a million years ago (or maybe 5-6) I tweeted to the world at large that John & I were at Disney, and did anyone want to meet up? And she did! Just hopped in her car and drove out to Epcot, by herself, to hang with us all night.

I don't know if I'd be that brave, but I'm glad she was.


YASSS. This makes me so happy, and reminds me of all the little Star Trek conventions I went to growing up. Everyone was there to talk and laugh and sing Klingon Karaoke, and I'd never felt more welcome to be my nerdy, Bajoran-earring-wearing self. I hope it's still like that, Melanie. I bet it is. 


You ever see a craft that makes you want to drop everything and go make one just like it?

 Bahahah! This FOE chose to remain nameless, but the work speaks for itself, am I right?

I know this could be seen as disturbing, but to me it looks like a bear trying - and failing - to play hide and seek. So funny. Also I want to find a Pterodactyl plush for this. I don't know why, it's just calling to me.


Then there's Jennifer over here showing us how it is DONE:


Trying to convince myself I don't need more shoes.... but I do.

I have permission to share quite a few more goodies, so I'll try to do these spotlights a little more often in the future. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a story from Elise that left me a little speechless and a lot grateful:

Wait wait wait we have a gif for this!

In this context we're all boys. Cool? 

Cool cool cool.

(If you don't remember our custom Pop for Mark, here's the post where we gave it to him! The fact that he still has it after 5 years is such a massive honor, dang.)

Thanks again to today's FOE for letting me share their photos! And everyone else over there, keep an eye out for sheepish DMs from John asking if I can share that thing you posted 6 months ago, since I still have a bit of a backlog, lol.


  1. Wow! I may not have given Mark Shepard a gift that he's kept for 5 years, but at least when I saw Christian Kane (Lindsey from Angel, Eliot from Leverage, Jake from The Librarians, etc.) recently, he remembered getting to take my mobility scooter for a ride last time we met.

    1. Ahhh! I love Christian Kane! That is totally awesome =D

  2. Oh, wow! Imagine a WOMAN driving somewhere BY HERSELF.

    I can't even.

    Can I ask why you think that's even unusual, much less 'brave'? Seriously?

    1. THANK YOU. Women have been driving on their own for entire years. How sad it must be to feel like this is out of the ordinary.

    2. Are you even in the right place? I ask that honestly, because it is so clear that the intent of this was to address social anxiety (which many people, including women have) and not to praise someone for the ability to drive by themselves. If you have been reading Epbot for any period of time, of even from this post, you should be able to see that. So it seems to me that either you are having a really bad day, in which case I am sorry and I hope it gets better, or you are just looking for something to be outraged about, in which case I am also sorry because that must be discouraging and exhausting.

    3. I think she meant it was brave to volunteer to meet and hang out with new people. It can be hard to meet someone new, even if you think it's someone you'll like, and it can be even more challenging to do it on your own and spur of the moment.

    4. Not everyone likes driving my themselves to events, man or woman, and if I do it, it's only because I've bitten the bullet and gotten my bravery on. Different people, different abilities.

    5. Uhh, it's not the woman driving by herself that's brave. It's the woman driving by herself on a whim to meet up with people she doesn't really know. Jen has spoken openly about her own social anxiety and trouble with driving places (especially on her own) and was obviously framing it in that light. Don't be a jerk.

    6. Yikes, I think everyone else here has covered it, Kate, but I guess my statement came across as condescending, which it absolutely was not meant to do. I'm honestly in awe of the kind of bravery I see in Karen and so many others, because to me it absolutely IS bravery to tackle the unknown headfirst and on your own. If you think nothing of traveling alone or meeting strangers alone, then I think you're brave, and I admire that, whether it offends you or not.

      To answer your question, I find it unusual because I can't travel alone; my agoraphobia holds me back. It's a personal struggle and phobia I wrestle with. So please, give a little grace to those of us who aren't as strong as you.

  3. LOVE the Hitchhiker's Guide casual cosplay outfit!!!
    Also, Crowley the demon will be appearing in different form played by David Tennant in an Amazon Prime series based on the Gaiman/Pratchett book "Good Omens." Think it starts in early May.

  4. Long time lurker first time commenter.
    Thanks Jen for another slice of sunshine, I really appreciate it.

    The debate above has got me thinking - I've done a fair amount of travel both in my home country and abroad on my own and if there's an event I want to go to but I have no close friends who want to go, I think nothing of buying a single ticket. I do appreciate you calling that brave, thank you.

    BUT I am fairly terrified of putting anything at all online: I follow so many sites with amazing friendly comments communities but I never join in. Generally participating online requires a fair amount of bravery in my book, but then what you do with your blog takes bravery to a whole new level for me. I'm glad that you are brave enough to do this and I am grateful for my regular doses of happiness, inspirational crafts and all-round awesome recommendations- without Epbot I'd have no Portal 2, Borderlands nor Bioshock in my life ;-)

  5. Oh goodness we need a tutorial for that throne!

  6. Either that bear is trying and failing to play hide and seek or he's just gotten back from a really epic party, one or the other. XDD

    And not gonna lie, I'm always jealous of people who get to hang out with you guys on the regular in real life. I'm very short on IRL friends these days.


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