Friday, December 8, 2017

Aaaand Now I'll Be Singing About Hippogriffs All Month

At the risk of making you guys sick of all things Harry Potter, I HAVE MORE UNIVERSAL CHRISTMAS GOODIES.

Firecracker garland in Wheasley's Wizard Wheezes.

I tried to resist posting all this since you're about to be inundated with Potter Party photos next week, BUT there's all this new merchandise, and we tried the Holiday Feast this week (NOMZ), and I have a few pretty pictures of the new castle show, AND I finally grabbed a complete video of my favorite Celestina song, which I think you're gonna love.

So let's get to it!

I'll start with the eye candy: the new Hogwarts projection show on the castle is STUNNING, and gives Disney's new fireworks show a run for its money, even without fireworks

 That's straight off my phone, no editing or filters.

A little clip of the magic in action:
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The show runs continuously after dusk, so you shouldn't have to wait more than 15 minutes or so. I recommend watching it twice. :)

Back over in Diagon Alley, here's a close-up of the WiseAcre's garland:

(You can see lots more Wizarding World decorations in my Dressed To The 9 3/4's post.)

The best new addition to the Alley, though, has to be Celestina Warbeck's new show, "Nothing Like A Holiday Spell."

She and the Banshees have fabulous new dresses!

This show has 5(?) new songs, which are all pretty great with two standouts. "Accio Christmas" is probably the catchiest with its Calypso beat (you can watch it here), and then there's MY FAVORITE, which I captured in its entirety just for you guys:

(She moves out of the dappled sunlight after a moment.)

The Banshees crack me up in this song - I love all their expressions. And of the course the song itself is hilarious and goofy fun. Now, where do we start a petition to get Universal to release an actual Celestina album?

Oh right! While we were watching the show I noticed we had the three best-dressed audience members right next to us:

Aren't they fabulous? I love that they dressed up on their own - no special events needed! (Though if you're looking for one, locals, Celebration of Harry Potter happens Jan. 26th-28th, and always brings out amazing costumes.)

Over at the Three Broomsticks there's a special Holiday Feast that feeds four, and we got to try it this week with a few friends. You guys, it was the best meal I've ever had at Universal:

It's pricey; around $65 (again, to feed four), but they're not stingy on the portions; we couldn't quite finish it all, and we were four starving adults! You get a giant bowl of salad to start (with the best sweet mustard vinaigrette any of us had had), and then that whole platter of turkey, bangers sausages, potatoes, stuffing, mushroom gravy, orange cranberry sauce, and assorted roasted veggies including brussel sprouts. And it was all SO GOOD. Gah. 

Now let's talk MERCHANDISING, and how Universal stepped it up this year with House colored ribbon garland: 

AND this fun pennant garland:

...which I totally bought. It's 12 feet long and gorgeous - no stickers here, those house crests are all embroidered patches! (It costs $35, but if you're lucky enough to be friends with a CM, they get half off merch right now. YUSS.)

There are also stockings & stocking holders:

(The stockings come with a gorgeous metal charm of the house mascot tucked inside.)

Plus sooo many ornaments!

These pennant crests are just stickers. Still pretty, though.

Ooh, and these enamel ones let the light shine through like stained glass. SUPER pretty.
Everything I'm showing you comes in all 4 Hogwarts Houses, too.

This House Crest style is double-sided:

The illustration is essentially a sticker, but it's lovely in person.

This other style is only single-sided, but all metal - no stickers:

Then there are these neat metal bells:

Though I wish they had a little more color to them.

Those are just a few of my favorites; head over to Universal's online store to see ALL their holiday stuff. The ornaments especially would make nice gifts!

This isn't remotely Potter-related, but if you're at the parks in Orlando be sure to stop by the shop P!Q on the way through City Walk; they have the world's most adorable Narwhal ornament right now:

LOOK AT IT. (Squee!)
The snow cone has a little smiley face on the other side, too.

And finally, I'll end with a little sunset eye candy from Hogsmeade:

Hope you guys enjoyed all the Pottery things! And, uh, stay tuned for even more next week? Ha!


  1. Wow. Universal at Christmas looks amazing!

  2. I bet a little metallic green (especially a deep one like Lumiere Olive Green) rubbed over the snake would look really nice.

  3. *high pitched keening sound*

    Oh, all the Ravenclaw things are making me want to spend allllllll my money.

  4. sausages are either bangers or sausages, never both, and usually only called bangers when served with mash, because it's more the name of a dish than the name of the ingredients. they were only bangers when they were cheap and horrible, our sausages are mostly too good to be bangers any more

  5. I'm seriously reconsidering my life choices that did not result in me living close to Orlando! Thanks for posting these excellent photos!

  6. Awww, kinda wish you posted the ice cream face too, but I can use my imagination anyways! :D
    Love the photo tours as always, Miss Jen! Many good wishes for the party!
    Pinkie Welborne, 17

  7. oh! that sunset pic! I would love to put that in a frame & on the wall.

  8. i love that song! it's great when they "act" along

  9. Ok, I LOVE the security person bopping along to the Celestina song in the video! So much to love in this. Perhaps it's time to plan a Florida trip!

  10. P!q sells them online! I just got narwhal, unicorn, and a moon!! Thank you thank you!

  11. I am so jelly. I really hope I can get down to Universal to see everything one of these days. Might not be until I'm 65 and retired... boo.

    Lady with Books


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