Sunday, November 18, 2018

These Unicorn Light Bulbs Are Making My Brain Melt In The Best Possible Way

::runs in::


I meant to post some Festival of Trees pics today, but then 2 things happened: 

1) I woke up with John's never-ending cough...

... so I gotta go wallow next to a humidifier for a bit.

But secondly - and this is the awesome part -  on the way out of the Festival I found the most beautiful things ever in the gift shop, of all places. I've never seen these before anywhere, and I can't even find them online (WHUT), so you have to see this loveliness this very second. HAVE TO.


The Unicorn Light Bulb!

(Yep, that's a LIGHT BULB.)

 Oh hey, I just realized at this angle it looks like a Christmas tree. Bonus.

This is meant to hang upside down like a pendant light, though, so it's really more of a diamond. (Although you could put it in a lamp. Hmm...)

But wait, THERE'S MORE.

There are two more shapes, with slightly different colors:

 This one is tufted like a hot air balloon, and glows more pink and orange.

 You can see they're not TOO bright; definitely just a pretty accent, not for actual lighting.

Then there's a giant round bulb in mostly blues and purples:

These all look like mini infinity mirrors, which would mean the light is sandwiched between two mirror-finished pieces of glass... somehow. Which is AMAZEBALLS.

(Btw, last night I heard Mel use the word "amazeballs" for the first time on British Bake-Off, and it made the whole episode for me.)

Ahh, but you know I've saved the best part for last, right?

John and I were standing there cooing and drooling (OK, that was maybe more me) for a good FIVE MINUTES before I accidentally tipped the unicorn bulb up so it shone directly into his face. John immediately gasped. "LOOK INTO THE LIGHT," he commanded, and I did, and then I made so much noise we had three separate women from other parts of the gift shop come over to investigate, one by one. (At which point I stuck this light in their face, lol.)

This is what the tip of the unicorn bulb looks like:


And because still pictures don't do their magic justice, I got you a lil' something:


As you can see the bulbs are $25 each, and that's just the bulb, no cord. They're made by Glitterville Studios, and let me tell ya, once I looked up that website I lost a delightful 10 minutes or so. This is not an ad; it's just the most fun I've had online shopping in ages. There are cake tiaras and fluffy chicken candles and holographic chandeliers and pastel rainbows GALORE. So, you know, basically heaven. (I suppose I should be glad all my favorite things are sold out, ha.)

A quick sampling, because I can't contain all these squees:

  Sold out, sadly. I wonder if they restock?



(I love you all, but please, NO ONE BUY ME THIS. Seriously. I'm good.)

However, the awesome bulbs are NOT on the Glitterville website, and I can't find them anywhere else online, either. Maybe it's an in-stores-only thing? If anyone knows or has a link, share in the comments, k? As it is I may be sending John back to the Festival to snag me the diamond bulb. :D

UPDATE: Aha, I just needed the right search term - thanks, commenters! Turns out these are called "firework bulbs" - and Amazon has them for $16 Prime. YUSS.

Now I'm off to get all hot and steamy... with my humidifier. ::hack hack:: AW YEAH BAY-BAY.

Stay tuned for my Festival post! I'm excited to show you guys all the fun new decorating ideas I can't wait to steal. :D If you can't wait, though, feel free to check out last year's.


  1. That unicorn lightbulb definitely would have had me exclaiming in squeeeees only dogs could hear. Sooooo pretty! Thanks for sharing all these great finds!


    1. Also, I hope both of you guys get rid of that nasty cough soon. That can't be fun. Sending healing vibes!

  2. They're more commonly known as Firework Light Bulbs. has a few ranging from $10 to $13 depending on shape. Seems Amazon is sold out at the moment.

  3. I think the "light bulb" shaped one could be fashioned into some kind of hot air balloon display. Something you and John would be fantastic at creating, I'm sure. And it's a good reason to go back and buy that one, too. Right? :-)

  4. I think it's probably optical fiber in the bulbs? At least they remind me a lot of the ufo-lamps we had around the millennium

  5. Thanks, Jen, although my husband may not be so grateful since I now have at least 3 lightbulbs on the way. I say at least 3 because I'm not through shopping yet! Love ya, hope you feel better soon!

  6. Jen! I was crusing on Pottery Barn's HP stuff & found their sample personalized Hufflepuff stocking has the name Eva! Your kitty has her own stocking! :)

  7. My guess on the bulbs is that they're like the infinity mirrors, but with a twist. Outermost layer is partially reflective. Innermost layer is fully reflective BUT has small holes in it, to allow the light to shine through.

  8. Nothing to do with the bulbs, but I had to let you know what happened to us on Friday when tickets went on sale for Hamilton at the Straz Center.
    I got into the online queue at 9 AM. There were over 35K people ahead of me. I told hubby we both need to start calling. So we speed dialed. Busy. Hang up. Call again. For over an hour. Finally I hear my John say, yes ma'am, I'm here! We need 2 tickets for a Friday night show. He puts her on speaker and I hear her say we've got some really great seats left for March 1. We've got 2 seats front row center stage or you could do Mezzanine. We asked her which she thought were the better seats since we've never been to the Straz. And she said take the Mezzanine. So we did! We are in the second row of the Mezzanine! To say we are excited is putting it mildly! Hope you and John got tickets as well.

  9. Such a bummer that you are sick, I hope you feel better soon!

    If you have nothing else to do you can do down the rabbit hole... They come in a EO DIFFUSER! also. So if you're in to essential oils:

    This company makes SPHERE TABLE LAMPS that have the fireworks AND -Fireflies, or Stars, or Tinier Stars, or Planets, or hearts, or Snowflakes, or Roses, Multicoloured Dots, or Butterflies, and a snowy mountain scene with a deer!

    These look like actual FLAMES (and the also come in a blue flame!)

    Diamond Shaped --

    Another Table Lamp Sphere (so it has a base!)
    OR Table Lamp Egg

    4 Packs of Patio Light sized (Can you imagine these all over the patio?)---And if you scroll to the bottom where it says "Other customers who viewed this item also viewed:"... they have Edison bulbs, Star shaped, upside down Heart shape

    aaaaaand for $59 you can buy a huge Pendant Light for over the kitchen bar-- (BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE PENDANT LIGHTS!!! Scroll down to that section that says "other customers viewed blah blah yada yada... just mercy.)

    ok, i gotta go, FEEL BETTER! and thanks for sharing these bulbs!!!

  10. Glitterville's Studio is local to me here in Knoxville, so if you're ever visiting this neck of the woods, we should go say hi!

  11. Those are some really unusual bulbs. Laughing that you are requesting no one buys you that foo-foo flower arrangement!

  12. Oh thank you for sharing your find. I ordered 2 of these right after I read your post! You have the neatest things you find and share.

  13. That polish chicken candle!!!! I mean I'm all about all the cute things in this post but that candle. I die.

  14. I have one in my living room now. THANK YOU!!

  15. I was browsing the signals catalog and saw their "Stargazer Infinity Nightlight" which looks a lot like the unicorn light bulbs, and can be found here for about $17 Signals Stargazer Infinity Nightlight

  16. I came late to this post, and immediately checked out the lightbulb place. To my joy, they ship to the UK, and a globe bulb arrived today! Gorgeous, love it to pieces.


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