Friday, November 2, 2018

For John's Birthday I Got You A Funny Story & Cat Photos

John's been sick most of this week, so party prep and life in general has ground to a halt - but you know the one upside to a miserable, sleep-deprived John?

FACEBOOK UPDAAAATES. (Remember all these during the hurricane last year? GOLD.)

Take it away, John:


This story made me laugh and laugh after my night of blissfully uninterrupted sleep. [evil grin]
John included two photos with his post, so I'm guessing this next one is after he caved and let Suki-the-Tank back in the room with him again:

 Look how happy she is.

Oh hey, this is an excellent time to mention that today is John's birthday! ...and I didn't get him anything. Well, I mean, technically I got him that Kreacher painting, but since I surprised him with it early I'm empty-handed today, so here I am, telling all you guys, so maybe you'll share a funny meme or photo or just wish John a happy birthday in the comments or on FOE or Facebook.

And since this isn't really a real post, here, have a few more cat pictures:

The little cat paintings are by our friend Bianca. Aren't they purrfect?

Let's not forget that Eva is the good, NON-door-shaker one. :D

Mostly because Eva prefers jumping on top of them now:

She leapt up there from John's should the other week. Lookit that face! Ha!

(We are soooo looking forward to putting up the Christmas trees this year. GULP.)
 Also, this suction-cup window ledge they love so much?  

Yeeah, I think it's finally met its 30 pound weight limit; the other day I woke up to find one of the lines dangling, and Eva won't go near it anymore. :( I blame Suki's vigorous running tackles & enormous fluff butt.

...but she's still small in John's arms:

Btw, John claims he loves both girls equally, but c'mon: 

Look at this. We all know better. :D

(Eva is my fav, so it's all good.)

Happy birthday, John, my love! I can't wait to tell you that in person, once you wake up and finish hacking up that lung. 

And happy Friday, everyone else! Have a great weekend!


  1. My Daisy will wake me up by licking me. SHE. WON'T. STOP. She has a tongue like sandpaper, so I swear - layers of skin are gone. To stop her from waking me up at 4 AM I kick her out of the bedroom - and my other kitty, Tigerlily, has to go too. I know very well the pounding against the door to get in battle.

  2. Happy Birthday John!!!! Hope you do something fun to celebrate once you are over your cold.
    This is my absolute favorite story about John!

  3. My husband wrote this one. Note: my mom is deathly afraid of mice.

    So, driving in to work this morning, we had a phone call that just broke the wife:

    Me: Hello?
    MIL: I think there's a guppy in the garage!
    Me: Did you say a guppy?
    MIL: It scared the crap out of me! But it's in a box now.
    Me: What's a guppy?
    MIL: It's brown and white. And it scared me!
    Wife: Are you saying it's a guppy?
    MIL: YES! I know it's not a rat because it has a short tail!
    Wife: A guppy?
    MIL: ... no, not a guppy.
    Wife: Did you mean "guinea pig?"
    MIL: Yeah. I thought maybe you knew someone with one.
    Wife: No, maybe you should just take it to the vet.
    MIL: OK. Bye.

    So my mother-in-law was frightened by a brown and white guppy in the garage this morning; fortunately, she cornered it and put it in a box. And she can tell it's a guppy rather than a rat due to the short tail.

    1. Did it turn out to be a hamster? Guinea pigs have no tails whatsoever. Funny story.

    2. I never got to see it. She found someone who had other pet rodents and gave it to her. At least it had a good home!

  4. Happy Birthday, and it's so good to know that we're not the only ones whose cats are somewhat....insistent.

  5. Happy Birthday, John! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I have a similar cat horror story. My husband and I were house sitting for my parents several years ago. They're relatively new cat had a respiratory infection so she sounded a bit like Darth Vader. My husband is deathly allergic to cats so we were trying to keep her out of the room where we were sleeping, but that room was normally empty and she wasn't used to a shut door. Even though we were closing the door right behind us, she kept quickly slipping in before it would be fully closed, so I'd have to go scoot her right back out.

    It came time for us to go to bed and we basically had to each make a run for it and shut the door as fast as we could not to let her in. She stayed outside of that door for quite a while, pawing at it and trying to get in. And because of the respiratory infection, she was breathing heavily the whole time. So it really was like being in a horror movie.

  7. Happy Birthday John!!!!! RAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRR

  8. Clearly Suki heard John coughing up a hairball and wanted to join in the fun. And I'm sure she took it personally that he tried to exclude her.

    Happy Birthday, John -- feel better!

  9. Do you think Bianca does commissions? I'd love to have mini paintings of my girls!

  10. Happy Birthday, John! I hope you feel better fast.

  11. My husband has a similar office door vs persistent cat story. His ordeal ended with canned air shot under the door. Evidently the *door* hissing at them was too much.

  12. The daughter of a good friend does SFX make-up, and won a contest in June, thus advancing to the finals and a chance to win $1000. She's 20, and really very good. So, anyway, she finally decides on her make-up ( the theme was phobias and she drew fear of Satan), which turns out to be a demonic nun. Fast forward to the week before the competition, I answer the call from her mom and drive almost 2 hours to help string rosaries for her costume, as the ones they ordered had not come in. She wanted at least 8 of them. We ran out of beads, so I told her I'd pick some up at home, string them, and bring them to the finals. I head out to the store, get a bunch of crosses and beads, and am in line to check out. A non-practicing Catholic. Loaded with material to make fake rosaries for a demon nun. In line behind, of course, 2 *actual* nuns from the retreat down the road. Only me! Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday to John! You both fit together like tea and cookies! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Happy (late) birthday, John! Suki knew you were not feeling good and she knew you needed cat lovin! Hope you feel much betterer soon!

  15. Happy birthday, John!

    I share your Christmas tree fears. I have a 9-month-old puppy about to have her first Christmas.

  16. Happy belated birthday to John!! Suki just wanted to make you feel better in her own special way

  17. Happy birthday, Cat Dad!
    Live long and prospurr!

  18. My mother came up with the idea of putting some good sized eye hooks in the wall and running 2 guy wires from the tree to the wall. From the top 1/3 of the tree (so top half, but not tippy top) lines ran to either side of the window. Kept the cats and toddlers from pulling the tree down.

  19. I consider any post with Eva and Suki pictures a real post. That is all :-)

  20. Happy Birthday, John! I hope you had a splendid, kitty-and-Kreacher-filled day :-)

  21. Funny, I thought Eva was John's cat! They do pick their special person though. Eva is so like my Benny was when he was young and thin. He would walk along the stove hood to try to get into the cabinet above the stove, where his food is!
    Hope John is well now. Belated Happy Birthday!

  22. Happy Late Birthday! I wish I could think of a fun internet thing, but I am coming up blank under the pressure ;)

    I can share that our little black cat is a very social guy too. If I take the baby into the play room, he always meows to come in. I guess he likes being crawled on!

  23. Happy Birthday! I know you are both cat people, but I saw this today and had to share - animated film 'The Queen's Corgi' is coming out next year. It's so incredibly cute!

  24. First of all HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to John. Mr. Man (Maine Coon) decided 4am was a good time cuddle with my sister. Too bad she has a cold and is coughing up many lungs. So he bugs me in a stink. Later he decided to pound on the old door mirror on her closet door. Loudly. Repeatedly. Once she got up - fuming and coughing - that fat beast peed on her bed. The freshly laundered bed. So no, a 30lb bar bell will not deter a cat bent on cuddles NO MATTER WHAT. Neither does bubble wrap on the door, water pistol at the ready or shoes to toss. Cuddle or suffer endlessly.

  25. My cat Ballou (who could not be allowed to free feed) was absolutely sure that breakfast should be served at sunrise. Therefore she would wake me up to serve her meal . I felt that breakfast should be served whatever-damn-time I actually needed to wake up that day .So every morning at sunrise we would perform the same maneuvers. She would headbutt me or lick my face until I got out of bed and headed to the bedroom door. She would then zoom ahead to her bowl, I would close the bedroom door and go back to sleep . We performed the exact same actions every sunrise for 9 years. She never learned.and I never wanted to prevent her from sleeping with me . My she was yar.


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