Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Christmas (Instagram) Story

I know most of you have been a little busy and so have NOT been obsessively checking my Instagram Story lately (you know, that part that disappears after 24 hours?), so here are a few random highlights:

No "horny" jokes, please. I've already made them all.

I haven't figured out a great way to share Story videos yet, so 'til I do here's this:

I call this one, "When your baby gets you a hippogriff for Christmas":
 That face! Ha! (You can watch the whole song here.)

We spent Christmas day with those four and their parents, my parents, and some other friends-turned-family. Here's Anna's incredible Village display:

These people are definitely One Of Us.

For you Lily fans:

And now her in action:


This was the day I wrote my monster-slaying post:

And back to Christmas:
It was nice breaking off from the big group and just sitting with my Mom and Christie while I made that. I think I need some kind of portable craft with me all the time.

John and I recently found an international grocery store here in Orlando, so I've been posting mini-reviews of various foreign candies, snacks, and sodas. Then there were these things from ThinkGeek:

EXACTLY like cat pee, you guys. Terrifying.

I still get e-mails and notes about my Mom and how much you guys like her steampunk cosplays from a few years ago. These days she's more into cosplaying as a Harley Davidson clothing model:

Speaking of, my folks have a very pretty motorcycle:

They also just bought a travel trailer for when Dad retires next Spring, and plan to go see the country in it. So I got them this "house-warming" (trailer-warming?) gift:

You must admit, the resemblance is uncanny. 

We avoid theme parks like the plague this time of year, so instead:


I should mention this museum has the most INCREDIBLE 60-foot-long miniature of the White House and lots of interesting displays. They just also have about a hundred wax figures that are pure nightmare fuel:


That was right in the walkway, and you had to stand close to it to see the White House model. Then it only moves every few minutes. SO NOT COOL. (But very funny.)

 This is only the latest of at least 3 piles. When it comes to holiday cheer, you guys BRING IT.

FOE stands for Fans of Epbot, which has its own Facebook Group, craft-swaps, card exchanges, etc. and is nearly 5,000 members strong. I didn't start the group, and I don't help run it, but I do love getting credit for it sometimes. :D

And finally:

Let's all fly casual and try to get some rest, y'all. Deal? Deal.


  1. I'm not so good at checking instagram regularly but I did catch your Christmas Instagram story. Looks like you had loads of fun. :)

  2. Aww, i see my card in there, I'm glad you guys got it! :)

  3. A very merry Christmas indeed. :)

  4. Woo hoo, FoE shout out :) such a great group. It's made Facebook such a happier place for me.

  5. Eee! I'm so glad you liked my card! Thank you for making the internet a better place!

  6. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! The Santa hat sloth card was mine!!!!! So glad you got it! :)

  7. You Cat has the most beautiful eyes!

  8. Thanks for sharing!
    I love Lily...she's darling...but how is Tonks?

  9. My parents are cooler than me too! Yours look like so much fun, what a gift to have that relationship! :) FoE is the best group on FB, hands down.

  10. I picked up knitting this fall and discovered the beauty of having a simple project in my hands while having social interactions. It really makes the social part less daunting but I can still totally participate, something that you can't really do if you're nervously scrolling through Instagram the entire time.

  11. For the portable craft thing, you can't really beat origami. Requires enough concentration to be distracting, but you soon get a few pieces down that you can do without needing directions. It looks a bit more like fiddling rather than full on 'I'm crafting now' if you're around people who might take umbrage with that. And you can always find a piece of paper!


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