Friday, October 13, 2017

Halloween DIY Roundup: Let's Make All The Things!

It's prime Halloween craftin' time, guys and ghouls! So let's plumb the dusty Epbot archives for some of my favorite tutorials to get those creative sparks flying.

First, let's talk COSTUMES. 

For easy last-minute accessories I've made a lot of fun stuff with cheap ol' craft foam, like this steampunk/post-apocalyptic respirator mask:

Again, all craft foam, though it looks more like real leather than the one I *made* with real leather!  Grab the free template and read the full tutorial here.

These foam wings are perfect for would-be dragons, bats, and other figments of your imagination:

I'll walk you through making your own here.

How about some foam bracers for your battle armor?

I've got the free downloadable templates (including the rose design!) here. You can modify these for all sorts of armor, or just throw them on with a battle-ready Belle or Alice outfit.

If you're rocking more of a Snow White vibe this Halloween, then you NEEEEED this poison apple:
The green glow is so intense it almost looks white here, but trust me - it is VERY green. I'll show you how to make it for just $3, right here.

How about a quick dollar store ray gun build?

Perfect for steampunk or sci-fi! I'll walk you through it here.

Throwing a Halloween party? You can change the color of my shimmery Pensieve Punch to bright green for a spooky laboratory vibe:

Or color it red and call it The Blood Of Your Enemies. ;) 

Go see how I made the light-up stand and added the shimmer & smoke here.

For creepy decor, here's a dollar store plastic skull I jazzed up with craft paint, dollar LEDs, & random junk from around the house:

Even better, take that same plastic skull and add a dollar store plastic frame and - no kidding - a dress sock, and you get this:

Here's the tutorial.

Then you can take THAT and make a spooky wreath with it:

It has lots of colorful lights in it, too, which you can see here.

Speaking of wreaths, fellow Dizgeeks, how about a Haunted Mansion one?

I'll show you how John and I made all the different pieces here.

More Haunted Mansion goodies - even if you don't have this bat bottle stopper, my potion label turns any little bottle into a spooky elixir:

 Go grab the free graphic to print out here.

You can never have too many realistic eyeballs laying around, am I right?

 I like them in flowers, but you could also put them in jars, scatter them around the buffet - go nuts. I'll show you how to make them - and give you the pupil printable I used - right here.

John and I made this giant cauldron as a base for our Harry Potter Christmas tree, but obviously it's perfect for a Halloween bash:

Do people bob for apples anymore? Because this would be PERFECT. Or fill it with candy, add a little dry ice & water (inside a tupperware with holes in the lid so no one can touch it), and let kids go fishing through the "smoke" for their own treats! 

The cauldron is made from a $7 bucket, cardboard, tape, and paper mache. Wanna see how? Here's your click.

I made my "Lite-Brite" pumpkin ages ago, but I really want to see more people try this:

'Cuz  it's so SHINY.

You can see how I did it - and the beads I used - here.

Here's one of my favorite craft projects EVER, because the Bloggess made me do it and I couldn't stop cackling throughout the whole process:

 It's a mobile, of course. A creepy doll mobile. Go read all the horrific hilarity here.

If you have some Halloween candy and resin laying around, there's always this classic:

Made with real candy! And yes, it lasts; my pumpkin necklace still looked good as new 6 years later, when I think I lost it? (Time to search the jewelry box again.) Anyway, you can travel back in time to one of my very first tutorials here.

And finally, let's end with one of my favorite resin experiments. I made a bunch of jewelry with these Halloween stickers and glitter paper:

I still wear that bottom one. SPARKLY ORANGE GOODNESS. There's also a big chunky bracelet. Go see here.

You know, linking that jewelry post reminded me I never wear this bib necklace, though:
I still love it, but I guess I don't have the outfits for it. Any of you want it?

If so then you're in luck, because I'm going to give this away on Facebook today! (It's too hard to track down winners here on Blogger, so I'm trying something new.) Just head over to the Epbot FB page, comment on the post with this image, and I'll pick a winner at random by Sunday. (I'm fast-tracking this so the winner can actually wear it in time for Halloween!)

Again, to win the bib necklace you'll want to comment on FACEBOOK, not here. Though you're still welcome to comment here. I like comments. Makes me feel like I'm not just talking to the cats. (Though I *do* enjoy talking to cats.) (Which I'm sure comes as quite a shock.) 

Er. So...

GO CRAFT STUFF. And have an awesome weekend!



  1. Ooh, so many cool options! Now I'm feeling crafty...

  2. The light brite pumpkins are the favorite that I haven't tried yet. I made the light-up skull with the sock last year and love it!

  3. The bib necklace is awesome - too bad I am Facebook-less. Ah, well.

    Love your tutorials!

  4. Used the poison apple a few years ago to rock an evil queen costume and this year I used the eyeball tutorial to make the eyeball in my Sanderson spellbook just right! My halloweens would be incomplete without your tutorials!

  5. How thoughtful and helpful to do this craft tutorial round up just in time for Halloween! Great idea and a great service! (Ps a friendly reminder that we like supporting you so listing the plans on Etsy is a great option for those who want to pay.) ;). Can't wait to see how your Halloween party turns out this year!

  6. Such spooky crafty goodness! If grad school wasn't kicking my butt right now, I'd make all of these for my house!

    I adore the bib necklace (I made one a little similar for a Victorian spider costume). Alas, I am another of the Facebook-less.

  7. Ahhh, this is the FIRST time ever that I regret not being on the facebooks!!!! Maybe you can pity us neanderthals here in the comments section...? :*(

  8. Just a reminder of how much I love all your crafts! Is there anything you can't do? :)

  9. So much spooky-crafty goodness! Love seeing these all together.

  10. I think we should all make creepy crafts and tag #TheBloggessMadeMeDoIt. I think she'd be flattered :)

  11. Who DOESN'T enjoy talking to cats?? Mine even talk back, making it even better.

  12. That doll mobile still creeps me right out! It needs to play a slowed-down, jewelry-box type version of "You've Got a Friend in Me"

  13. They aren't really worried about it much--that is,peanut butter and jelly sandwich costume until there really is no time left and the costume has not materialized.


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